Out with the New, In with the Old

I know, backwards, but…

This past weekend we cancelled out Costco membership. I won’t go into the why’s- you can or already did read my past post on that! What I will say is, I feel free. I was SO unhappy with my membership. We went on Friday to cancel and I feel like my decision was a smart one.

What happened to the age old saying “The customer is always right”? Granted there are people who use and abuse this saying, a lot. But there are also those times when the customer might actually have a point, and acting in denial towards them is rude.When we got to the store we had the same man who signed us up. Fitting I suppose. We listed our numerous reasons (when asked) for not wanting to continue our membership. In mid-sentence he cut me off to list the reasons *I* was wrong. I loved that one. He quoted some nonsense he had read and then ended with , “so to say such and such about our product.. well you’re wrong”. I looked up and could only  offer a glare. Honestly, his interruption was annoying, his attitude rude and then to turn around and say something like that pretty much was his kiss of death. I mean, if you are about to possibly lose a customer and it is your JOB to try and keep me, telling me I’m wrong in a snotty tone is pretty much the WRONG thing to do. If I was wrong, I would have simply gone on my way, but to be corrected.. over something that had nothing to do with my initial reason.. well NO, just NO. Also, telling me that I had probably eaten numerous recalled items and had not had the sense to pay attention in the past is downright a stupid tactic.

So, Out with Costco, in with Sam’s Club.

Costco gave us our membership back in cash. We took that cash to Sam’s, renewed our old membership, got new cards, browsed the store and got gas in about the same amount of time I’d spent waiting for gas at Costco. I also, upon browsing, discovered that I was paying a total of $25 dollars extra for the exact same products.


For whatever reason this righteous anger I had towards Costco has fueled my fire for health! I’ve got so many healthy fun meals planned this week. We are enjoying tons of fresh veggies, squashes and lean meats. I’ve always used sugar substitutes but I am trying to really cut our any and all sweets. It’s such an unnecessary thing!

Even my Christmas this this year looks totally unlike me. It’s full of exercise equipment and the like!

I am trying so hard to not worry about Holiday gain. My MIL is doing Thanksgiving this year, so I’ve had a bit of a say in the menu. I think sticking to the basics this season is going to be a HUGE help. Last year we went to a large gathering and there was SO much food. I felt super deprived and took teeny portions of everything. I was STARVING the whole day with piles of food around me. Hopefully this year will be better. I’ll be hosting Christmas Eve this year. It’s bizarre, but I almost feel nervous. I’ve never actually hosted an “event”. I’m pretty bad at entertaining and I almost never know what to serve or do. I’m doing a lot of planning ahead this year.

Do you all have any healthy favourites you do for the holidays? I’d love some ideas. I was considering veggie platters, and a meat and cheese platter. I feel like these are things that can be easily customized. If you want to go crazy with dips, cheese and breads- you can. Or not. I’m also going to be bad and bust out my great grandmother’s cook book for some fun cookies, perhaps. I know- it’s only early November but I’ve always been someone who plans ahead. I generally do only one big shop every month or two, aside from the basics each week. SO planning way in advance is a must for me.  *SOS* hahah send help

Hope everyone is doing well out there!


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