Tricks up My Sleeve

Well, really tricks in my pants, but that sounded dirty…. oops

SO growing up I bounced around in size a lot. I would be very active and lose weight, or balloon up. This led to a LOT of money spent on clothes. Most of these clothes I would wear for a season and then never fit into again. As I got older I tended to be in between sizes. What fit my thighs would often be too big around my waist. I have horrible memories of the back gap and immature teen boys.

A little more back story- My Mom was very sick as I grew up. A lot of her time was spent in a hospital bed in front of a TV. You can imagine how boring this can be. She would often be kept up due to her meds and pain late into the night. This would often mean weeks later we would receive packages from QVC or some other late night ad. Sometimes she didn’t even remember ordering these things. More often than not, the things she ordered went unused.

One day a small package arrived. She actually remembered ordering this one and she was excited! As people with chronic illness know- meds and long period of inactivity can do a  number on your body. My mother was on a very extreme cocktail of pills that caused her extreme weight gain. She would also go through periods of bloating just enough that her clothes were just a hair too tight to button. To combat this she had purchased the Instant Button.


As a selfish teen, I thought she was insane. Just buy new pants! *insert tantrum*

As an adult, I realize my mother was a genius. Against my protest she insisted on giving me one. She’d bought several including the more glam looking styles.

This past week has finally hit the summery weather I have been craving. This of course means lighter and slightly shorter clothing in my book. I’ve never been overly self conscious about my body, but I’m still not a fan of shorts. Being a shorty also means capri pants can be hard to find for a petite plus size chick that refuses an elastic waist band.

I’m also not ready to buy new clothes. I’m still in a place I don’t want to be. My current stuff is OKAY for the time being. I decided it was time to be a bit crafty….


My super old mini sewing kit!! Don’t hate

I have a couple of jeans from when wearing them long and dragging was the “thing”. These days I’ve been wearing them cuffed. While functional, the cuff is super large and bulky. I decided to turn these duds into some cuffed pedal pushers! Break out the scissors!!!


snip snip!!

Voilà, free new summer clothes! yay! I’d show you a picture, but I decided to give em a wash!

So where did these pants tie into the Instant button, you ask?

While the length of my pants is now summer fresh, the fit still leaves something to be desired. I literally have 5 different sizes of pants at the moment. Ranging from 16- 22 & XL petite. My pants are from several different stores and all of them fit different. I love the new hemmed pants, but the waist is still baggy. As I was searching through a bad of odd and ends for a jewelled clip, I found something clunky at the bottom. Curious, I fished it out and sure enough… that darned fake button was in there!

Ya’ll, my problems have been solved! While not a magic worker, I can not move the button out more and tighten the waist of my pants a bit!!


I totally ‘borrowed’ this from the internet ❤

I’m pretty sure this little thing is going to be my new best friend as I continue to float between sizes!!


In other news, I went to the doctor on Friday for a skin issue I’ve had on my foot. I’ve seen numerous MD’s about it and no one has figured it out. I finally saw a Dermatologist. I’m sad to say, I almost wish some of those other doctors had been right. What I had, apparently has no cure and the current treatments don’t generally have good results. It’s considered a deforming rash. I’m not going to go into it a lot, but it’s an ugly thing that later down the line has shown people to develop cancerous cells in. It’s also something that is a precursor for another disease so I am going to be undergoing more testing as well as a steroid treatment.

Steroids are my worst nightmare. Generally they cause me to gain a lot of weight. It’s so depressing.

All this diagnosis has done is fuel my fire. If this rash is an indicator of worse things, I will work harder to overcome them





It’s my Business

Hey ya’ll! Don’t worry I didn’t forget you!

I have become obsessed with salads and juices this month. I can not seem to get enough. Even my picky hubs is eating them which is a battle of its own!

As I sit I’m drinking my favorite concoction!


Gross looking, but so yummy!!

1/2 small apple

1/2 medium banana

2 handfuls of spinach

1/2-1 cup water

Shove it all in a blender and Go!

Normally I would add protein powder but I’m out and haven’t made it to a store yet! If anyone has a good suggestion for protein powder I am all ears! I use the vanilla EAS but I’ve been finding it pretty hard to come by without going out of my way!

I tried to get hubs on board but he thought it tasted like  spinach. So funny! I totally don’t taste it AT ALL! I find they made a good mid day option and keep me feeling good until dinner!


Yesterday was also a beautiful day! We seem to finally be shedding our winter skin here! Woohoo!!

I took my first stroll around our new neighborhood! New is kinda funny because we’ve lived here a few months. But, we moved when it was turning cold and fall like and then we had the worst winder ever. Thanks Minna-snow-ta!!

I have mixed feeling about my new walking grounds. My old stomping ground was good because it it was mostly flat (i know, no incline change), had side walks or walking paths and was pretty much straight lines.

My new one? Not so much.

Pros: The change incline. I get the ups, the downs and the straights so at least it overs a bit of a challenge and change.The sights. While our new place may not be so swanky, I live a mere block from the swanky houses. In fact,  most of the up scale hood lines the Mississippi river! How neat! I just wish I could SEE the river. Most of the houses are basically on cliffs looking down. Some of them are super old while others are newer and pretty awesome. And The quiet. I don’t have to deal with main street traffic if I walk in the river hood. Only thing I have to look our for is residential traffic. Not too shabby

Cons: I started my walk on an incline. Unless I walk the main road I have no choice on that. There were no side walks and thought the snow is melting there are some areas that are still covered in stuff forcing me to walk further in the street. The roads don’t all lead straight and not every road leads back to the one I want it to!

I did manage to get myself a little lost! Like I mentioned, not all of the roads lead the same way. I was enjoying weaving through the side roads and eventually realized the road I was on ended and didn’t lead home! Luckily I had my phone! I was also surprised at how friendly everyone was. I passed at least 5 different people and every one of them shouted a clear and welcoming “Hello”. Pretty nice!

I did have one encounter that left me feeling weird though. I managed to pass the same little old lady dressed like workout barbie 3 times on my walk. Finally at one point she looked at me and shouted, “Trying to work off that weight, huh?”. I was a little taken back by her brazen attitude. If I had shouted, “Trying to pretend you aren’t old?” I would have been considered rude so why was it okay for some random stranger to make a comment on my weight? Beyond the fact that she has only stated the obvious, it was none of her darn business. What if I was fine with my weight and just felt like enjoying the nice day?


Regardless of rude people, I’m still kicking it. I have a very busy weekend which leads me to worry a bit.

One of the events I have is a wedding shower. The invite said “dessert and drinks”. Hello fat girl nightmare.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Let’s Do THis: Take Three?

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been pretty M.I.A these past few months and I’m sorry for that. When you basically fall totally off the wagon, talking about it isn’t a huge amount of fun. Maybe it’s the thought of impending spring, but I’m suddenly having the urge to get back into things! We’ll see!

I don’t really have any excuses here: plain and simple, I just stopped caring. It became a lot easier during the winter to make easy boxed food and to stop exercising almost completely. I haven’t been avoiding my scale, but it also hasn’t really changed up or down. I guess in some ways, that’s good? Maintaining while losing control? Ha!

We did our big grocery shop this weekend. Let’s just say our basket leaned more towards salad, fresh veggies and lean meat. Yes there were a few cheats in there, but Hubs burns an insane amount of calories working! Now all we have to do is not let ME get to them! If I’d been thinking, I would have documented all my shopping, but that’s another thing I have to get used to again!!

I’ve got a lot of goals right now:

– Find a gym-  a Planet Fitness just opened not horribly far away. Far enough that I can’t walk it, but since they are 24 hrs I might be able to do a night drag! It’s only $10 so we’ll see how hubs feels.

– Get active again- I kinda started this. I unearthed my 3lb ankle weights last week. I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing them while i putter around the house. you get so that you don’t notice them much. SO when I slide into a quick barre routine and i FEEL it, it’s like “whoa!”. One of my favorite you tubers has put some more videos up so I’ll post some next time. Her Zumba workouts are fun and sweat inducing.

– Fit Into the dress- I hate to dress us, at all, ever. But, last spring I did buy this amazing bright coral lace dress. I’d planned it for a wedding but my conservative dad wasn’t a fan, so I chickened out and wore a drab back sheath dress instead. Well ya’ll, I have another wedding coming up this Summer and dear old Poppy won’t be there to lend his opinion! The only thing standing in my way? When I bought the dress I was down about 20Lbs from where I am now. It fits, but not well. It looks like a smuggled a lumpy pillow. SIGH!


Let’s make this time stick! While I’m doing this for ME, I’m also doing it for my family and my future. I recently found out my Brother in Law has cancer. It’s pretty bad. He’s closer to me than my own sisters are, so his diagnosis struck me hard. He too has struggled with his weight and health and I just don’t want to see myself following blindly down those same paths!

I’m going to give this my best shot. I’ll try and be more attentive here!

Best of luck

Where I’ve been

Hey ya’ll!

I won’t claim to be back. I don’t ‘feel back’, but I did decide update on where I’ve been.

I am proud to say I survived the holidays with no weight gain. I figure that’s a miracle in itself. Christmas Eve went off without a hitch and I realized, despite the counters loaded with home made cookies, that I wasn’t focused on what/how much I could eat next of something. I wasn’t hungry and spent more time setting things up, picking up and talking than thinking about food.

I get especially anxious when gatherings come around. As a tween I remember my mom always in my ear telling me to stop eating or reminding me on the hour+ drives not to over eat. I know she was only trying to help. In hindsight though I realize that my ravenous hunger wasn’t truly my fault. In most cases We’d travel a few hours. This meant we’d get up in the morning, get dressed and get on the road. Sometimes there would be breakfast, sometimes not. Usually by the time we got to our destination it was mid afternoon and I had not eaten AT ALL. Of course I was going to be hungry and fall like a rabid animal onto the plate of cheese and crackers.

So, when I made it through everything, I was pretty proud. We ended up being a lazy duo on Christmas day just opening gifts and playing with our new things. I got a really cute purse and lots of kitchen things I’ve been wanting. And a new vacuum from the MIL- THANK GOODNESS. The one we had before died about 10 seconds after it’s first use. New Years was much of the same.

Somehow I made it out of the Holiday darkness unscathed. It was a busy time and just from store runs and doing things around the house I was getting in my 10,000 steps on a daily basis.

Because I was so busy, I failed to notice something pretty important until the day after Christmas. I was pregnant. OOPS. I guess I should have suspected as I, the person who never sleeps, was falling asleep before 8pm most nights (among other things.) I say “was”, because as my body is want to do, we lost that baby too a little less than 2 weeks ago.

So that’s my major excuses for not blogging. I haven’t really been keeping my healthy eating plan up or really exercising regularly. I really just don’t care at the moment. I’ll be back and do it again when I’m mentally ready, right now I’m just not ready to commit or deal. It’s a slow process.

I’m trying to start a teeny bit again today- steal cut oats and cranberries as I type this! But I don’t want to commit to something when I’m in such a mood. I do plan on sharing some stories about my past struggles, things you all may or may not relate with. I hope you’ll still come around. Best of luck on your own journey!

It Happened to Me: I paid a Doctor $2200 to help me lose weight, and he failed

So, obviously my weight problems are not something new. I’ve struggled for a long time.

When I was around 19 my family doctor suggested I try and lose weight. After years of fad diets, lifestyle changes and whatnot, I never saw much change. Responding to his suggestion, I asked him for advice. I remember his reaction clearly. He leaned his tall frame back on his stool and clasped his hands. “Well Jessica,  I would suggest Physicians Weight Loss, otherwise nothing will help you. I was pretty shocked at his attitude and pretty much went on the immediate defensive. We never really discussed it again.

Cue a few months later: My weight was noticeably getting worse and I saw a passing article for the same company my Doctor had recommended. There was this whole piece about how they guaranteed a 35lb weight loss in 2 months. I was game. The first thing I did was grab my phone and called a friend. She’d been looking for a miracle too and I convinced her to go with me!

We managed to schedule back to back appointments. Lucky us! – Though now that I look back I only ever saw one other person there. The first appointment is like any weight loss center. You talk about your previous attempts, your goals and hopes. The major difference is that the people there are (supposedly) medical professionals. There are a battery of tests, questions and assessments. They even do blood work. It took my girl 45 minutes to even stick me properly. I was poked, prodded and promised I would see AMAZING results. My next appointment would be with an actual doctor, but in the mean time I would be given a diet to follow based on my goals, protein supplements and a millions papers.

Then came the discussion of money. The program cost roughly $2200 including doctor fees, weigh ins, blood work and the food. I totally did NOT have that type of cash as a party time worker and full time student. This is where they promote their credit card.. 13 months no feels. I knew I didn’t have enough credit to be approved (I’d never had a credit card, monthly bill or  loan, so you see I was one of those “empty” portfolios). Luckily my friend J did. She paid for them both on her new credit card from the company and we agreed to pay monthly into it together.

At my next appointment I was informed I was deficient in nearly all of my needed nutrients (wth?) and was given B12 shots, and supplements that looked like sand squished into pill forms.. yum.

The meal plan they gave us was multi tiered. In  the first weeks we followed the lowest form, but used the most supplements. The booklets had lists of approved foods and how many from each category you could choose per meal. I followed my meal plan to the letter. I’m good at following rules if someone is there to hold me accountable. At the middle of each week we went in for weigh ins and discussion of progress. After my first month I had lost 11 lbs! The next month, a new plan was handed out and we chose new supplements.

They were all protein based: pudding, cocoa, shakes, juice, soups, coffee add ons. They were mostly disgusting. I remember convincing myself it was necessary. I had my awesome little shaker cup and I was off.

That was the last time I saw any specific weigh loss progress there. I’d lose a pound and gain 3. I was belittled for my lack of progress. I began to notice that there was rarely anyone else there except for some young giggling skinny women that posed as nurses.

When I voiced my concerns I was usually assured my progress was normal, the doctor was at another site and unable to see me or that I just needed to try harder. I finished out my promised 2 months with roughly 9 lbs lost (after loss/gains) and a debt of $1600 in remaining payments.

For a while after I stopped going I received a lot of phone calls urging me to come back (for an additional $2200 of course)

To this day, 8 years later, I still get harassing pre recorded calls from them urging me to go my nearest center for a protein supplement party. SERIOUSLY?

I’ve emailed, called, written and threatened to sue them if they did not stop harassing me. I blocked the numbers at first, so they switched to numbers that were in towns my family members lived in, now they just come up as unavailable.

So that’s one of my total fails.

Holidays Make Me a Crazy Biotch

Hello loves!

In accordance with my OCD, the holidays are generally a time I dread. I feel like every season is a time where I lose control.

Control in all aspects of my life. I try to be awesome and get things done early so I can stress less.. but let’s be real, life is not always on track with this idea! This year is no exception. Hubster’s birthday was hell for me when I ordered a gift… and it never showed up! Then in the process of getting my money back, I was reduced to childish cursing and tantrums. It was NOT pretty. So I shovelled food in my face. You see where I’m going with this?

Emotional overeating. Food is about the only thing I have control over most days. If my world is in turmoil I can eat all the thing. And then I end up hating myself.

This season is already making my a crazy bitch.

I got ideas for hubster for the holidays. I went about setting those ideas in motion. FAIL. Nearly everything I planned is either on back order or no longer available. One gift I found was supposed to arrive yesterday. I sat home all day, just in case. It never came. When I checked the status today it said ” Emergency conditions beyond UPS’ control”. WHAT?! I mean I could understand if it got caught in that cluster bomb of weather we had..but… Well, our portion of bad weather was gone by Wednesday night. And my package was like.. 15 miles away. If my husband made it home with no issue on bald tires, why couldn’t the UPS brown truck (short bus?) make it? I’m praying this is not going to be another replay of his birthday. “Sorry, your gift never came so here’s some jammies”. Wife fail.


In other news, I think I got my crazies under control from my last post. I really appreciated the comments and support. Sometimes girlfriend just needs to know she isn’t just talking to herself! I lost 2 lbs this week and I haven’t even exercised. Oops

I’ve been working on getting myself back on track. One thing I am doing is a lot of REAL foods. I’ve been avoiding the inner aisles of the grocery stores.

I’ve been struggling wit snack ideas. My meals are generally easy. I get a lot of ideas from fellow bloggers out there! But snacks are my downfall. I can only eat so many cups of air popped popcorn, handfuls of raw almonds and slices of apples with natural peanut butter before I lose interest. Think of me as your kid, how do you keep them from losing interest?


I also wanted to share something I found recently! Have you ever heard of

I’ll start by saying I myself have never bought anything from there, YET.

Apparently this is a website comprised of clothing with a retro flair. I know, so what, right? I’ve been having a hard time finding clothing that fits me, so I’ve been searching blogs, forums, anything. Someone directed me to this site. I was mega surprised. For one, they make everything from a US size 0- 36W. Holy cannoli! I can buy clothes other chics wear! Of course I then began to imagine them just adding an extra yard of fabric to something made for a twig. Not true! Eshakti has a tailoring service ya’ll!!!! AND the first time is FREE! (afterwards it’s like… 7.95)

Not only do they do appropriate sizing for your measurements, they will also make customizations for different length options, sleeves and even collars.

I browsed a bit and found some really cute things!

Image Image Image

Being a tshirt and jeans girl, I was pretty surprised to find I wanted so many things on this site! It’s mostly dress, skirts and blouses, but its still darn cute!

I want all the things. I’ll also mention that the site is currently 40% off until Dec. 9. Also, if you are a new customer there is a limited time offer to sign up and get a $25 coupon. So.. yeah, cheap cute, customized clothes!!


Fat Girl Issues


Why don’t they make bras for big bellies? LOL

I upped my game to a short little run today. I just wanted to see if I could. I did. It was super short and probably laughable, but I ran a solid 15 minutes.

I cursed the whole time in my head.

What I noticed:

My breathing blows- literally. I huff and puff. I need a better breathing technique. How am I an adult that needs to learn how to breath? Thanks asthma.

By blobby belly bounces. I had my sorts bra on, so my itty bitties were locked down, but my stomach was like a whole different story. It bobbed, sagged and bounced until I literally threw up from all the sloshing around in there. It was like my stomach was trying to be a boxer, bobbing and weaving.

How do you all handle this, or did handle when you were bigger?

Out with the New, In with the Old

I know, backwards, but…

This past weekend we cancelled out Costco membership. I won’t go into the why’s- you can or already did read my past post on that! What I will say is, I feel free. I was SO unhappy with my membership. We went on Friday to cancel and I feel like my decision was a smart one.

What happened to the age old saying “The customer is always right”? Granted there are people who use and abuse this saying, a lot. But there are also those times when the customer might actually have a point, and acting in denial towards them is rude.When we got to the store we had the same man who signed us up. Fitting I suppose. We listed our numerous reasons (when asked) for not wanting to continue our membership. In mid-sentence he cut me off to list the reasons *I* was wrong. I loved that one. He quoted some nonsense he had read and then ended with , “so to say such and such about our product.. well you’re wrong”. I looked up and could only  offer a glare. Honestly, his interruption was annoying, his attitude rude and then to turn around and say something like that pretty much was his kiss of death. I mean, if you are about to possibly lose a customer and it is your JOB to try and keep me, telling me I’m wrong in a snotty tone is pretty much the WRONG thing to do. If I was wrong, I would have simply gone on my way, but to be corrected.. over something that had nothing to do with my initial reason.. well NO, just NO. Also, telling me that I had probably eaten numerous recalled items and had not had the sense to pay attention in the past is downright a stupid tactic.

So, Out with Costco, in with Sam’s Club.

Costco gave us our membership back in cash. We took that cash to Sam’s, renewed our old membership, got new cards, browsed the store and got gas in about the same amount of time I’d spent waiting for gas at Costco. I also, upon browsing, discovered that I was paying a total of $25 dollars extra for the exact same products.


For whatever reason this righteous anger I had towards Costco has fueled my fire for health! I’ve got so many healthy fun meals planned this week. We are enjoying tons of fresh veggies, squashes and lean meats. I’ve always used sugar substitutes but I am trying to really cut our any and all sweets. It’s such an unnecessary thing!

Even my Christmas this this year looks totally unlike me. It’s full of exercise equipment and the like!

I am trying so hard to not worry about Holiday gain. My MIL is doing Thanksgiving this year, so I’ve had a bit of a say in the menu. I think sticking to the basics this season is going to be a HUGE help. Last year we went to a large gathering and there was SO much food. I felt super deprived and took teeny portions of everything. I was STARVING the whole day with piles of food around me. Hopefully this year will be better. I’ll be hosting Christmas Eve this year. It’s bizarre, but I almost feel nervous. I’ve never actually hosted an “event”. I’m pretty bad at entertaining and I almost never know what to serve or do. I’m doing a lot of planning ahead this year.

Do you all have any healthy favourites you do for the holidays? I’d love some ideas. I was considering veggie platters, and a meat and cheese platter. I feel like these are things that can be easily customized. If you want to go crazy with dips, cheese and breads- you can. Or not. I’m also going to be bad and bust out my great grandmother’s cook book for some fun cookies, perhaps. I know- it’s only early November but I’ve always been someone who plans ahead. I generally do only one big shop every month or two, aside from the basics each week. SO planning way in advance is a must for me.  *SOS* hahah send help

Hope everyone is doing well out there!

Time Flies!

Y’all, it’s been a time and a half!

I survived Halloween with NO issues at all. My biggest complaint was that we got NO kiddos. How depressing, huh? We live in an apartment building, which was a first for me. I spent some time earlier that day wandering around to get a clue on what, if anything, others did for kids. I figured there would be something, we have 7 kiddos alone on our floor and I know of at least 4 others. I only saw one house that left a pile of candy next to their door. I decided to leave the door open with the door decorated and a big old bowl of candy. Not one. Oh well! I hid the offensive candy bowl from myself and hubby and have not been tempted by it yet. Progress?


Next event of life was my birthday! I want to say I did pretty good here as well! I had received offers of Blizzards from Dairy Queen, pastries from Panera and sugar drinks from Caribou. I didn’t accept! We had a lovely breakfast out that morning. A special treat- I really wanted pumpkin pancakes before they went away. It ended up being weird because they ran out! Figures! They scraped together a little bit of batter to make me something that was more like a crape. Lol. Sometimes I swear the universe is more interested in my health than I am. Though it was super sweet of our favorite waitress to try so hard! We spent the day our and about. I got a surprise gifty too!


I have been reading Allie’s blog for years. She is HILARIOUS. If you haven’t heard of her since she became ‘famous’, you live under a rock. We saw this when we made a pit stop and I went totally fan girl. Hubster grabbed it for me!

I even snagged a cute little mascara and highlighter set from Sephora for my Birthday too! I love the words ‘free’ and ‘gift’!

The evening was rounded out by a trip to my favorite Mexican place. Our super cool waiter was not there, but it was a still a great night! Mmmm chicken fajitas.


So you’ve seen my first gift. I also got some new baking dishes from my MIL. She came over for cake that night. She knows how much I love to cook, so I was SUPER stoked!  Hubster also got me a new case for my Kindle. It has a book light on it that draws power from the kindle itself! LOVE!!! Since we’ve moved I no longer force him to sleep with the overhead light on while my insomnia kicks in, but the ability to read at night or in the car without bothering anyone is.. AWESOME! And then he topped that gift with…


THIS! The Spirelli! I have been bemoaning my need of one for.. MONTHS. One of my biggest downfalls is pasta noodles. I’ve been searching for an alternative and have seen these babies popping up all over. I wanted one, BAD. Hubster finally tracked one down, and VOILA! It is so insanely simple to use. I’ve already used it every day this week.

I’ve been working on weekly meal plans now. I’m trying to pre-plan and get ahead of myself. My husband is already losing his tummy, which is his epic hate zone. He burns tons of calories at work, so having healthy filling meals and less need to grab sugar drinks is helping him a lot. The only exercise he gets is 10 hrs on his feet working machines all day. His arms are crazy strong, but his belly is not- it’s shrinking!

I haven’t been so lucky. I did love 1.5 lbs this week. SO that’s something?I need to get back into some of the better habits. I’ve been eating  3 meals and 1-2 small snacks a day, but I still find myself wanting to snack at night. I suppose  lot of this has to do with having some not so good snacks in the house. I’m glad they are finally gone!

I’ve also been getting some more exercise in. I haven’t been walking on the weekdays. I have some ready excuses for that one! 1. It snowed-I fall on flat dry surfaces… so.. snow = hell. 2. I don’t know my new neighborhood. I know, i know, ‘No time like the present!”. – I just don’t want to set out, get stranded or end up some place I shouldn’t. Also, there are a lot of rich people in the hood. I feel like if they saw some random fat chick plugging along, they might think I’m casing their homes. LOL. I’ll be better at this!

I have, however, been getting some interval training in. I’ve got weights, x bands, cardio videos and a thick blanket for crunches in my spare room, where my PC is. I like to catch up on old tv shows during my free time. I’ve been turning the shows on and getting down to business while I watch or listen to music. I like to switch it up, so I’ve been doing different workout styles- yoga, pilates, WODs I’ve found from others, dance. Whatever works. I don’t see any bodily difference, but I feel more alert. This is going to happen!!!



My fav lunch at the moment. Double Protein Bread + 1/3 avocado + 2 slices reduced sodium ham & Zucchini noodles lightly sautéed in  garlic. Lunches are generally my larger meals of the day. It’s super filling and leaves me less likely to want constant snacks..

Oh.. and THIS Happened…


Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I’m not ready yet?! I don’t even have an actual coat! AHH

haha, hope you all are doing well

Fight the Power

I’m battling my own demons this Halloween!

I know I mentioned my overwhelming need to shove candy in my mouth. Today is D day. I’m trying to counteract my feelings of loss of control with a breakfast snack.

I read a lot of your blogs and I love to glean little tips. Today I decided to make a Chocolate Peanut butter Oatmeal from Melanie at Happy Being Healthy! She’s so gosh darn happy and adorable. Sometimes I just read her blog for a mental boost! Anyhow, this recipe was super yummy. I had tried another one months ago and thought it was a disaster. This was SO rich and tasty.


Hopefully that will satisfy my tummy and mind’s need for sugary chocolatey goodness today. *Fingers Crossed*


By the way, my aunt is doing much better. It seems she’s pulled a miracle. I’m so glad!

I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit blue. My birthday is this Saturday and I just feel very Blah about it. It’s not an milestone or important one so it feels a bit meaningless. I guess I’m feeling the effects of getting older. I see lots of gray hairs now and my body is just not bouncing back the way it once did.

I got back into my exercise routine this week. I was so happy and excited. I could feel my heart booming and the sweat pouring. Then during the night I was so uncomfy and i went to prop myself up, wrenched my shoulder and twisted my neck. Swear to god. I thought I was going to have to actually see a doctor because I was unable to move my head barely at all. Totally scary. Luckily lots of aspirin, heat pads and rest has mostly fixed me up. Once I fully trust myself I’ll get back into the main routine again. I swear haha. I’m a mess!!


Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!