Fat Girl Issues


Why don’t they make bras for big bellies? LOL

I upped my game to a short little run today. I just wanted to see if I could. I did. It was super short and probably laughable, but I ran a solid 15 minutes.

I cursed the whole time in my head.

What I noticed:

My breathing blows- literally. I huff and puff. I need a better breathing technique. How am I an adult that needs to learn how to breath? Thanks asthma.

By blobby belly bounces. I had my sorts bra on, so my itty bitties were locked down, but my stomach was like a whole different story. It bobbed, sagged and bounced until I literally threw up from all the sloshing around in there. It was like my stomach was trying to be a boxer, bobbing and weaving.

How do you all handle this, or did handle when you were bigger?


2 thoughts on “Fat Girl Issues

  1. I have an exercise shirt that has spandex stuff that kind of sucks it in so I don’t feel it moving as much. Now if I could find pants that don’t slide down when I’m jogging, I’d be good to go.

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