Shamu Has Nothing on Me!

Hey ya’ll! We’re still alive and kicking here!

I feel… fat. Not pregnant really, just fat. In prep for Little One’s nursery we had to rearrange most of our furniture. This has been driving me nuts for weeks despite knowing I have time. Mostly it’s knowing I can’t really help and Hubs is really only able to on the weekends when all he really wants to do is veg out.

With rearranging came changing our room entirely. We ended up having to change the bed arrangement and now it’s driving me batty. In order to make it easier to pee 100000 times a night we’ve switches sides. It’s uncomfortable as my side of the memory foam is a perfect fit for my body- sleeping on his side feels like I’m trying to balance my bulk on the top of a mountain peak. The other day I rolled over onto my back and it became almost impossible to get up. Every time I moved I got a back cramp and would have to wait it out. I managed to edge towards the end and sort of drag myself off.

This is coupled with the fact that Hubs mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been making noises in my sleep. Specifically WHALE noises. Thanks. Thanks a whole bunch. Shamu has got nothing on this gal!!!

SO silly.

On a plus side we got some adorable gifts from Hubs’ Grandma and Aunt! Those two went insane and it was nice to have a little surprise while I was feeling super yucky!!





They are SO sweet and spoiling this little munchkin!! They got us her bedding set and matching receiving blankets, socks, booties with matching headband, Storage baskets for her changing table, and several outfits ranging from newborn to 18 months! SO thoughtful and adorable!! Love! I probably should have waited to open things but I was having such a crud day that I needed a bit of a pick me up! Having kidney pains (again) AND no water for 2 days does a number on a gal- let me tell ya!

I do have to mention one annoying thing recently. I’m sure this happens a lot but it’s still frustrating! Has anyone else had issues with a lot of your registered items being discontinued?! This has happened multiple times for me. First our nursery furniture got discontinued. They just stopped making it and said they would email us if and when it came back. Luckily for us they emailed a few weeks later and had a few from previous stock so my Dad bought it right away. This was through Walmart and I was at least pleased that they kept up an email dialogue over it.

Target, however? Has been a HUGE pain in my butt. I’m trying not to spend time on our registry so I don’t see what if anything has been purchased. But they are not making it easy for me. AT ALL. I went to ours to add something and noticed that several items I had scanned in store were now listed as online only or no longer available. I ended up having to remove and add items that WERE available in both store and online options. I did this because ALL of my own family is East Coast and will probably not come to my shower. But I also want local folks not to have to order everything offline. I was pretty disappointed that no warning was given at all. Another peeve was my Stroller and Car seat. I swear it’s always the big items. I loved the original set we picked. It had good ratings, was a brand I was familiar with AND it matched the colors in our car. Low and behold this weekend I saw that not only had they raised the price on the car seat by $20- they had removed it from stores AND discontinued our stroller. Like.. as in completely gone.

What kills me? Around Christmas they had each piece in store for 60% off. I wanted to buy them but Hubs thought we should wait. Now they aren’t available at all and that specific color palette was a Target only item. What a pain in the tush.

Equally annoying? Our registry does not show up on phones. We went to a few of the Targets around our area to see if maybe any had the items still in stock and we would just suck it up and snag them (nope!). While we were shopping I tried multiple times to pull up our list and it kept saying the names didn’t match any on file. What the heck?!

In the end we picked out the same type of set in a different color. The kicker? This set cost $10 more than JUST the car seat of the other set… but it was THE.EXACT.SAME.SET… I don’t get it. I bought it and figure if someone was lucky/awesome enough to get us the original we can return the second choice option. I sure as heck was not going to lose out on this item again.

I really thought registering was the easiest part of the whole thing. Drive Hubs insane, pick out a million things, trim it down a little, add and remove a million times and have fun. So far it’s been a headache. I’ll be pleased when it’s over and done. I don’t even know what’s on my list anymore. Goodness!!!


Here was me last week. While I feel lumpy and dumpy I do have one saving grace. After I flushed all the hospital fluids out of me I was down about 8 lbs. LO is still growing on chart so that was all water weight for me.

10ish more weeks. woooo


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