The Kidney Stones Continue

I *finally* got to see a urologist yesterday!

Finally as in.. I had been hospitalized for stones in DECEMBER. Yep. This took phone calls and threats from my OB to get my in before my due date- but it happened!

First of all- my Doctor looks like a hot version of Seal. And he was super nice so yayyy!

I handed over my cup-o-stones. Both the nurse and the doctor were in shock. They kept looking at them. Dr said he couldn’t believe I had actually passed the biggest one! They are going to analyze them finally!

He ordered an ultrasound of my kidneys- this is the only thing he can do while I am pregnant. Once we get passed the baby he wants to run a full battery of tests. I’m down with this because I am SO over the pain. He also gave me a basic list of avoid foods. I was REALLY surprised at some of the list. Like pepper. Not cooked peppers but the seasoning. This is a HUGE bummer because I tend to love black pepper instead of salt or many seasonings. There is also many of my favorites on the list. Many fruits, veggies, breads, dairy, and other surprising foods are on my ‘No’ list. Meatballs, y’all. MEATBALLS. The list is HUGE and will only get worse I’m sure. I feel a little worried about this. We’ll see.

Yesterday was also the first time I’ve driven myself anywhere in 3 or 4 months. Yeaaah. I’ve been really lucky to have people driving me, but yesterday was an off day and I had to rely on myself. I think it will be the last time I drive myself until after LO is here.

When I adjusted the seat, my belly hit the steering wheel. The steering wheel vibrates because the car is older. LO did NOT like this. She kept kicking and punching it. I adjusted the seat back a little to fix that. That was about the full slightly uncomfortable extent of my arm reach though. It was a challenge. I was also pretty nervous. The roads were blessedly clear weather wise, but people drive like jerks. What is it about people that drive Silverados?! I nearly got creamed multiple times by that sort of truck. Going up against one of those while in an itty bitty Focus is some scary business!

Not much else to report right now! HUbs hurt his back, MIL is taking me in the snow to my ultrasound today. See y’all soon!


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