BabyLand: The Great Diaper Debate

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a long time!

First Off, before I get into this, I wanted to say- I was not paid and or given any of the following items for review. These observations are simply my own and may vary from yours! MMkay!

When Lil Bug came into the world I was living under a mountain of diapers! From my shower, registry and just plain old given to me. Suffice to say- I was set for a few months! I had Huggies, Pampers, Luvs and Walgreen’s brand- Well Beginnings. As I didn’t know what would work best with Lil Bug, this was a good starting point.

Being new I plowed through the name brand Pampers- and for the most part they were fine. I wasn’t a huge fan of the light scent they carried. Sometimes when munchkin would pee or poo it would smell like a strange flower bouquet. I wasn’t the only one to notice this. I often was asked if I had used a scented lotion or powder. But it was just the scent of the diapers themselves. They held up good to itty baby leaks and that’s all that I cared about.

After a few trial and errors I ended up giving up on the Luvs and Huggies. Lil Bug outgrew them pretty fast and we’d had a few minor leaks. As most of these were still full-only missing one or two- I ended up putting these aside for donation. Because let’s be honest, these things can be EXPENSIVE and what doesn’t work for me might work great for someone else in need!

As the end of my stash came into view I ended up switching to Walgreen’s Well Beginnings diapers. I’d done a lot of research in the beginning. Price, quantity and quality. I was amazed to see that while many store brands had bad reviews- Well Beginnings (WB) had some great ones! Many moms noted they compared well or exceeded expectations of the more expensive brands out there. If you know me then you know I LOVE a bargain. Well Beginnings were often on sale BOGO or 2/$13. During sales they would often come in as much as $10 less (and 6 diapers more) than other brands as compared in various stores. With such good reviews and low prices, I was SOLD. Hubs and I took advantage of these sales as often as possible.

Beyond the price, I truly liked these diapers. They felt super thin so I was VERY sceptical. But they held up amazingly. With the exception of one stomach virus we NEVER had a leak or blow out. I was able to put kiddo to bed at 8pm and not worry about changing a diaper until sometimes 3am. The packaging was easy to open for those late night run outs. I was pretty hooked.

This past weekend there was no sale going on and I found myself once again comparing prices. As it turns out, Pampers at Sam’s Club were on sale. A five dollar savings made them cheaper than WB for the first time in months. I ended up deciding to “splurge” on some name brandies!

I really wish I hadn’t. I don’t know what the problem is, but these are NOT the Pampers from newborn days. They are the same brand, but something is off. The first thing I noticed was that floral smell. It’s amazing how easily you can forget that smell until it smacks you in the face again. Ew. The next issue I ran into was during a night time changing. Normally when we do a middle of the night waking it’s because Lil Bug has a huge heavy diaper. Imagine my horror when I slid my hands under her to pick her up and I felt… damp. What the?! Yes, damp. And COLD! No wonder she had woken up and was fidgeting SO much. I thought maybe it was a fluke. But I find myself a week into these and finding her cold and damp with almost every change.

Well Beginnings are back on sale 2/$13 at Walgreens this week. I already texted my Hubs that we are going out to get some.

On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best for me…

Well Beginnings 4.5 (the blue line indicator starts to fade sometimes..)
Pampers 2.5 (The damp, scented cold is a major downer on the Size 2 swaddlers for me)
Luvs & Huggies 3 ( In all fairness I barely used these, but I did have leaks when I did)


New Mommy

We’ve made it a month! Well, it will be a month tomorrow, but whatever!

It hasn’t been easy. This little nugget hates sleep, has some tummy upsets and can cry like no tomorrow. I’ve slept little and learned lots.

I’ve also begun to notice I have a list of “essentials”

1. Rectal Thermometer- All you see are the forehead ones in the stores! Luckily our hospital gave us one as a parting gift. Not only is the temp easy to get- but it will also aid in helping your little one poo!

My baby strains so hard sometimes. She isn’t constipated at ALL but she is horribly gassy. Her Dr says she hasn’t gotten the hang of easily passing wind yet and she is essentially pushing against a locked door when her rectum clenches. I never thought in my life I would be talking about a butt hole or telling you to stick something up one- but there it is folks. I was amazed during some of the worst straining moments how much that little thing helped.

2. White vinegar- Ya know, the cooking kind! For over a year I’ve used it in out dish washer to keep my glasses shiny and spot free! I’ve recently begun adding it to my laundry. I read somewhere that adding a half cup when doing towels will leave them spa ready and not smelly. Imagine you have loads and loads of spit up covered clothing, towels, burp cloths and blankets. I’ve been using Dreft and adding a little baking soda and white vinegar to the mix. Little one’s things come out with less soap residue- which can bother their skin-, less spit up stains and a fresher feel and smell! Woo!

3. Boppy Baby lounger- Seriously ya’ll. Of all the things I received- this is one of my favourites. I was initially disappointed because I didn’t get one at my shower but my Dad sent it as a welcome baby gift!


(PS. I snagged the picture HERE. You can go there to read all about this pillow!)

My kiddo loves this thing. Although I think I may love it just a little bit more. She will happily sit in this during her wake time. She’s comfy and protected and it lets me have a little bit of hands free time. I’m actually able to fold laundry, read, make a phone call or some other normal tasks with her safe, sound and happy!

One of the things I really love is how easy it is to clean up a mess on! Little one had a spit up issue last week that caused puddles under her. PUDDLES. That in itself is awful but I was also upset at ruining my best friend.. er… I mean lounger. But one I had grabbed up my little puker, I was easily able to wipe up this mess with a burp cloth and give it a quick wet cloth rub down to remove anything yucky. It didn’t even leave any stains! (Might I suggest the geo pattern? it’s light blue, yellow and cream- it’s basically camouflage for baby gross spots..just sayin’)

Oh and did I mention that this thing is also great for parental use. I know it’s not supposed to be but this new mama will find uses for anything if it makes life easier. My kiddo loves to lay on my chest. That’s all fine and dandy-we love snuggles! But one can only spend so much time sitting in a chair or on the couch. Sometimes I miss my bed. But, alas, my bed doesn’t have a headboard and my pillows are fluffy clouds, making propping up a HUGE pain sometimes. I’ve found that if I place the lounger on a pile of pillows it makes the PERFECT cradle for my head, neck and shoulders. Cuddle time is SO much more comfy now!!!

(I seriously wish I had gotten the breast feeding pillow now!)

SO those are some of my favorite things. I’ve also learned a lot!

1. My kid will switch formula preferences a million times.
2. Samsies with bottles- so don’t go crazy buying a certain type!
3. Unless you know for sure that you’re kid is going to be big- Ignore folks who tell you to stick with larger sizes. At a month old my kiddo is still in newborn sized clothing and diapers. I wish I’d stocked up on more of those before!
4. Stick with burp cloths that have a towel-y feeling side. Those soft cute ones will work- but not as well.
5. People will buy you TONS of clothing. Most of it will never be used. Especially if you have a kid during an in-between seasonal change. I’ve got a ton of great clothes with tags still on them that it’s too cold or too warm to wear now. If you can’t return them- look for a place that will let you sell to. I wish I had left tags on a lot of the things that she won’t be able to wear!
6. All those manufacturer groups? Join them! It might seem like a hassle- but I’ve found it to be very helpful. Enfamil sent a 5 pack of on the go powders. Similac sent 2 8oz cans of formula and a 4 pack of ready made bottles and a coupon booklet. If you use the coupons and are a member of their website you get 5 points per coupon used. When you reach 35 points they send a coupon for a free $16 can of formula. Also, those coupons are good pretty much wherever! I took ours to Target. You can only use one per purchase but it allowed me to get the 32 oz bottles of prepared formula for $1.99 a piece. That adds up QUICK. With the 4 coupons they sent I’m able to get a lot of the more expensive stuff I would like for less than $10! And then there is Pampers. If you sign up for their rewards program you get certain points for the codes sound on each product you purchase from them. This goes for even the big packs from Sam’s club and the like. It works a few different ways.

1. The points vary per item. You can accumulate points and redeem them for a ton of things. From shutterfly packages to toys and all sorts of things!

2. If you enter 1 code a month every 3 months you get a gift. The gifts get slightly larger each month and include things like extra points, Shutterfly items, egift cards and toys for your child! If you like free stuff than this is where to go. The catch is you have to enter one close a month. You can’t miss a month or it starts over. You can obviously enter as many codes as you want during that month, but just don’t forget to put a new one in next month! To make sure I don’t forget I wrote 12 codes down from a huge pack of wipes someone gave us and set a phone reminder. That means any additional Pampers products I enter is just icing on the cake!

More soon! Time to take the kiddo from Daddy!!