Feeling Selfish

Hey ya’ll! We’re still plugging along here.

This week I’m fighting off my tendencies to act or feel selfish. It’s not working out very well.

My shower is in a few weeks. I live very far from my own side of the family. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. They are all east coast while I am currently located in the Mid-West.

I know times are tough for everyone and I know that Minnesota in February isn’t super exciting. I knew this inviting people. I didn’t expect everyone to come. I hoped maybe a few would. So I invited 18 people that are friends and family of mine. Of that- I know for certain 10 of them said no.

Several of them have called and told me what they are sending. This in itself drives me insane. I would like to be somewhat surprised. At least as much as can be. One of my Aunts called to say she didn’t like my choices for various reasons of her own and had decided to tell my other Aunt’s and Grandma to purchase items she approved. So… yay. You basically told me I have crappy taste and I’m going to get things I won’t want. Thanks a bunch. I get that part of it is that I chose the cheaper options of the better rated items and they look at it as being nice. But when the excuse to not come is that they can’t afford it, but then turn around and buy my the $500 option of the item I chose- It’s annoying.

As far as reasons for not coming go… I accept that one Aunt is having surgery. That’s a huge deal. I also accept that my best friend opted not to come so that she could come when the baby is here and spend some time helping me. I appreciate that more than a quick weekend visit.

But then I find out what I can only assume is the “real” reason for most of them not coming and frankly- I AM PISSED.

My cousin is also pregnant. She’s due a week or two before me. Her godmom (my Dad’s girlfriend) accidentally mentioned that she ALSO had chosen the 21st. UHM…say what?!

I know for a fact that her shower was not planned until after mine. When invites were sent out there was no mention of conflicting dates. Something I had checked with Dad’s GF before. Plus she had also had me invite my cousin and her mom. This is also her second baby. She’s having another girl and her other daughter is under 3 so it’s not like she hasn’t been there, done that and bought the whole store already…..

Every no I get now is a slap in the face to me. She’s on the east coast so you can pretty much bet where everyone is actually going to be. Even my dad and his lady. Nice right?

I’m trying to focus on the positive that my hub’s side of the family will be there. I don’t know how to be not selfish and upset by all of this though.


On a side note. I FINALLY received a call from the urologist in regards to my monster stones. They of course want me to come in. It only took them 2 weeks to call me back.

I answered a ton of questions and have to print out a huge stack of paperwork to take. While we were scheduling my appointment I couldn’t help but bang my head on the desk. After stating several times that my current due date is April 2nd and that I would only be able to go to a certain location as it’s the one my insurance is cool with AND happens to be half a block from my home…the receptionist puts me on hold to see what date she can give me. She comes back with-

5 minutes on hold..
R: I can fit you in March 31st!
Me: Uh, I’m due April 2nd. I would really rather not schedule it that soon- ya know… in case?
R: Oh.. really? oh right.. please hold!
9 minutes on hold later….
R: Okay! I can put you in with Dr so and so in the blah blah location! (a location NOT approved and one that happens to be an hours drive away..)
Me: *insert long sigh and repetition of basically everything I had already told her and explained*
R: Oh.. okay.. oh boy.ONE MINUTE!
On hold 5 minutes..
R: Okay! I can get you in with Dr H on March 3rd! If that works I can pull up times!
Me: Yes! Thank you!
R: Okay.. never mind.. I can get you in with Dr C on the second though and this is the ONLY time available….

At that point I was so frustrated I just took the appointment. Meanwhile my OB put this in as an urgent appointment. I’m glad it’s just kidney stones and not something life threatening to me or the baby! Sheeeesh!

Who wants to bring me ice cream?!


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