Time Flies!

Y’all, it’s been a time and a half!

I survived Halloween with NO issues at all. My biggest complaint was that we got NO kiddos. How depressing, huh? We live in an apartment building, which was a first for me. I spent some time earlier that day wandering around to get a clue on what, if anything, others did for kids. I figured there would be something, we have 7 kiddos alone on our floor and I know of at least 4 others. I only saw one house that left a pile of candy next to their door. I decided to leave the door open with the door decorated and a big old bowl of candy. Not one. Oh well! I hid the offensive candy bowl from myself and hubby and have not been tempted by it yet. Progress?


Next event of life was my birthday! I want to say I did pretty good here as well! I had received offers of Blizzards from Dairy Queen, pastries from Panera and sugar drinks from Caribou. I didn’t accept! We had a lovely breakfast out that morning. A special treat- I really wanted pumpkin pancakes before they went away. It ended up being weird because they ran out! Figures! They scraped together a little bit of batter to make me something that was more like a crape. Lol. Sometimes I swear the universe is more interested in my health than I am. Though it was super sweet of our favorite waitress to try so hard! We spent the day our and about. I got a surprise gifty too!


I have been reading Allie’s blog for years. She is HILARIOUS. If you haven’t heard of her since she became ‘famous’, you live under a rock. We saw this when we made a pit stop and I went totally fan girl. Hubster grabbed it for me!

I even snagged a cute little mascara and highlighter set from Sephora for my Birthday too! I love the words ‘free’ and ‘gift’!

The evening was rounded out by a trip to my favorite Mexican place. Our super cool waiter was not there, but it was a still a great night! Mmmm chicken fajitas.


So you’ve seen my first gift. I also got some new baking dishes from my MIL. She came over for cake that night. She knows how much I love to cook, so I was SUPER stoked!  Hubster also got me a new case for my Kindle. It has a book light on it that draws power from the kindle itself! LOVE!!! Since we’ve moved I no longer force him to sleep with the overhead light on while my insomnia kicks in, but the ability to read at night or in the car without bothering anyone is.. AWESOME! And then he topped that gift with…


THIS! The Spirelli! I have been bemoaning my need of one for.. MONTHS. One of my biggest downfalls is pasta noodles. I’ve been searching for an alternative and have seen these babies popping up all over. I wanted one, BAD. Hubster finally tracked one down, and VOILA! It is so insanely simple to use. I’ve already used it every day this week.

I’ve been working on weekly meal plans now. I’m trying to pre-plan and get ahead of myself. My husband is already losing his tummy, which is his epic hate zone. He burns tons of calories at work, so having healthy filling meals and less need to grab sugar drinks is helping him a lot. The only exercise he gets is 10 hrs on his feet working machines all day. His arms are crazy strong, but his belly is not- it’s shrinking!

I haven’t been so lucky. I did love 1.5 lbs this week. SO that’s something?I need to get back into some of the better habits. I’ve been eating  3 meals and 1-2 small snacks a day, but I still find myself wanting to snack at night. I suppose  lot of this has to do with having some not so good snacks in the house. I’m glad they are finally gone!

I’ve also been getting some more exercise in. I haven’t been walking on the weekdays. I have some ready excuses for that one! 1. It snowed-I fall on flat dry surfaces… so.. snow = hell. 2. I don’t know my new neighborhood. I know, i know, ‘No time like the present!”. – I just don’t want to set out, get stranded or end up some place I shouldn’t. Also, there are a lot of rich people in the hood. I feel like if they saw some random fat chick plugging along, they might think I’m casing their homes. LOL. I’ll be better at this!

I have, however, been getting some interval training in. I’ve got weights, x bands, cardio videos and a thick blanket for crunches in my spare room, where my PC is. I like to catch up on old tv shows during my free time. I’ve been turning the shows on and getting down to business while I watch or listen to music. I like to switch it up, so I’ve been doing different workout styles- yoga, pilates, WODs I’ve found from others, dance. Whatever works. I don’t see any bodily difference, but I feel more alert. This is going to happen!!!



My fav lunch at the moment. Double Protein Bread + 1/3 avocado + 2 slices reduced sodium ham & Zucchini noodles lightly sautéed in  garlic. Lunches are generally my larger meals of the day. It’s super filling and leaves me less likely to want constant snacks..

Oh.. and THIS Happened…


Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I’m not ready yet?! I don’t even have an actual coat! AHH

haha, hope you all are doing well


Well then..

Hey y’all. I apologize for being MIA lately. Things have been beyond crazy these recent weeks. That’s not an excuse.. it’s an opener to my long explanation.

So..Before I get to all the heavy stuff, let’s discuss my normal food and exercise a bit.

Food for thought:

In the past 2 weeks my food has been spot on! I’ve been really proud of this. I’ve experimented tons, read lots of meal plan ideas and spent more money on groceries for just me, than I normally do combined! Via la healthy options! There were omelettes filled with veggies, salads full of fun crunchy, tasty options, and even meatless meals! I got over my aversion to meatless and had some really neat ideas. I was well within my calorie range- even bringing my calories up to a more recommended level. I was essentially starving before and didn’t even know it! I lowered my intake of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and sugars. I was essentially a rock star.

Exercise: I didn’t do so great in this department. The heat has been unbearable to the point of making myself sick. 10 minutes in what felt like 100 degrees was a deal breaker. My whole plan of walking to the gym I found got murdered when I realized I would have to walk over 2 miles to and from the gym in this weather. The AC in our room doesn’t really work either- so in short I walked my 20-30 minutes a day during the week days, got in more walking time indoors on the weekends and spent some time learning some new exercise options.

I’ve even shown some changes in weight. Sometimes not trying so hard can be helpful to a stress-er like myself.


And now for the heavy stuff.

July 13th, after feeling pretty crappy for a while, I jokingly took a pregnancy test. I say jokingly because if you had read a few posts ago about my visit to the doctor, they had ran a standard pregnancy test that had come out negative.  You can imagine my face when my test came out POSITIVE. I literally went into a catatonic state. I decided my test was defective so I took another, and then dragged my husband out to buy another one. The original two were old ones, ya know? So when I sat staring at four yes sticks, I still didn’t believe. Off to the doctor we went. They thought I was a hoot.

We obviously kept this very quiet. We told my MIL, as she would be assisting me in some of my visits while my husband had to work. I told my best friend because I was about to explode. I scheduled an appointment at my clinic. My first visit was a mess of stress, fear and excitement. I was positive someone would come out and yell, “HAHA!!! Gatcha!”. This was SO not happening to me! Aside from a battery of tests and an overzealous nurse, things went pretty well. They confirmed that I was indeed going to hopefully have a baby. They scheduled me for a follow up on some tests and an ultrasound for June 25th.

For a week, I accepted and adapted. I took better care of my eating. I modified everything in my exercise plan according to my doctor’s recommendations. I stressed because a few of my tests were a bit iffy in results. I didn’t want to be one of those fat chicks who had high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Turns out, I don’t. I just had performance anxiety when it comes to doctor visits and tests. UGH.

July 23rd. I woke up that morning with some spotting. I’d had this before and my doctor wasn’t worried. The triage nurse happened to call that day so I passed the info along, they only wanted me to call back if it became heavier. Cool. This was when I went through a few early stages of total freak out. I cried, I laughed at myself, I sat and talked to the tiny being that was supposed to be safely tucked away. My early afternoon my spotting went from brown to reddish brown with more frequency. The clinic suggested I come in to have my hCG levels tested. Hubster left work to take me. They sent me home when they were done. We watched a movie while I tired not to freak out.

Almost immediately after the movie ended my nurse called again. My hCG levels were spot on and I would keep my Thursday appointment to recheck. I was told if I had anything like a full on  period blood or cramps to go to such and such ER. I hung up and went back to normal life. We were discussing the results and I had to potty. Guys, it wasn’t good. Hubster packed me up and carted me off to the ER at that point.

I have to say this hospital did NOT impress me at all. It was called Mercy Hospital, and was the one my clinic is associated with. I already had an aversion to places with this name, as another Mercy hospital in another state was where my mom went for the first time and died. SO yeah. Name hate. This hospital was SO small. The lobby was basically the waiting room of the ER with a small side desk for non ER patients. Their set up was all wrong. It took a half hour before someone even took my vitals. The asked a million questions and got me so stressed that I nearly blew up the BP machine. After they had tagged me, they sent me back out the the waiting room. The triage nurse said she was going to call an OB and see if they even wanted to see me. Okay then…

An hour and a half later, with absolutely NO conversation I was finally called into a room. The room wasn’t even ready! They were still cleaning it from the last person. I stood in a corner while they finished and waited. I was given a gown that was so small the back didn’t close. Things started to move quickly when 5 minutes later a nurse came in. I had to shuffle off to another room. They’d put me in the wrong section. So I shuffled, with my husband holding my gown closed in vain. HA.

Almost immediately a nurse, a doctor, a ultra sound lab tech AND some other random person came flooding in. It was chaos of who got me first. I briefly met a doctor that reminded me of some movie character or actor. Then I was immediately carted off for my ultrasound. I liked the lab tech. She was very nice and funny. I needed that. She got me a bigger gown and got me comfortable. Once she’d finished I was shipped back off to my room. They sent in someone to test my blood again and set me up on a heart monitor and automatic BP check. Within minutes of being left in silence my BP was back into absolutely rock star limits. Whew.

2 hours(almost 5 hours all total), no food and some bad tv later I was no longer digging the silence. I was tired, hungry and getting super cranky. Finally the doctor came back. He offered me a lot of bullshit. They didn’t know what to classify me as, my hCG levels were less than they thought, which they thought meant I was actually earlier than originally deemed. My tubes looked clear so no ectopic pregnancy. My uterus looked empty. Empty. Which he tried to assure me could mean, combined with my hCG levels that I was just way too early. Or I had miscarried already. Being my usual pessimistic self I chose door number 2. You just KNOW. I didn’t feel right and I just felt like I knew.

I went back to the doctor on July 25th and the confirmed what I already knew- My baby was gone. I must be a master of level drops. I’m almost already back to normal ranges.So for exactly 10 days, I knew had a baby inside me. For 10 days I had this amazing feeling that women get. I was going to be a mommy. I lived in a constant state of cautious excitement. I tried really hard not to get my hopes up. Things happen… clearly. I wanted this so much. It was not to be. If I hear that phrase again, I will probably punch the person in the face. I don’t really care that it’s supposed to help, telling me it wasn’t my fault, wasn’t meant to be, was gods plan or something equal to that- really doesn’t do anything more than boil my blood. It would have been pretty cool to share as the end of my first trimester would have been around our wedding anniversary this year. Oh wells. I’m just glad we didn’t share it with a lot of people.

With that said- I need a break right now. I have nothing to say or report for the moment. I think I might pack up for a few days and take a vacation down south to see some family. That might be nice. We’ll see.

Thanks for listening.

The Lettuce Hunt

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so spacey, it’s been a busy last few weeks! I’m still slotted to share my review of Food Should Taste Good later in the week, but I wanted to share my yummy weekend find!

During the week days I eat a lot of salad. Sometimes I add things like spinach to my breakfast eggs, toss together a big old salad for lunch and snag a side salad for dinner. Any way you look at it, I love a good salad.  Because I tend to eat so much of it, I’ve had issues with keeping myself properly stocked. I love my local salad bar, but the times don’t always work in my favor. Bagged salad tends to rust and I look at a head of lettuce with something akin to fear. I like my salads dark, fresh and crisp!

In the past few months, I’ve bought a large amount of prepacked lettuce in bulk from Sam’s Club. It’s worked “okay”. The amount of it was perfect, but it was always missing SOMETHING. The spring mix didn’t have enough spinach for my taste, the spinach needed everything else and the other offers just didn’t look good. Then I found Taylor Farms Organic Baby Kale Medley! Oh my goodness, you guys!


This package has been an answer to my prayers! It has baby kale, baby spinach, baby chard and shredded carrots! I was a little hesitant because I tend to be iffy with chard, but boy was I wrong. This saved me time and money. I didn’t have to buy carrots, shred them or anything! A nice mix of greens made me a happy camper! Plus it’s organic and triple washed! It also costs the same amount as the regular old salad packages! Less than $5!

I tried it for the first time today for lunch!


All I can say, is YUM! I added about 2 cups of the mix with two table spoons of the new Old Dutch 1/3 less sodium Sea Salt Cottage Cheese. This is one of the better salads I’ve had on a lazy day, y’all! I particularly paid attention to the flavour profile from the greens mixture and the texture. I didn’t get any over powering flavours which was nice! It all melded so well together. The mix was very crisp too! Even with the added weight and wetness of the cottage cheese, it remained crisp and light until the very last bite. I am a very happy girl!

Not much else to report right now. I’ve been snacking like a mad woman on my new chips, but I’ll save talking about those until I’ve written my review! Exercise has been my weak point this week. It’s been extremely hot, even when it’s only 90 they are reporting it feeling like 100! Yikes!

Hope y’all are still kicking butt!

Get in My Belly


That about sums up how I feel this week. I just want to eat everything. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like that so I find this sudden craving attack a bit off putting.

I feel like this week has been an uphill battle with staying true to good food. I’ve slipped a few times, but I’ve kept pushing!

Food for Thought:


Breakfast: Chobani Flip- Blueberry Power + 1.5 oz Four Pepper sliced turkey breast

Lunch: Large mixed greens salad + lump crab meat + 1 tablespoon cottage cheese

Dinner:  4 oz sweet ginger and coriander glazed salmon + steamed stir fry vegetables + small salad of lunch leftovers

Snacks throughout day: 1 cup slightly sweet Angie’s white cheddar popcorn + 1/2 cup mixed fruit + 2 teaspoons home-made light dill dip & carrot sliced.

One of the best things I’ve done this week is early preparation. My salad ingredients can take up a LOT of space in the kitchen and can often take a while to prepare. I spent Sunday evening chopping and preparing some salad add ins. I bought a huge tub of salad greens from Sam’s club. Instead of leaving it in the tub I decided to combine the greens and add-ons  in a large bowl and transferred the mixture to two containers of 2-3 meals each. This left me with double the space and half the work during the week. I had no excuse to ignore my salad now! Another tip is to take a piece of paper towel and put one on the bottom of your container, layer ingredients on top and place another piece on top of the salad before placing the lid on. I’ve found this keeps my salads fresher 3x longer than normal! I don’t get rusting lettuce or rotten soggy bits if I don’t eat everything super fast.


Breakfast:Chobani Flip Vanilla Power Crunch

Lunch: Large salad as mentioned above!

Dinner: Skinny Taste inspired Smoky Pork chop + 2 tablespoon no sugar added apple sauce + 2/3 cup mixed steamed vegetables + small leftover salad from lunch

Snacks throughout Day: 1/2 Naked Green Machine Juice + 3/4 small apple & Jif Natural Peanut Butter + 2 cups Angie’s Sweet & Spicy Popcorn


I love Angie’s popcorn. I’ve been jumping all over town collecting different flavours. My favourite of the moment is the Sweet & Spicy! It’s flavoured with cumin, cayenne, and paprika. So yummy- decent calories and sodium levels.

I’ve finally started cooking again. With the rain came more tolerable temperatures. Thank goodness! I love grilled food as much as the next, but sometimes I just want something else, ya know?

SO far today, my food has been about similar to Monday and Tuesday’s beginning. I had the Coco Loco yogurt this morning. I think that one might just be my favourite. I’m converting everyone around me too!

Exercise for Life:

I’ve been pretty lax with my fitness lately. I don’t mean to, but the heat is almost overwhelming. The AC vent in our room is either punctured or clogged and doesn’t blow air. I survive with the help of fans. This makes workouts like doing hot yoga. YUCK. I’d scheduled an appointment to meet with a trainer at a gym, but have yet to actually make it. I’d have to walk 2 miles to the gym so that I could workout and walk back home. When it gets to be 90, but feel like 95 and the humidity is super high- I really don’t care to drag myself to that.  I’ve been doing short intense bursts throughout the day, each day, focusing on specific areas. Monday I did a bit of circuit training from the Shred & an intense, long session of scrubbing down the gross bathroom. Tuesday I focused on my arms and back and spent a good hour folding, hanging and hauling the mountain of laundry I put off over the weekend. Today will be abs and booty and Thursday is  a leg barre routine! It really doesn’t matter what I do, I’m sweating like a menopausal woman. Yeesh


On a side note, I had a rather upsetting moment yesterday. I was on the phone with my Poppy when I glanced down at my hand. What I saw caused me to do a double take.


It’s hard to tell from my blurry picture, but the second stone from the right was GONE.  I’m not only upset, but PISSED. In January I noticed that same stone was missing after being out and super active one day. I took it in for replacement and cleaning. Now suddenly that same stone is missing. Twice in the same year?! Clearly something is wrong with my ring if this keeps happening. I don’t wear it when I clean normally or submerge my hand in water. I’m so upset about this and I don’t know if the jeweller will replace it again. Extreme sadness. Also, I really need to get my ring resized about 2 sizes down. With the weight loss I am always afraid I am going to fling it off. I guess I’ll take it in again this weekend and see what they will do.

And in a random moment.. Do any of y’all play Second Life? Just curious.

Dream a Little Dream

Lately I have been having the WEIRDEST dreams. A few nights ago I had a dream my husband was at a wedding and was doing the Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince. The thing is, my husband NEVER dances. He has total white boy moves and  has only slow danced with my at out wedding and a time or two else wise. So, to see him do THIS in my dream…

I actually woke up laughing my butt off.

Then there are times when I have weird, not so funny dreams. Last night I dreamt that I won a face to face hang out with a local blogger that I apparently adored. I’d lobbied really hard to win and I was super excited to finally meet this person. On the day of our meeting she came to my house, which turned out to be my Poppy’s house in the dream. It was 115 degrees and all he had were some fans and a window AC unit. Blogger chick was NOT pleased. She ended up being a total diva to my dream self despite the fact that I was bending over backwards to please her. She was laying on the hospital bed my mom used before she died in my real life. So dream blogger diva decided we weren’t waiting for my hubs to get home and we were going to the fair. Somehow she ended up driving and my husband and an old High School friend were not with us.

Anyway it was a super long dream with me realizing what a bitch she was, hanging out with girls I haven’t seen in a year+, let alone spoken to. I ended up getting left at the fair. It was a total random and weird dream. I woke up super annoyed at  no one! What the heck do all my dreams mean. Believe me when I saw, these are some of my more normal and tame dreams. I have some winners!

Maybe it’s the heat, who knows! My body seems to be rebelling any way it can. I’m super bloated from crap food and humidity. I’m also crampy and my gal time has decided to be a no show. Even though the stupid doctors make me take a pee test when I was all broken 2 weeks ago. This is my bodies way of giving me the finger I guess. I’m going to flip it off right back next week. Time to get me boogie on!

I’m in serious need of some new exercise plans or videos. I have a million but nothing is suiting me at the moment. Care to share?


The heat is also effecting my appetite. I’m generally not hungry during normal eating times, which is a Pain. I made “French toast” this morning with one slice of 12 grain and oat bred. I liked the added levels the crunchy flax seeds and oats added. I used egg whites and just a little cinnamon in a non stick pan and used sliced  strawberries instead of syrup. For lunch we ate at a local Mexican joint. Baja tacos with avocado slices and cilantro lime salsa was super yummy and filling.

Side note: I had to laugh at this woman who came in with a group of friends. I have never seen someone so picky some into a place like this. She had a long list of things she wouldn’t eat. It wasn’t an allergy, she just didn’t want those things. This included most of the menu. No sauces of any kind, no oils or fats, no seasoning, no cheese, no grains. I wondered why she had even bothered coming. She ended up getting a chicken breast with plain beans. EW.

We haven’t done our grocery shopping yet so I stopped and grabbed a salad on the way home for dinner. However, I’m not even remotely hungry so I drank a green juice instead and called it a day. I haven’t bought a juicer yet so I bought a Naked!


Half now, half another time. I really need to get myself a juicer!

For the week I’m making a huge salad of mixed greens for my lunches. All I have to do is add a little dressing! I’m enjoying my Chobani for breakfast and dinners tend to vary. I bought apples and peanut butter for snacks and carrots with home made light chobani dill dip. Yums!

Also, allow me to stretch my thrifty muscles again. I finally found a smaller wallet! I have a big old clutch style one which seems to be the popular things right now. Honestly, I hate it. It makes my purse weigh a ton and it’s too big for a pocket or my smaller handbags. The only thing it had going for it was that it was purple!

I’ve been searching for months now for a smaller style that had an id holder, enough card spaces, and at least a change zipper. I finally found one while rummaging! for $3! Woot!

The picture is cruddy but it has a snap area for my ID and cards with the normal cash slots and 4 extra pockets. On the outside it has 2 zippered compartments. Even better? It was half the size of my old one! It’s silver and grey. Win!


At least I can carry my wallet with me on walks when I need it. Last time I walked to the grocery I had to tote my whole purse and 2 5 lb bags. I didn’t trust just tossing cash into my pocket and my wallet was way too clunk to carry. This is a mega win for me!

I also snagged a vintage set of silver plated flatware. It came in the original blue velvet lined box! It needs a good polish, but it’s good! It was only missing the cake knife and slicer- which I found matching elsewhere and plan to snag next week! I got the whole box for $25! Super excited!

If you all happen to live in the Twin Cities area and like antiques or vintage, you needs to hit me up! There are 2 flea markets for antique dealers next weekend!!!!

Keeping Busy!

I have become an antique and estate sale addict. For real. My weekends are spent hunting for amazing buys. This means I am constantly active from the wee hours of the morning until early evening. Depending on the size of the sales I sometimes hit 7 miles on my pedometer without blinking an eye! It’s insane! I consider it my circuit training sometimes haha.

Like today, I got in some good cardio walking all over this farm that was having a barn sale! Up and down stairs, hills and all over. Lifting heavy boxes and items, carrying those items, bending A LOT. I was breaking a mega sweat this weekend!

I hope ya’ll had a safe and fun 4th! Our plans fell through and ended up spending most of the evening home. That was fine with me. I’m not much into loud fire works and we got to grill! I ate “okay”. When we found out our plans weren’t happening we got steaks, a huge container of mixed fruit from my favourite salad bad and asparagus. I was good and measured out my steak too! I munched on bowls of fruit! Yum! I did splurge on some orange soda floats and some of the Annie’s white cheddar popcorn. That stuff is 150 cal for 2 cups! Holy moly- it’s addicting!

Today I’ve barely eaten which isn’t super smart. We got an early start and had so much fun digging we didn’t eat until nearly noon! I was a little worried about the place we went. It used to be an old “fatty” haunt for me. We used to get a lot of drinks and fattening appetizers. Without even thinking I ordered these cheesy pretzel things. WHAT THE ELF? They came and I sorta just stared at them. I wasn’t even interested! What had once been something I continuously shovelled in my mouth, now tasted doughy and bland. I ate a few bites to not totally waste money before passing them away.

I ended up eating a salad instead. It had spinach, spring lettuce mix, sun dried tomatoes, grilled chicken and avocado. I got the lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side. If I’m being honest, the dressing was awful. I barely used 2 teaspoons over the whole salad and ended up not even finishing 2/3 of it! I drank gallons of water and felt satisfied, but not overly stuffed. I have another salad on the fridge for dinner, whenever I decide to drag myself into the kitchen.

Did I mention how gosh darn TIRED I am? And I got a little sun burnt from traipsing around outside! Ouchies! It was worth the deals though!

I got a 30 piece Gold Trimmed China Set for $20! We ended up finding an additional 8 piece coffee set for $14 (because it was actually even older than the first set, 1940’s or so!) and we found dessert plates from the same set for $1.99 at the freakin Salvation Army?!Whoa


(My set is all packed up so I found this one on google to give ya an idea! Mine has this + more!)

I also got a silver plated copper coffee serving set for $15. It needs mega polishing and some help but it was too cute to pass up. We found a ceramic Japanese tea set with cups, pot and tray for $5 and Hubster bought me a cute jewellery box as well. Over all it was a super good day of awesome finds. Tomorrow we are making a few other stops and we have a ton next week!

Did you all eat well for the Holiday, or did you find it a struggle?


A week makes all the Difference

It has been gorgeous, blue skies for the past few days! Makes me so darn happy!

I’m also happy to report that my kidney and back are feeling much much better! It looks like I am okie dokie! I still have issues with my ankle, but I’m going to get a full physical to see exactly how I am ticking and will tackle some of those annoying tid bits!

Even with my ankle I took my first long walk in a week! Seriously, a week makes insane changes! Not for the good. I was huffing and puffing as though I’d walked 10 miles instead of 2! It was a little bizarre. One week of lazing about sends me back into working on my breath control again. I had planned to start back with a short mile walk. That turned into two and not because I really wanted to. For the first time ever I found myself uncomfortable in my surroundings. I took a different route yesterday. Nothing bad happened to me, I was just hyper aware for some reason.

Have you ever seen someone on your walks that throws up a red flag? I did, yesterday. I was walking this new route and I saw this man come from the warehouse and office district. He wasn’t doing anything weird but for some reason I felt wary of him. I don’t usually run into a lot of men, especially during the middle of a week day. What I found odd, was that it was impossible to tell his age. From far away his silvering hair and stopped stature gave him the look of an elderly man in a white t-shirt and jeans. He crossed the road about a block ahead of me. I was still in power walking mode so I quickly closed the distance. Again, I had that “feeling”.

When I was in high school we had a self defence class. The teacher who taught it had been a rape victim in her 20’s. She was attack, with her baby in the car on a main road in broad day light. For some reason this story kept flashing in my head. I was sure I was being paranoid, but what if? I remember her giving us tips on identifying an attacker. Observe the hands and face for distinguishing marks. Sear them into your memory. Take body inventory from the bottom to the top. I began a mental check list on this guy. He had never even glanced at me, but I still felt uncomfortable. Thin, average height, black leather shoe or boot, red or brown sole, carpenters jeans, t-shirt, neck tattoo, that old greenish ink. some sort of cross or diamond shape, thin chain necklace, hair cute short, so light it looked silver.

I slowed to fix my shoe along the walk, I noticed 2 women walking towards me. Except he stopped to tie his shoes too. I sped up deciding I would get towards the women faster. As I walked closer he stopped ad stood on the grass of one of the houses. I instantly felt stupid, he must live there and here I was being an idiot. I passed the women and they were so engrossed in bickering they never even glanced in my direction. I had reached a cross roads at this point and I took a side road to get the main road. I figured there are always people along this road, it make me feel better. Except as I was walking this side street I felt hyper away again. I glanced behind me just in the to see that same guy rounding the corner. Let’s just say my pedometer clocked me at 4.5 mph on that street.

So, long story. Nothing happened to me, he ever made any contact, it was probably in my head. But you never know. Especially if you are a lone female waling on your own. I’ve never felt unsafe in my walks. I usually carry a small can of mace with me. I live in suburbia, but I don’t take many chances! I haven’t been able to find my mace since we did some moving and packing in our room. I’ve been carrying a tiny bug spray with me. I’m so weird.

Be careful out there on your walks ladies. I won’t let this weirdness deter me, but I’ll be conscious of my surroundings and the people within that!


ON a lighter note food went well yesterday!

I had a  Coco Loco Chobani Flips for breakfast, a salad for lunch with an op[en faced turkey and avocado sandwich, and grilled chicken thighs, baked beans and a small salad for dinner. All super yummy. We have been enjoying the grill this week!


Today I enjoyed the Key Lime Crumble Chobani Flips. It’s so gosh darn good! The tart lime paired with graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips is perfect for hot summer days!


I’ve got salads on the brain and I’m hoping to come up with something light and easy for dinner! We are doing steaks tomorrow for the 4th, I think! Yumm!

Hope you all enjoy the holiday. We have plans to see friends, and hit up some great sales this weekend!

On the Mend

I feel like recently my life has been one medical issue after another. Ankle, back, kidneys, foot. It would seem that my kidney issue is resolving itself. My foot is showing no improvement, but I’m not very surprised. I’ll be glad when I am off these meds. I’m terrified I’m going to have the “breaking tendon” side effect! It’s also been making me constantly sick to my stomach. I was the same way with the last dose I had. Ugh.

I’m trying to get back on track of this journey. I got derailed, but I’m not giving up!

Food for thought:

Today I had one of the new Chobani Flips for Breakfast! I finally found a few more of the flavors! This morning I gave the Vanilla Golden Crunch a try! So, so yummy! This one has Vanilla yogurt, which is like a basic go to! For the “crunch”, it came with corn flakes, honey oats and praline pecans. It’s a little sweet, so I would recommend it for maybe a desert option, but it was also yummy for my breakfast. I also had some Four Pepper Turkey Breast slices, about 2 oz.!


For lunch today I am having a left over salad from the Grocery Salad bad! My eyes were bigger than my stomach last night when I first made it! It’s loaded with spinach and spring  lettuce mix. I added hard boiled egg whites, grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, red and green bell pepper and come carrot pieces. I ended up with a humongous salad last night so I portion off a lunch sized container for today. Quick and easy!

I’ve got carrots and guac made for snacks, as well as apples, peanut butter and raisins for later. I try to get a whole lot of crunch, texture and sweet or “salty” flavors in my snacks. It helps trick my mind into thinking I’m eating something bad. After the free for all I had last week, I need to focus on my eating habits again. It’s like starting over!

I’m stumped for dinner. The temps have been so unforgiving lately. Our house seems to always be too hot. My MIL hasn’t wanted to heat up the house with the oven lately, so we’ve been eating pretty crappy. I need to figure out some meals that don’t overheat the house and are still healthy. I’m thinking about trying to volley for grilled chicken and salads tonight. I could eat salad all day long, I swear.

SO that’s my plans for today! I bought a lot of yogurt, carrots and apples for the week. I also bought some 4 pepper sliced turkey breast for roll ups! I’ve got lots of salad makings for lunches and dinners. I’d say I’m back on track!

Exercise is a whole other ball game. With my back and ankle still giving me issues, I’ve been ordered to take it easy. I spent the weekend garage sale/ estate sale hunting. It was a hot weekend, so taking it easy didn’t happen. I was hot and sweaty and spent most of the entire weekend walking all over properties, up and down stairs, carrying boxes and loads of cast iron. It didn’t feel like much when I was doing it, but my arms and back are letting me know they felt the burn! I’m going to do some low impact Zumba and strength this week. Now that the weather is getting back to normal (ie: not raining all the time), I’m going to start walking again. Maybe taking the past week off was a good thing. It gave our city time to repave all the roads they had torn up. I was getting worried that I would be stuck with mud pits forever!

Oh, Monday Weigh in. I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning. I’d already eaten and whatnot before I remembered. I did however get weighed at the doctor, so well go with that. I was 241.8 at the doctor. The one thing that struck me as odd, was they had me keep my shoes on when I got on the scale. I’m figuring that I’m probably more like 240. I normally weigh in the mornings, with as little clothing as possible. I’m actually weighed things like my yoga pants. Most of the styled weigh about 1 lb or so. Whatever

Excuses aside I’m not surprised or overly horrified. I spent a lot of time lazying around during the week days. I ate a lot of crap that shouldn’t be a part of my life style. I’ll learn and get better.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

My Achy, Breaky… Everything


That’s kind of how I’ve felt this past week. I swear I’ve had a thousand different symptoms that make zero sense together. I’ve mentioned I started having back pain over the weekend. I thought it was a kidney stone (I’ve had more than one person deserves), then, when the pain didn’t lessen like normal I thought perhaps it was some sort of back strain or something like that. NO go there, either.

We just recently got insurance, so I decided to make an appointment with the DR on Tuesday. They couldn’t fit me in until Thursday evening. I wasn’t willing to lay around in pain so I decided a trip to Urgent Care was in order. They can only do so much on the premises, so it was more of a guessing game. They weren’t equipped to handle back issues, so they went with infections. Long story short, they tested me for a million infections and internal issues. They all came back negative. I could tell they were grasping at straws when they suggested some pretty far out causes. They sent some things to another lab and told me to see a Dr in 2-3 days if the meds they gave me didn’t fix things.

I’m glad I kept my appointment now. My symptoms make no sense and I don’t even know if any of them are related or if my body felt one twinge and decided to throw a free for all. I feel like that children’s song, “Head , Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”.


To give even the vaguest idea of what I’m talking about:

-The Purple: A weird red skin issue I’ve had for the past year. It’s occasionally itchy, but doesn’t hurt or change. I showed it to a Dr once. She glanced at it, said, “Well, it’s not cancer” and that was that.. Okay then…

– The Yellow: Various points on my body that hurt. The inner knee and shoulder happened when I fell at my FIL’s house. The ankle happened a few weeks ago, as mentioned. The back in around the time the other pain in the back started, just before. I don’t know if it’s the cause of my issues or not.

The Red: Ohhh, the red. That’s the bugger of them all. Sometimes during the day I’m convinced I’m fine. Then I sit, or drink water or eat and it’s there again. It’s like my left side has a stitch that runs from my spine to the front of my rip cage. It’s not my heart- they checked that too.


Suffice to say I’m a bloody mess. This week has been an epic fail as far as exercise is concerned. The first Dr I saw suggested I take some time off. He thought it might be something as simple as dehydration combined with a strained back. SO I’ve laid on my back for the better part of this week. It gets uncomfortable when I sit or lay on my sides. I’ve included some salt in my diet too to stop the process of drinking a bottle of water and immediately flushing it back out. So far that, and “just in case” antibiotics haven’t helped. I see a new Dr this afternoon. He’s probably going to think I’m completely insane. Yay!

Yesterday I couldn’t stand it anymore. I did a light circuit training of weights, cardio and abs. It didn’t hurt anything worse and it made me feel mentally better. Hopefully I don’t find out that this IS a back issue!

My food hasn’t been overly inspiring either.

Mostly I’ve been laid out so I didn’t partake in cooking. Breakfasts have mostly been fruit and yogurt. Lunches are salads with rolled turkey breast. Dinners have been all over the charts. Last night we had salads, the night before friend chicken (OH my belly) and the night before that “lighter” meatloaf.

I feel good that I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon. Well.. except for that bowl of Poppycock. I hate the name of that stuff, but it’s so darn good and SO bad for you. I enjoyed every sugary bit of it. I don’t even want to jump on a scale though. I’ve taken on a large amount of water weight from the sodium uppage. I feel like I’m starting over and that is the part that sucks the most.

We’ll see what the doctor says today!


In other news, I fell off the 30 Day Shred wagon at day 22. Between being on my back, and the videos crapping out, I decided to just throw in the towel. I did however get my measurements from the beginning until day 20!I took pictures, but they aren’t enough change to warrant showing. So, here we go!

In the 20 days I actually did the shred I lost 6 inches off my body over all. I saw changes in my arm, leg and waist measurements for the first time. It’s not a lot, but it’s nice to see some change. My husband even noticed my arms were less squishy and had a bit of budding muscle underneath it all. All things considered, it was an interesting experience. The biggest hurdles for me was stamina and boredom. It’s amazing how the same routine can cause you to be super tired, but bored. I think when I was able to predict and recite what she said, I knew I needed to move on. My weight loss was pretty minimal in this. I gained more muscle that anything I think. I can feel the muscles in my arms, legs and ab area.


I am really feeling those boxes we hauled on Sunday! For some reason my arms are on fire!

Today is the 18th day of the 30 Day Shred. I’m feeling tired but I tend to like this one more. Except- today, my videos died! I went to play level 2 and blank screen! That sucks! I ended up doing level 3 today. I guess I am all out of whack!

I did the level 3 and then some intervals of weights, abs and cardio I remembered from level 2. Otherwise I am pooped and calling it a day! I’m excited to be past the midway point, but at the same time I’m ready to stop already.

I’m feeling very dehydrated from the sudden weather change. I’m holding a lot of water weight right now, if that makes sense. I’ve been guzzling all day to counteract that not so fun tid bit!

Food for the day has been decent so far. I am back to breakfast, shake, lunch, snack and dinner again.


I had overnight steel cut oats for breakfast, a shake after my workout and a salad with cottage cheese so far today! I have no idea what to make for dinner! I’ve got snacks of carrots and avocado, and apples with peanut butter planner as needed.

I had hoped to have left overs of last nights dinner, but no such luck! i made range and ginger chicken with stir fry veggies, beef and broccoli in a peanut sauce and steamed rice. Everything was so yummy that hubster took the extras for lunch! I had a half cup of each with a 1/4 cup rice. I kept it as low calorie, sugar and sodium as possible using fresh orange juice, sugar free marmalade, natural peanut butter and very little low sodium soy sauce. It was all pretty awesome. I almost wish I’d written it all down!



I’m feeling a mix of pleasure and sadness today. My SIL is babysitting her friend’s two kiddos. The oldest is 4 and the youngest is 4 months. I am so in love with this baby. I’ve been playing with him for a good portion of the past hour. He’s so good! He has GERD, so he gets a bit whiney, but so flippin cute.

I love babies. I don’t really know why. I’ve always been good with babies and younger children. I really have no idea what to do with them once they get out of that cutesy, squishy phase. I’ve been blowing raspberries and gobbling tiny little baby toes and fingers. Makes me happy and sad.

One of the reasons I’m really into the weight loss is the possibility of kids. I had PCOS as a teen, so it may have ruined chances of my having children. The extra weight doesn’t help either. I’d like to at least give my body a fighting chance to carry a baby to full term. About 2 years ago now I had some medical issues come up that raised some questions, twice. There were a lot of unanswered questions as to what happened or didn’t. Anyway.. I want to see if it’s even an option, but I’m not getting my hopes up again.

So this cute, squishy little munchkin makes my heart sing.

Anyway, just a quick post. My MIL is home so I need to go ask about dinner options!