The First Time

We’ve all probably been on countless weight loss and diet drills. I’m just trying to be healthy now! I was thinking about some of the changes my body has gone through in the past few months.

DO you remember the first time you realized you were actually losing weight. I’m talking about NSV (Non scale victory). Sometimes I get discouraged because the pounds aren’t just sliding off. I get unrealistic about my approach and feel I should be farther along than I am. Lord knows I have a lot more tweaks and changes to make before I’m where I want to be in my health!

While I was having a discouraged fit over my ankle issue ( more on that below) I reach back and scratched this itch in the middle of my back. I just reached back and did it without thinking. As I did this I had this stark memory of NOT being able to scratch my own back in the past few years. I’d chalked it up to being less flexible, but really it was that my fat was too large to allow my arms to bend back enough. I used to have tons of back scratchers to get the job done. Yes, I know many people have areas they can’t reach. I’m talking about barely being able to scratch below my tops of my shoulders!

This was sort of an “Oh!” moment for me! A lot of times I don’t see a massive difference on the scale. Since I started really trying in the past 2 months I’ve lost only 9 lbs total. The difference is, when I flex my arm I can see and feel tiny little muscles. I can feel tighter stronger abs under a layer of blubber. My legs feel stronger and I can feel more muscle there too. It’s a little much sometimes.

I’m fighting a mega wave of depression this afternoon. It’s finally beautiful out! The sky is clear, the temp is warm and there is a nice light breeze. I wanted to go walking! I’d mentioned that my ankle was hurting me yesterday. When I woke up this morning it was not swollen and I could rotate it just fine. I grabbed my walking shoes and prepared to walk. I usually do a few light stretches to warm myself up- still no issues. Off I went. About 1/4 mile in my ankle started to hurt again!

It’s hard to describe the pain. It feels like a pulling from the interior of my left ankle. There are a few different areas it seems to bother. It hurts from around the knobby ankle bone to the arch of my foot. It also hurts along the back. It starts off light, as if my ankle is being pulled slightly. I tried to walk through it and was soon limping. I think at this point I was just trying to find a position I could at least walk home with. I ended up walking on the outer portion of my foot. As I limped home the top portion of my foot began to hurt too.

So, now I’m home. My walk was a complete failure. It doesn’t hurt so much when I walk around the house, so that’s weird too. I found an ace bandage and wrapped myself up. It feels a bit weak so I figured stabilizing would be smart. I tried icing it and all it did was create this ache deep within.

This really sucks.

i think what scares me most is that I previously broke this ankle. It was years and years ago but it was a pretty bad break. At the time the doctor recommended putting pins in my ankle. The same day I fell and broke it my mother was also rushed to the hospital from work (this was before she was diagnosed with MS). My dad doesn’t handle stress well and having both of us hurting was too much for him. He decided at the time he could not handle having us both in the hospital so he declined to have the pins put in. I spent months in a cast and still had to wear a gel cast with hard plastic for a few months after the beast cast was removed. That ankle has never been quite right since. So now here I am having an issue on the same ankle. I’m able to admit it scares me. Should we have had the pins put in? Is this going to come back and bite e in the ass? Ugh I don’t need this right now.


Behold the Clumsy Woman

I swear, today was an epic fail in the exercise department! First I strained a tendon in my right ankle. Then it finally got sunny out, so I walked. A few minutes into my walk I got attacked by a large gust of wind and a trash can. For real. People, secure your empty trash cans! It flew into me, I stumbled, my left ankle (not the one I’d hurt!) twisted and gave out so that I went down on my right knee. Pain for the win.

It took me a lot of limping, biting my lip and pushing to keep going. I had no way of getting back to the house otherwise. So, I limped a mile and a half. It took me 25 minutes. Holy buckets, I thought I would NEVER get home! I moved at a freaking snails pace. Hell, snails were passing me!

I managed the 25 minute walk, 25 minutes of Zumba, a quick 10 of callisthenics & weights mixed and the stuff around the house.

Today was NOT my day. I’m going to focus on some activity off my feet tomorrow. Any ideas?!


Food was decent today! I decided to use my pathetic time to prepare some dressings for the week. I love salad but I hate them dry. Finding things that are yummy and not horrible can be a PAIN! While we were away I found these cute little containers that I thought would be cute to use! They were only $2 at CVS for an 8 pack!


I made:

Dill Dip: Chobani + light Mayo + dried dill + onion & garlic powders

Apricot Ginger Dressing: sugar free apricot preserves + red wine vinegar + olive oil + ginger

Balsamic vinaigrette: balsamic vinegar + coconut oil + natural peanut butter

Herbed Oil & Vinegar: Red wine vinegar + olive oil + basil, oregano, rosemary


Breakfast: Egg whites + sun dried tomatoes + 1/2 skinny sandwich break + 5 oz fruit


Lunch: Plain ol’ salad

Snack: 1 1/2 teaspoon dill dip + fresh guacamole + 4 natural blue corn chips broken


Dinner: “Blackened” catfish + 1/2 cup creamy shells + 1 cup mixed veggies


I really need to go shopping. When we got back I knew I would need a few things at least. It turns out I’m working with bare bones until we cash pay checks and get groceries this weekend. I have no clue when that will be. Hubster has to work Friday AND Saturday. We need the money with all the missed days, but sheesh! I have a million things I need to buy! Even tonight’s meal was slap dash.

I really need some new meal ideas!

Emergency Weigh In & Ankle issues

As you should know, I was out of town and on the road on weigh in Monday this week.

I ate so badly and got little exercise other than walking on my trip so I was going to put it off until next Monday. Skip a week and all that. I realized I couldn’t make myself do it though, so I’m calling an emergency session this afternoon!

I should say before hand that I expected some really bad results with this. I have come fully prepared to accept responsibility to giving in to some excuses on this trip, so let’s get to it!

This Week: 241.5

Last week: 241

Total gained: 1/2 lb

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was expecting to see some horrible gain. When only a half lb difference popped up, I tried again. I weighed myself 6 times. It hit the same number EVERY time! Hoorah! Okay, actually, once it dropped to 240.5 but I ignored that as a fluke. I’m so happy. A half lb in the wrong direction is a bummer- but i fully expected to have gained at least 5 lbs!

This next section may be a little bit TMI for some folks so feel free to skip to my exercise issue below!

I always weigh myself when I wake up in the AM. Usually around 8 or so. Always before I eat and usually after I’ve hit the potty! One thing I hate about travelling is the potty. When I was a kid I had some issues with my kidneys and stomach so one way other the other I was almost always aware of where a potty was around me. I think this caused some issue with me where my body now refuses to accept public restrooms. WTH!? This trip was NO exception. I ended up feeling bloated and dumpy the whole time. Suckfest.

Well, that’s when I wasn’t praying to the porcelain gods. I have a major sickfest flare up this trip. I don’t know what the heck is wrong other than deviation from my routine and dietary changes. I have been so sick to my stomach! SO bad even that I got sick in not one but TWO public places. How embarrassing!

Anywho.. proceed!


I got right back into my fitness this morning. I had planned a morning walk but the sky had looks so awful! I’m pretty nervous to leave the house when it gets dark and windy. It’s splattered a bit on and off, there has even been some thunder. Home it is!

I spent some time reorganizing our room this morning. I consider this exercise because I had to lift giant loads of laundry, move boxes and spent half the time squatting and standing up again.

Not wanting to be a total slacker I decided on Zumba today. It was supposed to be yoga but I will save that for later when I’m a bit calmer!

I had an odd Zumba issue today. I have a few short (4min) videos I like to do a few times or to mix in together when I can’t make up my mind. It helps that I can switch from hip hop to Latin to Bollywood style in the blink of an eye. I was in the middle of my routine when I heard a SNAP from my ankle. Like a tendon tearing. I got a little freaked out. My ankle immediately started to hurt and I had to stop. I waited a bit and put my feet up. Probed around and didn’t feel any pain, so I got back to work. I haven’t had the issue before or since. After I finished 25 minutes my ankle looked a bit swollen. I’ve been icing it a bit while posting.

What is up with that?! Have you had any ankle or tendon issues from exercise? I broke my ankle years ago playing soccer but this was the other ankle so it shouldn’t be from any old issues. I don’t know, but It sucks!

More later on getting back into the swing of things!


We have finally returned / actually slept!

The wedding was beautiful, the drive LONG and my habits.. well they were pretty bad.

I realized SO many things while we were gone. Today is a staring over point for me. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot about the trip in my next few posts I had SO many things I wanted to tell you and share while we were gone. We had no internet other than whatever was on our phones. so posting was next to impossible.

The ride itself was super long. I started out with the best of intentions on the way down. We packed all sorts of decent travel food, but come dinner time I was starving and cranky for some real food. I walked up to a rest stop place fully intending to order a salad. Somehow “I’ll have a cheeseburger” popped out of my mouth. WHAT?! BY the time we’d received our food and found a table I was walking like this was my last meal before my hanging. Hubster took action and ordered me a salad elsewhere.

I learned a lot about myself and food on this trip.

1. My body hates processed crap food now. I spent a good portion of this trip fighting heartburn and mega nausea- Some things I have not had an issue with since I started trying to be more healthy.

2. I have NO willpower at all. If it was placed in front of me. I wanted it.

It was really hard for me to find decent healthy and AFFORDABLE options while we were gone. Our first night we went to a Chinese place (ugh) I ended up getting hibachi veggies and chicken with no sauce.. BORING. The second night we went to a seafood place. 99% of their menu was fried. I ended up getting lobster stuffed sole, with summer squash and zucchini. Lunch the next day was lobster bisque and a side salad.

Rhode Island hates veggies. Or at least I found them hard to find! I had to specifically ask in each place for a veggie option! Some places had to specially make something. It was SO weird. We went to this cute little spot for lunch on Sunday before the wedding and I was shocked by the prices and selections. A plain salad with grilled chicken was over $15, but a pasta dish or burger was less than $10. The math didn’t make ANY sense to me. Even my side salad was a dollar more than a crock of soup.

As you can imagine- my eating went to hell on this trip. I was so incredibly disappointed in myself. However, at the same time, it was SO hard to find anything that wasn’t loaded down with bad stuff. This was not a healthy trip for me. I don’t even want to weigh myself right now.

Exercise? I tried.

SO many excuses on this trip.

It rained every day except the days we were on the road. Walking in 43 degree weather in the rain was SO n ot happening. I had brought my lap top to do my videos- no internet anywhere. That left me weights and walking in between down pours. I only got about 30 minutes of weight training and about 10 miles in total for the whole thing. Not my best  but I tried. Oh.. and I danced!

Can I just say- Zumba does NOT prepare you for a boogie session. I danced, and danced and dan.. you get the idea. The wedding had a decent band and I logged about 2 hours on the dance floor!


I have to find the few pictures I took! I will hopefully share more stores and what not from the trip! I’m coming back strong guys. I can’t let this week get me down!

I will do an emergency weigh in tomorrow. Try not to yell at me too much!

Minnesota, I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane…

Actually I’m leaving via car, but whatever, right?!

Hubster and I are leaving for PA tomorrow morning. From there we are going to RI for my cousin’s wedding! It’s going to be a long week! I’m excited, nervous and stressed. I am really looking forward to some time alone with Hubster!

I wanted to say a few things before I go:

1. I’m not sure how often I will be able to update my blog while we are gone. Internet will be sparse and time limited. I will be sure to update at least a few times while we are gone. They might just not be as ramble-y as my normal stuff. Tough break, huh?

2. I PROMISE to stay healthy while we are gone. We shopped this afternoon for food to tote in the car! We ended up grabbing plums, pears, sliced roasted chicken and turkey, cheese sticks and a huge case of water! I also got some Chobani Greek Yogurt! Yum! If we make stops I’m hoping to find some yummy salad. I ordered Salmon and roasted veggies for my cousins wedding!

3. I PROMISE to stay active. I’ve already done some research on the walking trails in the areas we will be! We will have several hours the day we check in and before the wedding to go exploring. Our hotel also has a huge field in front of it. I’m bookmarking a whole bunch of yoga and zumba videos to use if I can find internet!


Also, I wanted to toss something out there for Minnesota folks. If you happen to live near the cities… I noticed in a local magazine recently that there is a beginners yoga class offered at Yoga Center of MPLS! They are offering a 4 week absolute beginners program teaching you the moves and how to breath and what not. They are running all summer long it seems! My MIL showed me the ad! And guess what?! It’s only $50!- $45 if you use the promo code ( stribABC). They also offer normal classes as well as what they call Big A#$ Yoga for us big gals. MIL and I are deciding on a day to sign up!

I’m excited about this. The classes are about an hour and run in the early afternoon or later evenings. If you happen to be from the area and decide to sign up you will have to let me know! I hope we get to do this! I told Hubster he could take bass lessons again if I could do this! Woo!

I will miss you all while we are gone! Stay strong and stick to those goals! Much love!



Life Begins at The End of Your Comfort Zone


I swear I will never secretly mock yoga lovers again.

Yesterday was Yoga Tuesday. I decided to give it another try! I’ve familiarized myself with some of the moves and modifications for people my size. I made it through 35 minutes yesterday. I stopped mostly because I ran out of room to do some of the moves. This is an increasingly frustrating issue for me. The only space with enough room for me to do a lot of things that require much movement is the living room. The biggest issue there is that the TV is ALWAYS on. ALWAYS. So I can’t play music for zumba or videos that have sound. Also it would leave me dead center in front of the TV so that would cause a lot of complaining. I can’t wait till some crap is handled and we can have out own space. I really hope we have some money left from this trip so I can add it to the “Buy all the things for the homes” fund I have.

Anyway, rambling aside. I did yoga. I’ve noticed that much like Pilates I often feel pretty tired after a session. Nothing really hurts but I feel a general soreness all over. I made it double the time that I did last week and I did 30 minutes of Zumba and 25 minutes of cleaning that involved lifting, moving, and going from my hands and knees a lot.

I had something really strange happen.

I think I shook a kidney stone loose. Swear to god. I’ve had roughly 15 stones in my life, at least 15 that required treatment. I know what a stone feels like. About 20 minutes after I finished my Yoga I had the WORST pain in my left side and back around my kidney area. As time went on it moved towards my bladder zone, like most stone pain does. Normally they move pretty fast so this one must have been a tiny one moving at warp speed. It was so painful but I refused to go to the hospital when I knew it would be over soon. Chugged tons of water and cranberry juice and curled up on a heating pad. It was NOT a good night,

When I woke up this morning I was SO sore in places I didn’t even know I had worked enough to take notice. Oddly my hamstrings, shoulders and areas around the rib cage feel like I spent 5 hours at the gym. Owwwwwie. No time to sit around al whine though!

I have to finish packing today and getting our travel food. Hubster is home from work today. The night before last he did something we’ve all done: stubbed his toe. Only it turns out he not only stubbed it, but ripped his toenail 3/4 of the way off.. Like a hinge. Apparently he hadn’t realized it was creepy long so it snagged and bled, a LOT. We bandaged it and figured that was that. In the morning yesterday, it was so painful he actually could not get a shoe on. He was hobbling like he broke his foot. Between the pain and the gauze, it didn’t help that the toe itself had swelled. His boss made him go to a clinic to check it out. Luckily nothing was broken, except the nail. The numbed it up, trimmed things down and wrapped it up in what we deemed ” the toe bra”. He was told to stay off his foot because of the swelling and the issue with it wanting to bleed a ton. So he spent yesterday home, today same deal. Next pay is going to be AWFUL. sigh.

I should be doing the millions of things I said I needed to do.

Final Countdown

I’m in the home stretch before Cousin’s wedding. I’m getting excited to be away. I haven’t seen some of my family in close to 3 years so this is exciting!

I’m 2 lbs away from my wedding goal. I don’t know if it will happen. There are just so many variables I can not account for!


Food for thought:

Breakfast:  Egg whites + 1 teaspoon hot sauce + 6 oz mixed fruit


Lunch: Skinny Sandwich half + 1 oz sliced chicken breast + 1 teaspoon sun dried tomato crumbles + 1/2 tablespoon guacamole + 1 tablespoon Fit & Active 2% reduced fat cheddar + small salad with balsamic


Shake: Chocolate Almond Milk- unsweetened + 1/2 cup 2% ilk + 1 scoop EAS Whey Protein

Dinner: Small hamburger patty + home-made light potato salad + home-made dill “dip” + fresh veggies


Snack: 1/2 medium apple + 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter

Ps: I’m such a child- Isn’t my new plate adorable? I found the splits in it a nice way to section things off and it was only a buck a Target! Win!



Exercise for Life:

Walked 3 miles at a little over 3 miles an hour- Also added 2 short blocks of jogging!

15 minutes of Zumba!


It was SO nice out earlier today. Until it started to rain! This is my usual walking route.I love walking this area! It’s hard to tell but this portion of the road is made up of rolling hills! 

Oh and ignore my random finger in there- I suck at pictures!

Weigh In Monday: It’s getting there!

Happy Weigh In Monday!

It finally looks pretty outside after a long rainy weekend! I’m so glad because I have SO much to do! Mountains of laundry, organizing, packing, shopping for road snacks!

First off! Weigh in!

Today: 241

Last week: 242.5

Down 1.5 lbs!

I’m really glad this is the second week I’ve seen results! I was getting a little worried for a while! I am noticing that I’m gaining muscle in my legs and arms. My abs and sides are even feeling a little tighter. I’m still sloshed in flab though. Sometimes I wish I could make a deal with the devil. Make me skinny and healthy NOW and I’ll work it off for a set amount of time afterwards. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m abou 7 lbs lighter than I was when I bought my two dresses for the wedding. Hmmmm

I’ve  been busting it the past few days. I even tried harder on me weekend meals. One of the things I’m still dealing with is hunger. I eat roughly 1300 cal a day and usually don’t burn more than 500. I’m eating smaller meals usually 2 hours apart. I’ve actually heard me stomach rumble. I swear to god, I haven’t heard that sound since the days of high school when I never had time to eat. Speaking of which, I’m super behind on getting my breakfast started! I had a few things to deal with this morning and over an hour has flown by! Oops!

The next three days are going to have me busy. I need to get in my normal exercise and then get ready to leave. I swear I over prepare sometimes! If I didn’t use my suitcase as winter storage I would totally already be packed. I hate not knowing where all my things are and I am totally ready to go. I also don’t want to wear any of my nice new things until I can show them off. I’m weird like that!

I decided on some road snacks. I figure I can grab a basic salad at most fast food and road stops. As long as I don’t have all the dressing and other crap they offer! I’m also bringing tons of fruit in bulk, slicked turkey breast and low fat cheese sticks for roll ups, some raw nuts, and dried fruit. I pack like I’m leaving for a month when we will only be gone a week. But, I know my hubster could eat all that on his own. He has a never ending stomach! I also know we will be staying at my dad’s one night and in a motel 2 nights. My dad doesn’t really get healthy eating. His idea of healthy is arroz con pollo or only having bacon instead of bacon AND sausage. The last time we stayed there I had to restock his fridge. I am totally bringing him some recipes I use and also I bought him this neat diabetic cookbook. It has you set up weekly meal plans by choosing one item from each set of lists, then offers the easy recipes in the back and breaks it down by serving, cost, and nutritional value. He just revealed he is a diabetic so it’s important for me to give him even a smidgen of help. I’ll be glad when his GF finally moves in with him!

Anywho, things to do! Hope you all are having a beautiful Monday!

Yoga for Dummies

I’ve been looking to expand my workouts to more things I can do at home. One of the virtual groups I am apart of does swap days of Zumba and Yoga. I usually skip the yoga days because I was not sure if it was something I wanted to do.

See, I have this memory from the one yoga class I went to. My old high school pal April was taking a beginners class and did not want to go alone the first time, so she invited me. I was so ill prepared for this class. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. A good portion of it was pretty easy to understand. There was a lot my body was just unable to do. I was not flexible enough. At one pose the instructor came around to gauge our core strength. I was dreading her coming over to me. She poked me with a finger and I toppled like a felled tree. BOOM. Splat. How horrible! I never went back because my resolve was not that strong.

Cue to today. On days when It’s yucky out for walking and I’ve Zumba danced myself to death, I wanted something else. My sister who has a lot of health issues loves yoga. She switches between yoga and Zumba as well. I finally decided it was time to conquer my fears! I found this video: Yoga for Dummies. I have NO idea if it’s actually a good video or not (so if you do yoga CHIME IN) What I learned? I’ve even more inflexible than I was before. I’m really ashamed to admit this was hard for me.  Walking and Zumba have become routine- yoga on the other hand did not physically have my panting, but man did my body feel tired. Practice makes… passable? We’ll see!


I didn’t do badly on my food plan today, I just got my time tables all messed up! Because of the rain and my poor sleeping schedule as of late, I slept in an extra hour! Breakfast was a normal affair. I introduced hubster to my breakfast routine. He claims he was still hungry. Ohhh well! We had a million errands to run. He needed new pants for his suit because his weight has changed in the 3 years since we bought it. I swear even getting him into his suit is a hassle. MEN!

It took WAY longer to get pants than we had expected. Dudes skip Men’s Warehouse, JCPenny and Sears if you are looking for a qucik affordable suit (this is for those who don’t wear them a lot, or don’t have an Armani suit fetish) Run to Kohl’s! I usuall avoid Kohl’s like the plague because there Plus Sized section is non-existent! The men’s suit section in ours was at first a bust. Hubster tends to glance, see nothing and throws a fit. We ended up getting him a really nice paid of pants that matched his existing jacket and vest!- Almost spot on! They were $60- which was already way cheaper than anywhere else. When we got to the counter they rang up as $29! Woooo! SALE! We struck out on a tie. Can’t win em’ all!

The next few hours were a rush of finding a dry cleaner that didn’t need a week to clean or was actually open. We discovered many cleaners in our area ship them out to other locations! We found a place that not only promised it by Tuesday- they delivered. Hallelujah! BY this point I was well beyond when I’ve normally had my lunch and shake for the day. I’d already gotten in a mile from walking around a million stores and pacing the aisles while he tried things on. We decided to hit up a little pub that we’d heard about. To our shock it had shut down! We tried the place across the street- they wanted $12 for a glass of cider. Hells naw! We went to like 2 other places and failed. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse.

I ordered a grilled chicken salad sans croutons, tomatoes and cheese. I removed as much of the bacon when I realized there was some. Their salads are HUGE!


This was before I pulled off all the bad stuff. For some reason my chicken looks purple in this picture.. ODD. I wasted so many plates eating this. I used an appetizer plate to hold all my removals and another to dish out about a third of what was here. I asked for no salt added. The biggest annoyance with this salad was the lack of healthy dressings. They didn’t have oil and vinegar- or my waiter was dumb.I ordered a low fat ranch and used my fork to drizzle a tiny bit on the salad because i abhor dry salad! I left the dressing behind, but I have enough left over for dinner tonight and more than likely lunch tomorrow! Win!

And we stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home. It’s an obsession right now,. I love the skinny vanilla and added some caramel pretzel low fat flavor that made it taste like crème brulee! Yummmsville. Topped it off with fresh raspberries and blueberries.

I’m still way under my calories for the day so I may whip up come oil and vinegar and eat a bit more salad for a late dinner! I’m so behind! With all this I am trying very hard not to let myself get overwhelmed by getting ready to leave. SO hard!

Eating Out

Friday tends to be our eating out night. Hubster occasionally has to work overtime on Friday morning, so we usually have a lot to get done later on and no time to cook.

We’ve been struggling to find places that are A. Affordable, B. Healthy and C. Close to home. It’s so hard to find all 3 things. They’ve been closing down roads around here and essentially blocking us in! We decided to try one of these Mongolian Grill type places.

I was actually really pleased with this. Hubster could eat us out of house and home, so any place that you can pay a flat fee is perfect for me. There were lots of yummy options. If you’ve never been to a place like this, they have meats, seafood, noodles and tons of veggies. You grab a small bowl and fill it up with whatever you like. Depending on the place you go the sauce station can be different. We’ve been to one that offered ideas, another place served the sauce for you and another just dumped it in a second bowl. When you are done filling up you take it up to a counter and they cook it all right in front of you.

I liked this for a number of reasons: 1. I could see EXACTLY what was going into cooking my food. 2. I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and only what I wanted without begging for substitutions or omissions. And 3. I could portion control.

I avoided the noodles and rices completely. I did eat a lot of other things though , mehhh. I sort of lost my mind. My first bowl I filled up with veggies! I had broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, and bok choy. I added a little chicken to this one. Usually sauces are a scary thing. You never know what kind of horrible crap they have in them. This place offered something interesting. They had the normal teriyaki and spicy sauces. They also offered things like ginger water, and crushed garlic in water and cooking wine. I used a little ginger water, tons of garlic and very very little of anything else. They also had crushed red pepper so I gave that a go for spice and flavor. I admit I had 2 more bowls. The day started out weird and hubster ended up working longer than expected so my meals got totally messed up for the day. I was a mess. I never fully filled the bowl they gave me when I went up. And 90% of it was veggies! I  stuck to chicken and they also had seafood so I went that route as well. I also made an effort not to finish my plate. I figure that was pretty easy as you were given chopsticks. I’m an epic fail at chopsticks! Have you ever tried to pick up alfalfa sprouts with chopsticks?! I think it took me over an hour to eat!



I wish I had actually taken a clear shot of my plate. I don’t think they liked me taking pictures at all so I just snapped a fast one! This was the size of all meals I took. You can’t tell but it’s 1/4 the size of the plate they dish up the cooked goods on. I tried lamb, baby carrot, broccoli, zucchini, sprouts, water chestnuts. I flavored  this with ginger, garlic and a splash of cooking wine. They used water to steam cook it all on the hot griddle.

Exercise for the day was a bit of all over the place!

I woke up to a pouring rainy, thundery day. YUCK. It’s the same way this morning too! Sad face! I don’t think I realized how much I was enjoying my walks until I got stuck inside. I considered going out anyway but it didn’t feel safe.

Instead I did:

10 minutes high intensity Zumba

10 Minutes weight training

30 minutes walking

When I saw the weather I decided to bust out my weights. I’ve been following some tutorials on weights when I do my  weight days. One of the reasons is that it has been a really long time since I did any training at all. I want to make sure I am doing something properly, so as not to hurt myself. I found this nice video to tone up your arms. It’s a pretty quick 3 minute routine. She usually likes you to do her workout for 3 reps of ten. I usually never make it past 1.5 reps before I can barely lift my arms. I pushed myself yesterday and made it through all three. It probably took me longer than 10 minutes to do, but I DID IT! My husband came home just as I finished. I was pretty positive I would never have use of my arms again. Poor jelly filled wings. When we go out I like to turn my pedometer on. One reason is that I never stand still! We have a habit of strolling through the malls or shopping centers. He has a few stores he loves to visit. They don’t hold much interest for me usually. I used to sit on a chair until he finished, now I go walking. Sometimes I walk the neighborhood around the stores, sometimes I will power walk back and forth under the covered awnings. Yesterday I did the awning walk. I used the “walk a pole, run a pole” method. Only I walked an awning, speed walked the next one. Back and forth. Anything to keep me moving. When we go to big box stores, I make sure we lap the entire place a time or two as well. I’m so weird. I’m going to employ these methods while we are on the road next week. We are driving so walking time will be limited. I am brining my videos, weights and resistance bands though..and of course my running shoes! We are supposed to be right on the water at our motel, along a canal so I al hoping to walk that if weather permits.

We leave next Thursday , I am unsure of how often, if at all we will get to post. We’ll see I guess. Happy weekend y’all!