Dream a Little Dream

Lately I have been having the WEIRDEST dreams. A few nights ago I had a dream my husband was at a wedding and was doing the Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince. The thing is, my husband NEVER dances. He has total white boy moves and  has only slow danced with my at out wedding and a time or two else wise. So, to see him do THIS in my dream…

I actually woke up laughing my butt off.

Then there are times when I have weird, not so funny dreams. Last night I dreamt that I won a face to face hang out with a local blogger that I apparently adored. I’d lobbied really hard to win and I was super excited to finally meet this person. On the day of our meeting she came to my house, which turned out to be my Poppy’s house in the dream. It was 115 degrees and all he had were some fans and a window AC unit. Blogger chick was NOT pleased. She ended up being a total diva to my dream self despite the fact that I was bending over backwards to please her. She was laying on the hospital bed my mom used before she died in my real life. So dream blogger diva decided we weren’t waiting for my hubs to get home and we were going to the fair. Somehow she ended up driving and my husband and an old High School friend were not with us.

Anyway it was a super long dream with me realizing what a bitch she was, hanging out with girls I haven’t seen in a year+, let alone spoken to. I ended up getting left at the fair. It was a total random and weird dream. I woke up super annoyed at  no one! What the heck do all my dreams mean. Believe me when I saw, these are some of my more normal and tame dreams. I have some winners!

Maybe it’s the heat, who knows! My body seems to be rebelling any way it can. I’m super bloated from crap food and humidity. I’m also crampy and my gal time has decided to be a no show. Even though the stupid doctors make me take a pee test when I was all broken 2 weeks ago. This is my bodies way of giving me the finger I guess. I’m going to flip it off right back next week. Time to get me boogie on!

I’m in serious need of some new exercise plans or videos. I have a million but nothing is suiting me at the moment. Care to share?


The heat is also effecting my appetite. I’m generally not hungry during normal eating times, which is a Pain. I made “French toast” this morning with one slice of 12 grain and oat bred. I liked the added levels the crunchy flax seeds and oats added. I used egg whites and just a little cinnamon in a non stick pan and used sliced  strawberries instead of syrup. For lunch we ate at a local Mexican joint. Baja tacos with avocado slices and cilantro lime salsa was super yummy and filling.

Side note: I had to laugh at this woman who came in with a group of friends. I have never seen someone so picky some into a place like this. She had a long list of things she wouldn’t eat. It wasn’t an allergy, she just didn’t want those things. This included most of the menu. No sauces of any kind, no oils or fats, no seasoning, no cheese, no grains. I wondered why she had even bothered coming. She ended up getting a chicken breast with plain beans. EW.

We haven’t done our grocery shopping yet so I stopped and grabbed a salad on the way home for dinner. However, I’m not even remotely hungry so I drank a green juice instead and called it a day. I haven’t bought a juicer yet so I bought a Naked!


Half now, half another time. I really need to get myself a juicer!

For the week I’m making a huge salad of mixed greens for my lunches. All I have to do is add a little dressing! I’m enjoying my Chobani for breakfast and dinners tend to vary. I bought apples and peanut butter for snacks and carrots with home made light chobani dill dip. Yums!

Also, allow me to stretch my thrifty muscles again. I finally found a smaller wallet! I have a big old clutch style one which seems to be the popular things right now. Honestly, I hate it. It makes my purse weigh a ton and it’s too big for a pocket or my smaller handbags. The only thing it had going for it was that it was purple!

I’ve been searching for months now for a smaller style that had an id holder, enough card spaces, and at least a change zipper. I finally found one while rummaging! for $3! Woot!

The picture is cruddy but it has a snap area for my ID and cards with the normal cash slots and 4 extra pockets. On the outside it has 2 zippered compartments. Even better? It was half the size of my old one! It’s silver and grey. Win!


At least I can carry my wallet with me on walks when I need it. Last time I walked to the grocery I had to tote my whole purse and 2 5 lb bags. I didn’t trust just tossing cash into my pocket and my wallet was way too clunk to carry. This is a mega win for me!

I also snagged a vintage set of silver plated flatware. It came in the original blue velvet lined box! It needs a good polish, but it’s good! It was only missing the cake knife and slicer- which I found matching elsewhere and plan to snag next week! I got the whole box for $25! Super excited!

If you all happen to live in the Twin Cities area and like antiques or vintage, you needs to hit me up! There are 2 flea markets for antique dealers next weekend!!!!