The Stone that Would Not DIE

Hiya folks!

Recap… Last I checked in that pesky stone was living large in my body on Monday. Christmas eve- 2 hours before family was due to arrive I was shaking in pain, hadn’t even moved from my bed, had stopped eating and drinking and spent a whole lot of time crying.

A return trip to the ER had me admitted this time. SO much for sticking out the holiday. I spent my entire Christmas in a hospital gown hooked to an IV. It was so depressing. Christmas eve I cried half the night. I was on heavy pain meds and had many tests. There were talks of horrible procedures. Some so awful I actually opted to stay in a day longer just to avoid the possibility. I’ve been home since Friday evening. I’m exhausted. I still hurt- though at this point I can’t tell if the pain is kidney, hip/back or constipation times 1000.

Real talk ya’ll… I haven’t used the potty in DAYS. Like.. A WEEK. Today After what felt like giving birth I was barely able to pass gas. I’m on my second round of softeners. SOS. Save me please.

I’m so miserable. I even gave up leaving the house. Which meant I sent Hubs to grocery shop. I love the man but sometimes I wonder how he survived on his own. I guess it explains why he was mainly eating rice, oatmeal and steaks when we met. The man can not remember more than 3 items at a time.

I made a list. A list that actually lead him through the store from start to finish if he followed it. I gave hints, brands and considered pictures. Finally I managed to shove him out the door with threats of eating summer sausage, ham or baby carrots for the next week. He only called once- in a complete panic. He couldn’t find one item and another had an ingredient he wasn’t happy about. Crisis averted he finally made it home. He was so proud until he realized he forgot my potty helper. Poor guy. He did SO good otherwise.

This of course set me off on a hormonal roller coaster where I became convinced that I had ruined everything- the holiday, his weekend, his time off, his rest, his life. He came home, accidentally closed the door on his finger, cursed and found me sobbing. Good times. Is this crazy train almost over? I am ready to be a normal human again, thank you very much!

I have to schedule a meeting with a urologist in 2 weeks- let’s all keep our fingers crossed that my body doesn’t try to rebel. A tube inserted into my back for the remainder of my pregnancy or a stent do NOT sound like happy plans.


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