Tricks up My Sleeve

Well, really tricks in my pants, but that sounded dirty…. oops

SO growing up I bounced around in size a lot. I would be very active and lose weight, or balloon up. This led to a LOT of money spent on clothes. Most of these clothes I would wear for a season and then never fit into again. As I got older I tended to be in between sizes. What fit my thighs would often be too big around my waist. I have horrible memories of the back gap and immature teen boys.

A little more back story- My Mom was very sick as I grew up. A lot of her time was spent in a hospital bed in front of a TV. You can imagine how boring this can be. She would often be kept up due to her meds and pain late into the night. This would often mean weeks later we would receive packages from QVC or some other late night ad. Sometimes she didn’t even remember ordering these things. More often than not, the things she ordered went unused.

One day a small package arrived. She actually remembered ordering this one and she was excited! As people with chronic illness know- meds and long period of inactivity can do a  number on your body. My mother was on a very extreme cocktail of pills that caused her extreme weight gain. She would also go through periods of bloating just enough that her clothes were just a hair too tight to button. To combat this she had purchased the Instant Button.


As a selfish teen, I thought she was insane. Just buy new pants! *insert tantrum*

As an adult, I realize my mother was a genius. Against my protest she insisted on giving me one. She’d bought several including the more glam looking styles.

This past week has finally hit the summery weather I have been craving. This of course means lighter and slightly shorter clothing in my book. I’ve never been overly self conscious about my body, but I’m still not a fan of shorts. Being a shorty also means capri pants can be hard to find for a petite plus size chick that refuses an elastic waist band.

I’m also not ready to buy new clothes. I’m still in a place I don’t want to be. My current stuff is OKAY for the time being. I decided it was time to be a bit crafty….


My super old mini sewing kit!! Don’t hate

I have a couple of jeans from when wearing them long and dragging was the “thing”. These days I’ve been wearing them cuffed. While functional, the cuff is super large and bulky. I decided to turn these duds into some cuffed pedal pushers! Break out the scissors!!!


snip snip!!

Voilà, free new summer clothes! yay! I’d show you a picture, but I decided to give em a wash!

So where did these pants tie into the Instant button, you ask?

While the length of my pants is now summer fresh, the fit still leaves something to be desired. I literally have 5 different sizes of pants at the moment. Ranging from 16- 22 & XL petite. My pants are from several different stores and all of them fit different. I love the new hemmed pants, but the waist is still baggy. As I was searching through a bad of odd and ends for a jewelled clip, I found something clunky at the bottom. Curious, I fished it out and sure enough… that darned fake button was in there!

Ya’ll, my problems have been solved! While not a magic worker, I can not move the button out more and tighten the waist of my pants a bit!!


I totally ‘borrowed’ this from the internet ❤

I’m pretty sure this little thing is going to be my new best friend as I continue to float between sizes!!


In other news, I went to the doctor on Friday for a skin issue I’ve had on my foot. I’ve seen numerous MD’s about it and no one has figured it out. I finally saw a Dermatologist. I’m sad to say, I almost wish some of those other doctors had been right. What I had, apparently has no cure and the current treatments don’t generally have good results. It’s considered a deforming rash. I’m not going to go into it a lot, but it’s an ugly thing that later down the line has shown people to develop cancerous cells in. It’s also something that is a precursor for another disease so I am going to be undergoing more testing as well as a steroid treatment.

Steroids are my worst nightmare. Generally they cause me to gain a lot of weight. It’s so depressing.

All this diagnosis has done is fuel my fire. If this rash is an indicator of worse things, I will work harder to overcome them





My Stomach is a Balloon

Hey ya’ll!

SO, guess what?

I FINALLY saw a doctor today. womp womp…

I’ve been having some issues for several months with my stomach. Looks like I have gastritis, They also threw out hiatal hernia, bleeding ulcer and a ton of other awful sounding things. Yuck, no thanks! Basically they put me on some meds for  month. If I feel better, then yay! If I don’t then I get to have an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Yeah, that’sa real word.

In the mean time, along with meds, I’ve been told to avoid caffeine, citrus, and spicy foods. I love hot sauce so this is pretty depressing. I mentioned I haven’t had a drink of caffeinated tea or coffee in forever and he said even decaf tea has some so I’m off that too for the most part.

My stomach feels like this:


Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and this awesome feeling that someone inflated a balloon under my ribs and  it’s about to burst. It doesn’t matter what I eat, when I eat, or how much.

The doctor also wants me to time-out my attempts at weight loss for now as rapid loss can cause more acid reflux.

I’m a little bummed about cutting back on some things. I mentioned more vigorous things like Zumba made me have workout heartburn so that’s on hold too.

We also covered my skin issue. NO one has any idea. They thought it was ring worm, but frankly no one really LOOKED at it. This doctor is thinking a dermatitis issue or possibly psoriasis. I have to try a steroid cream and make an appointment with a dermatologist. They don’t have any openings under July at the earliest, so that’s a massive bummer.

So, because I bouight them, I made myself a nice bowl of chopped up strawberries. I just can’t help it!


yum yum! Hope you all are having a better time of it than things have been going here. I’m still plunking along!


On an up note:

From my previous post, our car is fixed! American family insurance (the other guy’s) has been amazing to us. They paid for a rental car and had our car totally fixed. Hub’s is feeling better from his little back sprain.

We’ve been enjoying the slightly warmer weather. It’s estate sale and garage sale season so I am in my element! We even visited an farmstead estate sale last weekend. I got in almost 7 miles from that bad boy!

I’m trying to keep active and stay positive despite everything we’ve had thrown at us!