While long term mega goals are awesome I have a handful of “short term” goals I would like to achieve sooner rather than later!

Short Term Goals:

– Pass below 240

Walk to the local grocery DONE!!! 5/5/13

– Complete my full Zumba time with my arm weights

– Walk at least 10 miles a week

– Work up to jogging on my walks

Walk a 3 MPH mile DONE!!! 5/13/13

– 20 total inches off

-50 lbs gone

Longer term goals:

– Visit Onderland

– Post consistantly for 2 months

–  Fit into a normal non plus sized store’s clothing

– Run a 5k

– Have all or most medical tests come in NORMAL

– size 6 please

Big goals:


– 135- 150 lbs

– Have muscles!


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