Final Countdown

So much is happening right now!

I had my final OB appt yesterday. After a lot of hemming and hawing it was decided I would be induced on Thursday March 12th. As in.. this Thursday! Oh Mah Gawd….y’all…

It’s not that this decision was unexpected really. It’s just a lot sooner than I had figured. Originally my Dr was concerned that my “bad” numbers weren’t bad enough to soothe the minds of the men behind the desks. But in the end it was decided by her and another Dr. The Dr that would be doing my induction is my original first choice dr. So… scheduling for the win?

GD, kidney stones, mild pre-eclampsia and worsening carpal tunnel have left my body swollen and painful. As long as LO is okay we can do whatever is necessary.

Speaking of kidney stones…

I passed yet another one last night. I’m relieved as this one has been floating around and poking my poor abused bladder for weeks. It was NOT something I wanted to worry about during labor! This stone was only about 3mm so as far as size goes- it wasn’t too bad. Just annoying! This is 7 stones I’ve passed since mid January. 7 stones that supposedly did not exist.

I had to laugh. My Dr actually said, “He’s the type of doctor that needs to retire. He’s missing things with patients and just does not care any more.” when it came to discussing the urology “guru” that told me to suck it up. Clearly he is not on anyone’s happy list! Apparently she had another patient with severe stones in the hospital and he was the Dr on call. When she called for a consult he told her he was having a dinner party and asked if she could find someone else before he disrupted his night. Really?! While you are ON CALL? Nice, dude.

In lesser exciting news. I should get my new phone cover soon. My urologist should have the analyzing results back on my stones this week. And my poor dad is having a nervous breakdown.

I called just to give him a heads up so he didn’t find out over FB that I had delivered early. I told him not to come. I don’t plan on having anyone but my husband around for the actual birth and saw no need to have people waiting around in the halls. It would only stress me out to have to worry about other people. Of course hours later I get a call from his gf. My dad is panicking and trying to get on a place. Lord help me. I can’t worry about that, or worry about him somehow getting a ride to the hospital- Which is a 45-1.5 hr drive depending on traffic. No, just no. I love him but the man drives me insane. He swears he heard in my voice that I will need him there. Sorry to sound mean. But again- No. I’m a bitch when I’m in pain. My dad and I have a strained relationship for the most part and I will surely insult him. Save meeeee

Unless something happens this may be the precursor to a pause in blogging. I will update when I can!


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