Pity Party of 2


Have you ever felt like life just ISN’T FAIR?

I’m totally throwing a pity party right now.

SO, since I started back to trying to be a healthier me, I’ve actually lost a bit of weight! Yay, right? Not so much. It doesn’t feel like a healthy loss AT ALL. I feel bloated, have heart burn, and I’ve been getting sick a lot. Last night after I was SO upset and stressed, I threw up a little blood. I’m pretty sure I have an ulcer.


So pushing aside the normal money troubles, health issues and what not. I get a call from Hubster around when I was expecting him to be home. It was snowing really bad so I figured he was letting me know he was taking it slow. Nope. All I hear is a frantic male voice talking so fast I can’t understand anything other than “…really really bad…… he hit me”. I had to ask him to slow down because I had no idea what he was saying. Apparently on the ride home from work some guy from oncoming traffic lost control and crossed the center line. Hubs was in the right lane and had no where to go and with 9 inches of unplowed snow on the ground, the other man’s car spun out and crashed into Hub’s front end.

Of course I was a complete frantic nut case worrying about him, the car, money, whatever. After police and a tow truck, he got home over 2 hours later. We’re taking him to a doctor today as his back is hurting him this morning. The front end of the car pretty bashed, the driver side door doesn’t open properly and it’s our only car so… STRESS?! We are waiting for them to send someone to look at the car.

Sometimes I wonder who I pissed off that life just keeps knocking me down. I guess the only upside to all of this is that I didn’t stress eat? High 5?


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