Plus Size and Pregnant

Hey ya’ll! We’re still kicking in here. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve posted so I assume it was a looonnnng time ago!

Obviously from past posts- I’m pregnant. Still am. We’re almost 26 weeks at this point. Crazy times. I’ve slacked on posting about baby and pregnancy as being a large pregnant lady is kind of a bummer.

You always hear about when the belly pops, people being nicer to pregnant women and all these other fun pregnancy things. I don’t think anyone that ever said any of those things was fat pre pregnancy. For real.

My belly? While firmer and larger hasn’t “popped”. At least not in the ways one would generally expect. One of the most depressing things is feeling like you don’t *look* pregnant. When you are pre fat, you just feel like you look to have eaten more than normal. With the help of maternity pants and my hideous “Lil Lift” belt (more on that later) I can achieve an almost round pregnant look when dressed. When not- hello roly poly. Ick My b belly looks like it is here to stay.

A plus side to the not looking pregnant is that no one has invaded my space by rubbing my belly. I’m not a huge fan of being touched in general so the idea of a random person touching me freaks me out. Especially with all of these yucky flu and colds raging about. No thanks- stay away! Oddly though, when I was only about 14 weeks or so, a random old woman patted my belly and said I was keeping my little baby warm. I didn’t feel I looked anything other than bloated so it was a bit surprising. Nowadays people stare a lot. Probably wondering “fatty, or pregnant…. better not say anything”.

How am I feeling? Depends on when you ask. On a normal day I feel pretty wonderful. Little snippet wakes me up around 5:30-6:30 every morning with her kung fu kicks.She’s playful throughout the day and puts me to sleep with her wallops. Active little bugger! On other days I am tired, achy and cranky. I outwardly know I’m being a cranky biotch and I generally don’t care.

Also, due to added weight, shifting and whatnot I have had some awesome leg numbness. It’s on the outer side of my right leg. It only happens when I stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time. The numb runs from hip to knee and makes my leg feel hollow/cold/tingly/itchy/gone. It’s bizarre and can be worrisome when I know I have to drive. Cue my “lil lift” band. It resembles a white velcro version of the belts you see movers wear. It goes under my flub and around my back. It’s unattractive, often annoying and yet, it helps. My doctor’s office gave it to me so there was no added cost. I scoffed at it initially but after some time wearing it I can not make a meal without feeling like I want to cut my leg off.

I know- It all sounds so whiny. But it’s not all bad. There is a lot of good too.

I love feeling her move. She does that a lot. From about 14 weeks I felt flutters- not she makes my belly move at times. Hubs has felt her moving since about 21 weeks. The first few times he felt it were hilarious to watch!

Despite the GD my sugar has been entirely controlled. TO the point where my nutritionist hasn’t seem me in over 6 weeks. She said I would be her poster child for following the rules. My endocrinologist feels we can continue with 2 week emails and calls from now on. My blood pressure was border line until we found out I was actually sick the entire month on November. My last few appointments with various doctors have showed completely normal so let’s hope we can keep that up!

My little baby has all her parts- in the right places! She is growing at a controlled normal rate despite being drilled in my head that she was going to be a monster train wreck. She’s in the 52nd percentile.

One thing that does make me sad is a complete lack of blogs by women like myself. I found a few random blogs and most of them were several years old. Being plus size and pregnant can be lonely. People don’t faun/notice and bloggers don’t talk about it. Shopping for plus size maternity is a nightmare. Out local MM has a back wall with 3 styles of jeans, 1 style dress pants, a zippered hoodie and maybe 12 tops. There are 3 bras and 1 pair of underwear to choose from. Do you know how many jammies you can find- in store and online? ONE. And that’s a holiday seasonal item so don’t hold out hope to ever get it. AND it can be EXPENSIVE. The same non plus size jeans cost 10-20 less. I call the pLus size section at MM the wall of shame. Its in the very back of the store located behind a rack of clearance. Why do you hate us so much?

SO there you have it. As I ease into the 3rd trimester in the next few weeks I will hopefully find that nesting bug people talk about. My daddy bought me an entire nursery set. My shower should be… sometime in February I believe. I’m excited, nervous and shrouded in a sense of disbelief most days. Any other big mommies out there? Stop by and say hi!!


22 weeks ish


24 weeks


2 thoughts on “Plus Size and Pregnant

  1. I feel your pain on the maternity clothes. I gave up and wore lounge pants and t-shirts. 😦 I never “popped” either, yet I got stretch marks at 20 weeks and just looked round. 😦 I haven’t seen you in quite some time and I say you definately look pregnant…without a doubt!! And your beautiful! It’s soooo amazing to feel baby move inside you. Best feeling ever! Love you!! Does your dad know what your having yet?

  2. Joyce ❤ No, my dad still doesn't know. Or at least he is pretending not to. He called her a girl the other day but who knows with him. He got the nursery as it was the only thing on a separate registry so he wouldn't see the other stuff. Men. After I wrote this I was looking at some pictures from my weight loss palooza last year and it's obvious compared to those. But to people that do not know me (like some creepy old man at Aldi) It's less obvious- esp with all the winter layers. As for clothes- I've been lucky. I kept a lot of my fat shirts so I've been able to recycle those a bit. Pants have become hell. Yoga pants are my bff as I put my maternity pants on the other day and they felt like a sausage casing. It's still bizarre to be getting bigger and NOT be chastised by a doctor

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