This past weekend my family threw a huge party for my Dad’s 70th birthday.

Originally the plans were discussed over summer in hopes that I would be able to make it. We thought about doing a destination party but soon realized most people didn’t have the money or the time off work.

Instead a very nice party was planned at a fancy restaurant in his home town.

With getting pregnant and not having the easiest pregnancy my doctor was not comfortable with me flying off half way across the country at 7 months pregnant. I couldn’t go. I hate that I couldn’t go.

I feel like I’ve missed so much these past few weeks. I spent so long preparing for Christmas and the holidays and then I spent them in a medicated daze. I woke up today feeling like I’m still waiting those last few days for the holidays to roll around. It was a bit depressing. Add to that this missed party. At least one of my sisters thought to send me a picture or two.

This is surprising in and of itself. I’ve never been especially close to my siblings. They are 10 and 13 years older than me and from my Dad’s previous marriage. I’ve always been on the outside of things with them. I don’t think anyone meant it to be that way, but we didn’t grow up together or even in the same state.


I still can’t believe he’ll be 70 this year. It scares me sometimes that something could happen to him and I’d be so far away. I have both loving and selfish reasons for that. We’ve never been especially close but we’ve gotten better over the years. Especially after my Mom passed, it was just us two.


I was going through some TV stuff this morning and I came across something that reminded me of a conversation we had while he was visiting this summer.

My Dad has a pretty strong accent. He was PR born but mostly raised in NY. At the time he was asking why we chose not to have a TV. I think in an effort to sway me to the dark side of owning a TV and paying for cable, he started talking about all the shows he is into. One part of our conversation was one of those moments where you have to stop, wonder about what you just heard, realize what the question REALLY was and LAUGH.

HIM: Why not have a TV, I feel bad you don’t! There are so many great things on now!

ME: We don’t really need it Poppy, and besides… cable is expensive!

HIM: Yeah, sure, but there are some great things… have you ever seen.. ahhh what’s it called?

ME: **blank stare**

HIM: Hardcore PORN!! That’s it! Have you seen Hardcore Porn?!

ME: UH… excuse me? (at this point I’m wondering if he’s lost his mind?)

HIM: You know! That show where people bring in stuff and try to porn it off…

ME: OHHHH… PAWN. Hardcore PAWN. Gotcha! Yeahhh I’ve seen it but like I said… not a huge TV gal

HIM: Of course! That’s what I said!

That’s pretty much how most of our conversations go. It can be a mixture of embarrassing questions and hilarity. I love the man, even when he is maddening. I’m super bummed I missed his party, but what can you do?!

End pity party!


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