Hospital beds, go away

I ended up spending ANOTHER “holiday” in a hospital. New years eve I rang in while hooked to an IV and compression leg things. Super hot.

3am New Years Eve I woke up to terrible pain again. A pain that caused rippling spasms through my back when I attempted to roll off my left side. I spent a few hours pacing, pleading silently with my body and at one point kneeling in front of the couch. I was too tired to stay up but sitting and laying sucked. So i knelt, bent forward, head on a pillow. Finally I went to lay back down and hubs realized I was shaking in pain. I’d already thrown up numerous times. He insisted we take another trip in.

It’s pretty bad when you can answer intake questions before they are asked. In between dry heaves I was given a room and iv meds. Another battery of the same tests- New doctors, new techs- all the same conclusion. Kidney stone from hell, not moving. This time I was admitted with the assurance there WOULD be a procedure. I waited hours for a room. The hospital was full to max. Luckily I had a doctor that knew I’d been here a few times already and didn’t want to subject me to new doctors at a different hospital. I didn’t have to be transferred!

Hubs and I rang in the new year eating snacks provided from nutritional services and watching the ball drop on TV. This is the first time in some 5 years that I actually watched the ball drop on TV. We still hadn’t set up our new one at home. I also forgot that everything would be an hour ahead. So sadly I missed the NYC ball drop by 5 mins. DUH. I watched a rerun later and 10 minutes after hubs rolled out the door to go home. It was the latest I had stayed up in months!

The night was a but crazy. My IV decided to go rogue at about 4am. IV techs were called, alarms were sounded from a disgruntled machine. Good times. The next morning a 4th doctor came to see me. Somehow he had overrode ALL the other doctors in the land.

The blood in my urine had lessened, the wbc WAS high but was coming down. Basically he decided I no longer had a kidney stone. He tried to make it seem like I had never had one. But as a sufferer for over 10 years, I KNOW. That couples with my initial tests last week and the tiny sediment pieces found in recent urine by the nurse all screams kidney stone.

In his “expert” opinion, while I may have had an passed a stone- he also believed that majority of my recent pain was from the baby. It appeared that my little miss had stuck her foot some place it did not belong. From what they would tell, she had positioned just right to completely block my ureter. This caused a backup in my kidney which signalled the same pains that kidney stones can cause. I guess she liked this spot and saw no need to move. Or she’s done this repeatedly for a week. In the end he decided no procedures (thank god) were necessary. His advice? Live with it. Pain manage if possible but basically just deal with the never ended kidney, back and lack of urination pain. He was kind of a dick about it. As fast as he blew in, he blew out. So I learn to deal with the pain. I’m not supposed to lay on my left side to keep her from pressing or snuggling in any more. It’s hoped that as she gets bigger she will move away, or she may not. She’s lucky I love her.

All in all i feel like a bit of an ass. I’m awaiting a HUGE bill I’m sure for something so stupid. But pain is real and can not be helped. When you’ve gone days without eating, drinking or using the bathroom- this is a problem. Especially for a diabetic pregnant lady.

We I strolled out of the hospital I told them “No offence but I hope I don’t see any of you until March or April!”


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