Sometimes people just need to mind their business.

When I arrived at my Dr appt today there was a LONG line waiting to check in. About 10 people. I’m supposed to be on bed rest and am not supposed to be standing for long periods. After several minutes I could feel my heartbeat all the way down to my swollen feet. The people at the reception desks were chatting as if there was no line. I had been chatting and joking with the people near me in line and my MIL. I finally made a comment that I was supposed to be on bed rest and maybe I should consider getting a wheel chair because I wasn’t feeling so hot with waiting.

Nosy Nancy behind me piped up out of the blue with, “Well.. you know.. people who are negative all the time are doomed to be sad and lonely people that find no joy in life”. Not sure where that came from. Sorry I’m having a baby on Thursday and I feel like crap because other people are being insensitive? Mind ya business.



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