The Elusive Sleep Monster

No matter what data you read about any one subject there will always be conflicting data.

Almost as long as I can remember I have had sleep issues. My brain refuses to shut off. I’ve taken various sleep tests, tried handfuls of sleepaids and pills- Nothing really seems to work. Those that start off working usually are considered “addictive” and are strictly controlled. The same people that push those pills on you are suddenly urging you to stop. There really is no winning situation here.

During this pregnancy my body has *craved* sleep. Earlier on I could barely function during the day because my body wanted a nap. But, I don’t nap. I’ve never been good at napping. I find I lay around for most of the allotted nap time staring at the ceiling, counting sheep or whatever it is we sleep defunct folks do. By the time I drift off, if I’ve been lucky to do so at all, I am woken only minutes later feeling worse than before I closed my eyes.

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. Which, is to be expected. My doctor suggested Unisom. Unisom works in that hours after I take it I feel a slight sleepy sensation. My hubs makes fun of me because I have started crawling into bed earlier and earlier in hopes that the two things will catch up to each other, meet in the middle and get me sleeping at normal human times. Some days it works.

Other times, like last night- Not so much. I made the mistake of drinking a small caffeinated drink. Ehhhhh wrong answer.

Pregnant sleep is bizarre. If you are like me, you may toss and turn. And let me tell you- tossing and turning with a bowling ball strapped to your middle is a mess. I flop like a fish. Sometimes I get stuck on my back- barely able to breathe. Fun times. I also have some of the most INSANE dreams. This shouldn’t come as a huge shock. I’ve always had really messed up dreams- but some of these are the cherry on my crazy cake! Whew!

If there is any silver lining to all of this- it’s that I figure I’ll be totally ready to be a sleep deprived mom. I can function mostly like a human on a few hours of sleep!

Bring it onnnn



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