Doctor Visit

So, I saw a real doctor in a non- ER or urgent care center in 3 years. It went surprising better than I was expecting. My heart rate was high- but this was due to my fever, infection and epic anxiety over visiting the doc. My blood pressure which is recently always high.. WAS NORMAL! Take that fat body! I exercised you into submission. Previously I’ve been known to go as high as 145/90, earlier this week they claimed I was 139/85. Today I was 116/82. Woot woot. I wish the doctor was taking new patients. I liked him, a LOT. He started off just chatting and getting to know me- something that doctors these days are usually too busy to do. He listened to me. He asked a lot of questions and answered a lot of them as well. He used comparisons. To help explain the severity of the infection I have he said if it was between pneumonia and bronchitis, I’d rank pneumonia.. Only we were talking about a non respiratory infection. I’ve got a pretty epic infection it would seem. I have a bunch of meds and hopes that things are clear by next Tuesday or I get to go back. ugh.

He also looked at my foot issue. Really looked. Measured it, touched it, asked a million questions. He thinks I had something as simple as untreated ringworm. Had the original Doc I went to actually taken the time to look at it…. well, yeah. SO I got something for that too!

He wants a physical to discuss all my other aches and pains and worries. I felt really at ease here.No one judged me on my weight. No one just assumed me issues were related to weight either! When I opened up a dialogue on my recent changes to life style he was receptive. There was no judgements or doubt. It was nice.

I just thought I’d share my findings! More tomorrow! I’m still ordered to take it easy until I see how things go, but I’m feeling less like my kidneys might be failing! I swear I always think the worst!


2 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  1. That’s so great to hear you saw an excellent doctorand was treated well. Hopefully you’ll be on the mend soon with the meds!

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