Gaining Weight..

For all the right reasons!

Today I am halfway through my 4th month of pregnancy.. whhhhhhaaat? Yup!

One of the weirdest things during this experience has been my weight.I’ve spent my entire life being told to not each so much, to exercise more… to lose weight. That’s the goal, right? Now I’m being told to eat eat, gain gain. It’s like stepping into a whole new mind set.

Things got so weird, I had to see a nutritionist. I brought my food journal to my first appointment expecting to be rediculed. That’s what happens to us fat folk, huh? Instead I was basically told I wasn’t eating enough. Before I ate around 1300-1500 calories depending on the day. She kept rereading it and couldn’t understand why I was the size I was. Weird. She kept asking if I had left anything out. Considering the journal was a year long… NOPE.

That little tid bit in itself annoys me. Why is it that it’s always assumed we larger folk sit around eating bon bons and chips all day. I ate a fairly healthy diet. My list of exercises was pretty lengthy. Once my pregnancy is done, it was discussed to run some tests to see what is up.

Oh, and carbs? GAWD. I’m not a huge carb or sweet person. To be told I basically had to triple my intake was insane. Double the calories, triple the carbs. Good golly miss Molly.

On the not so awesome news, I’m considered a high risk pregnancy. womp womp. At first my Doc was in panic mode and TBH- I hated her. I thought she was like chicken little with the sky falling. She started ordering all these tests and ultrasounds.

The tests revealed a HUGE bummer. I had diabetes. EFFF bomb. That is pretty much my worst nightmare come to life. The upside is that I have kept it absolutely managed through diet and insulin. I’m doing really well, but this NEEDS to be gone someday.

The tests also revealed that I was, at the time, carrying twins. WHAT THE WHAT?! Insert panic mode. In the end after weeks of monitoring I had a vanishing twin, but it was still an interesting experience.

So, to sum it up!!

– I’m gaining weight!
– I’m not exercising as much (dr’s orders after a little incident)
– I’m eating carrrrrbbbbbbs.

There’s a baby in there :O


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