Let’s Do THis: Take Three?

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been pretty M.I.A these past few months and I’m sorry for that. When you basically fall totally off the wagon, talking about it isn’t a huge amount of fun. Maybe it’s the thought of impending spring, but I’m suddenly having the urge to get back into things! We’ll see!

I don’t really have any excuses here: plain and simple, I just stopped caring. It became a lot easier during the winter to make easy boxed food and to stop exercising almost completely. I haven’t been avoiding my scale, but it also hasn’t really changed up or down. I guess in some ways, that’s good? Maintaining while losing control? Ha!

We did our big grocery shop this weekend. Let’s just say our basket leaned more towards salad, fresh veggies and lean meat. Yes there were a few cheats in there, but Hubs burns an insane amount of calories working! Now all we have to do is not let ME get to them! If I’d been thinking, I would have documented all my shopping, but that’s another thing I have to get used to again!!

I’ve got a lot of goals right now:

– Find a gym-  a Planet Fitness just opened not horribly far away. Far enough that I can’t walk it, but since they are 24 hrs I might be able to do a night drag! It’s only $10 so we’ll see how hubs feels.

– Get active again- I kinda started this. I unearthed my 3lb ankle weights last week. I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing them while i putter around the house. you get so that you don’t notice them much. SO when I slide into a quick barre routine and i FEEL it, it’s like “whoa!”. One of my favorite you tubers has put some more videos up so I’ll post some next time. Her Zumba workouts are fun and sweat inducing.

– Fit Into the dress- I hate to dress us, at all, ever. But, last spring I did buy this amazing bright coral lace dress. I’d planned it for a wedding but my conservative dad wasn’t a fan, so I chickened out and wore a drab back sheath dress instead. Well ya’ll, I have another wedding coming up this Summer and dear old Poppy won’t be there to lend his opinion! The only thing standing in my way? When I bought the dress I was down about 20Lbs from where I am now. It fits, but not well. It looks like a smuggled a lumpy pillow. SIGH!


Let’s make this time stick! While I’m doing this for ME, I’m also doing it for my family and my future. I recently found out my Brother in Law has cancer. It’s pretty bad. He’s closer to me than my own sisters are, so his diagnosis struck me hard. He too has struggled with his weight and health and I just don’t want to see myself following blindly down those same paths!

I’m going to give this my best shot. I’ll try and be more attentive here!

Best of luck


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