Lets Get Physical… or Fat Shamed?

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a bit!

Sorry to go missing but my kid is a handful. She’s got belly problems and colic and all sorts of un happy things. Poor Bug.

As for me, I’m plugging along. I had my CT and saw my Urologist again last week! The CT revealed 2 8 x 6mm stones in my right kidney, along with a possible cluster behind one and 2 6 x 4mm stones in my left. There are a few smaller ones that were obviously less worrisome. After some discussion we decided to go ahead with lithotripsy. We are going to blast those suckers and then see what we can do to try and avoid them in the future. I don’t have much faith, but we’ll see. Lithotripsy is an outpatient “surgical” procedure. Meaning I have to be put to sleep. This means the husband is taking a day off work to take me and my MIL will be watching the baby.

It also meant I had to have a pre-op physical. Ya’ll, the doctor they set me up is basically the walking reason why I tend to HATE the doctor’s office. I was lucky to get in as fast as I did, but I almost wish I had waited for a less asinine Dr. I scheduled it for the morning before my 6 (well actually 7) week post-partum check up. The doctor came in and not ONCE did he look me in the eye. He ignored my outstretched hand and immediately got to work. He barely spoke but kept looking at me and then scooting to his computer to “hmm” and “hummm” over things. He must have asked me about 15 times if I was having chest pains. Finally I was beginning to get worried. I asked if something was wrong. With his back still to me at the computer he said that he found it VERY hard to believe that someone “my size” could have such a normal blood pressure reading. He noted that my heart rate felt a little fast to him. I tried to explain that I hadn’t had previous issues with my blood pressure during normal appointments and that I tend to be a bit nervous with doctors and my heart rate tends to speed up. He ignored me and insisted on taking my blood pressure again. He FAILED 3 times. First he forgot to plug the cuff in, then he left it too loose, and the final time I don’t know what he did wrong but he tried to tell me my blood pressure was only 88/80 and that he was ordering an immediate EKG. I really thought this man was a quack and said I didn’t think this was necessary but no one listens to the fat chick. Sigh

I was also getting stressed because I knew my other appointment was only 10 minutes away and I expressed this. No one cared. In the end they made me 25 minutes late to an appointment that had already been rescheduled twice due to timing issues. And guess what? My EKG came back absolutely FINE. They rechecked my blood pressure again for good measure and it was 116/83. Still.

What I found most fascinating was how much this doctor focused on my weight and not my actual health or answers. If I didn’t give him an answer he expected he either ignored me or asked it repeatedly like I would suddenly break down and admit to something. The blood pressure thing was annoying. He pulled up my records and pointed to my last 2 recorded appointments and said something like, “NO bad blood pressure? What do you call these?”. I explained- if he had read the notes under each one that I had pre-eclampsia during the very end of my pregnancy. Had he bothered to read the notes or checked the other numbers he would have known this and avoided a lot of annoyance.

After making me wait he told me I was perfectly fine for my surgery and I was cleared! I left livid and apologized profusely to my OB for the hold up. Even she laughed at his antics. The man was severely overweight himself. She stated that if he had actually looked beyond his own prejudices he would have seen that I was actually a mostly healthy person, I’d lost 45 lbs before my pregnancy and that I had been in and out of the hospital so many times during my pregnancy and birth that SURELY someone would have caught it if something was truly wrong.

Oh well, at least he did not hold me back!

My procedure is May 14th. Hopefully we break these suckers up