Get in My Belly


That about sums up how I feel this week. I just want to eat everything. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like that so I find this sudden craving attack a bit off putting.

I feel like this week has been an uphill battle with staying true to good food. I’ve slipped a few times, but I’ve kept pushing!

Food for Thought:


Breakfast: Chobani Flip- Blueberry Power + 1.5 oz Four Pepper sliced turkey breast

Lunch: Large mixed greens salad + lump crab meat + 1 tablespoon cottage cheese

Dinner:  4 oz sweet ginger and coriander glazed salmon + steamed stir fry vegetables + small salad of lunch leftovers

Snacks throughout day: 1 cup slightly sweet Angie’s white cheddar popcorn + 1/2 cup mixed fruit + 2 teaspoons home-made light dill dip & carrot sliced.

One of the best things I’ve done this week is early preparation. My salad ingredients can take up a LOT of space in the kitchen and can often take a while to prepare. I spent Sunday evening chopping and preparing some salad add ins. I bought a huge tub of salad greens from Sam’s club. Instead of leaving it in the tub I decided to combine the greens and add-ons  in a large bowl and transferred the mixture to two containers of 2-3 meals each. This left me with double the space and half the work during the week. I had no excuse to ignore my salad now! Another tip is to take a piece of paper towel and put one on the bottom of your container, layer ingredients on top and place another piece on top of the salad before placing the lid on. I’ve found this keeps my salads fresher 3x longer than normal! I don’t get rusting lettuce or rotten soggy bits if I don’t eat everything super fast.


Breakfast:Chobani Flip Vanilla Power Crunch

Lunch: Large salad as mentioned above!

Dinner: Skinny Taste inspired Smoky Pork chop + 2 tablespoon no sugar added apple sauce + 2/3 cup mixed steamed vegetables + small leftover salad from lunch

Snacks throughout Day: 1/2 Naked Green Machine Juice + 3/4 small apple & Jif Natural Peanut Butter + 2 cups Angie’s Sweet & Spicy Popcorn


I love Angie’s popcorn. I’ve been jumping all over town collecting different flavours. My favourite of the moment is the Sweet & Spicy! It’s flavoured with cumin, cayenne, and paprika. So yummy- decent calories and sodium levels.

I’ve finally started cooking again. With the rain came more tolerable temperatures. Thank goodness! I love grilled food as much as the next, but sometimes I just want something else, ya know?

SO far today, my food has been about similar to Monday and Tuesday’s beginning. I had the Coco Loco yogurt this morning. I think that one might just be my favourite. I’m converting everyone around me too!

Exercise for Life:

I’ve been pretty lax with my fitness lately. I don’t mean to, but the heat is almost overwhelming. The AC vent in our room is either punctured or clogged and doesn’t blow air. I survive with the help of fans. This makes workouts like doing hot yoga. YUCK. I’d scheduled an appointment to meet with a trainer at a gym, but have yet to actually make it. I’d have to walk 2 miles to the gym so that I could workout and walk back home. When it gets to be 90, but feel like 95 and the humidity is super high- I really don’t care to drag myself to that.  I’ve been doing short intense bursts throughout the day, each day, focusing on specific areas. Monday I did a bit of circuit training from the Shred & an intense, long session of scrubbing down the gross bathroom. Tuesday I focused on my arms and back and spent a good hour folding, hanging and hauling the mountain of laundry I put off over the weekend. Today will be abs and booty and Thursday is  a leg barre routine! It really doesn’t matter what I do, I’m sweating like a menopausal woman. Yeesh


On a side note, I had a rather upsetting moment yesterday. I was on the phone with my Poppy when I glanced down at my hand. What I saw caused me to do a double take.


It’s hard to tell from my blurry picture, but the second stone from the right was GONE.  I’m not only upset, but PISSED. In January I noticed that same stone was missing after being out and super active one day. I took it in for replacement and cleaning. Now suddenly that same stone is missing. Twice in the same year?! Clearly something is wrong with my ring if this keeps happening. I don’t wear it when I clean normally or submerge my hand in water. I’m so upset about this and I don’t know if the jeweller will replace it again. Extreme sadness. Also, I really need to get my ring resized about 2 sizes down. With the weight loss I am always afraid I am going to fling it off. I guess I’ll take it in again this weekend and see what they will do.

And in a random moment.. Do any of y’all play Second Life? Just curious.


My New Obsession


I am so obsessed with the Chobani Flips. I want to try them ALL.

I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt under normal circumstances. I’ve found Chobani to be one of my normal go to products during my journey. The plain is a perfect substitute for so many higher calorie options. I love it. Even my husband loves the flavored ones! He’s usually stealing them from my stock these days! He had an incident with one of his yogurts not having any of the fruit flavor inside. The pomegranate had no little pom bits. That still didn’t stop him from loving these yogurts!

I’ve been hearing a lot of fuss about the Flips lately. Despite looking high and low, I have not been able to find them near me! Until today! Our local Rainbow was selling them this weekend! I about flipped my lid- no pun intended!  Of the 3 flavors they were selling, only the one shown above was still in stock. Apparently I’m not the only one looking for these! I snagged the Blueberry Power! It was pretty yummy! Blueberry yogurt with Chia seeds, Help seeds and walnuts! I really liked the crunchy combo here. I’m huge for texture and flavor, so this was neat try. I’m really hoping to get to try them all eventually!

Have you tried them yet?! Any Twin Cities folks know where I can collect all the flavor types?! I’m SO in on this!


In other news I have another new obsession!


This lil’ guy! Isn’t he adork-able?!

One of the biggest changes I’ve made over the past few months is making my own sauces and marinades. Before I’d buy something chalk full of bad stuff and call it dinner. Now I’m enjoying playing with new flavor profiles. When you are making your own marinades they can be a bit more juicy or runny than a store bought type! I needed a new baster- and quick. Grilling season is quickly upon us!

Cue Target’s dollar area. I swear this section is my haven. I can be such a tight fist when it comes to buying new things!I love that it’s ever changing and evolving. I’ve nabbed a lot of really good items in the past- a mini lantern that glows brighter than some full sized ones,  cute cards, notebooks and so much more. If I actually listed it all you would think I was crazy! So, yeah I ❤ Target discounts! When I saw the new picnic and grilling items I went a bit insane! I grabbed up that adorable little carrot shaped baster! They had cute pottery wear dishes for relish, pickles and limes, pizza cutters with colorful handles or covers- all sorts of goodies!

What I love about this baster is that it’s not made of stiff bristles. You aren’t going to find a baster brush hair stuck to your food! It’s small and super easy to clean as well!

I used it the other night when I made some deslish Salmon! It was a bit hit in the house- I’ll share the recipe later this week!



Hope you all are having a fun, active weekend! If you’ve been following along with the 30 Day Shred, keep up the good work! And, don’t forget! Weigh In Monday is tomorrow! See ya’ll then!