Holidays Make Me a Crazy Biotch

Hello loves!

In accordance with my OCD, the holidays are generally a time I dread. I feel like every season is a time where I lose control.

Control in all aspects of my life. I try to be awesome and get things done early so I can stress less.. but let’s be real, life is not always on track with this idea! This year is no exception. Hubster’s birthday was hell for me when I ordered a gift… and it never showed up! Then in the process of getting my money back, I was reduced to childish cursing and tantrums. It was NOT pretty. So I shovelled food in my face. You see where I’m going with this?

Emotional overeating. Food is about the only thing I have control over most days. If my world is in turmoil I can eat all the thing. And then I end up hating myself.

This season is already making my a crazy bitch.

I got ideas for hubster for the holidays. I went about setting those ideas in motion. FAIL. Nearly everything I planned is either on back order or no longer available. One gift I found was supposed to arrive yesterday. I sat home all day, just in case. It never came. When I checked the status today it said ” Emergency conditions beyond UPS’ control”. WHAT?! I mean I could understand if it got caught in that cluster bomb of weather we had..but… Well, our portion of bad weather was gone by Wednesday night. And my package was like.. 15 miles away. If my husband made it home with no issue on bald tires, why couldn’t the UPS brown truck (short bus?) make it? I’m praying this is not going to be another replay of his birthday. “Sorry, your gift never came so here’s some jammies”. Wife fail.


In other news, I think I got my crazies under control from my last post. I really appreciated the comments and support. Sometimes girlfriend just needs to know she isn’t just talking to herself! I lost 2 lbs this week and I haven’t even exercised. Oops

I’ve been working on getting myself back on track. One thing I am doing is a lot of REAL foods. I’ve been avoiding the inner aisles of the grocery stores.

I’ve been struggling wit snack ideas. My meals are generally easy. I get a lot of ideas from fellow bloggers out there! But snacks are my downfall. I can only eat so many cups of air popped popcorn, handfuls of raw almonds and slices of apples with natural peanut butter before I lose interest. Think of me as your kid, how do you keep them from losing interest?


I also wanted to share something I found recently! Have you ever heard of

I’ll start by saying I myself have never bought anything from there, YET.

Apparently this is a website comprised of clothing with a retro flair. I know, so what, right? I’ve been having a hard time finding clothing that fits me, so I’ve been searching blogs, forums, anything. Someone directed me to this site. I was mega surprised. For one, they make everything from a US size 0- 36W. Holy cannoli! I can buy clothes other chics wear! Of course I then began to imagine them just adding an extra yard of fabric to something made for a twig. Not true! Eshakti has a tailoring service ya’ll!!!! AND the first time is FREE! (afterwards it’s like… 7.95)

Not only do they do appropriate sizing for your measurements, they will also make customizations for different length options, sleeves and even collars.

I browsed a bit and found some really cute things!

Image Image Image

Being a tshirt and jeans girl, I was pretty surprised to find I wanted so many things on this site! It’s mostly dress, skirts and blouses, but its still darn cute!

I want all the things. I’ll also mention that the site is currently 40% off until Dec. 9. Also, if you are a new customer there is a limited time offer to sign up and get a $25 coupon. So.. yeah, cheap cute, customized clothes!!



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