Time Flies!

Y’all, it’s been a time and a half!

I survived Halloween with NO issues at all. My biggest complaint was that we got NO kiddos. How depressing, huh? We live in an apartment building, which was a first for me. I spent some time earlier that day wandering around to get a clue on what, if anything, others did for kids. I figured there would be something, we have 7 kiddos alone on our floor and I know of at least 4 others. I only saw one house that left a pile of candy next to their door. I decided to leave the door open with the door decorated and a big old bowl of candy. Not one. Oh well! I hid the offensive candy bowl from myself and hubby and have not been tempted by it yet. Progress?


Next event of life was my birthday! I want to say I did pretty good here as well! I had received offers of Blizzards from Dairy Queen, pastries from Panera and sugar drinks from Caribou. I didn’t accept! We had a lovely breakfast out that morning. A special treat- I really wanted pumpkin pancakes before they went away. It ended up being weird because they ran out! Figures! They scraped together a little bit of batter to make me something that was more like a crape. Lol. Sometimes I swear the universe is more interested in my health than I am. Though it was super sweet of our favorite waitress to try so hard! We spent the day our and about. I got a surprise gifty too!


I have been reading Allie’s blog for years. She is HILARIOUS. If you haven’t heard of her since she became ‘famous’, you live under a rock. We saw this when we made a pit stop and I went totally fan girl. Hubster grabbed it for me!

I even snagged a cute little mascara and highlighter set from Sephora for my Birthday too! I love the words ‘free’ and ‘gift’!

The evening was rounded out by a trip to my favorite Mexican place. Our super cool waiter was not there, but it was a still a great night! Mmmm chicken fajitas.


So you’ve seen my first gift. I also got some new baking dishes from my MIL. She came over for cake that night. She knows how much I love to cook, so I was SUPER stoked!  Hubster also got me a new case for my Kindle. It has a book light on it that draws power from the kindle itself! LOVE!!! Since we’ve moved I no longer force him to sleep with the overhead light on while my insomnia kicks in, but the ability to read at night or in the car without bothering anyone is.. AWESOME! And then he topped that gift with…


THIS! The Spirelli! I have been bemoaning my need of one for.. MONTHS. One of my biggest downfalls is pasta noodles. I’ve been searching for an alternative and have seen these babies popping up all over. I wanted one, BAD. Hubster finally tracked one down, and VOILA! It is so insanely simple to use. I’ve already used it every day this week.

I’ve been working on weekly meal plans now. I’m trying to pre-plan and get ahead of myself. My husband is already losing his tummy, which is his epic hate zone. He burns tons of calories at work, so having healthy filling meals and less need to grab sugar drinks is helping him a lot. The only exercise he gets is 10 hrs on his feet working machines all day. His arms are crazy strong, but his belly is not- it’s shrinking!

I haven’t been so lucky. I did love 1.5 lbs this week. SO that’s something?I need to get back into some of the better habits. I’ve been eating  3 meals and 1-2 small snacks a day, but I still find myself wanting to snack at night. I suppose  lot of this has to do with having some not so good snacks in the house. I’m glad they are finally gone!

I’ve also been getting some more exercise in. I haven’t been walking on the weekdays. I have some ready excuses for that one! 1. It snowed-I fall on flat dry surfaces… so.. snow = hell. 2. I don’t know my new neighborhood. I know, i know, ‘No time like the present!”. – I just don’t want to set out, get stranded or end up some place I shouldn’t. Also, there are a lot of rich people in the hood. I feel like if they saw some random fat chick plugging along, they might think I’m casing their homes. LOL. I’ll be better at this!

I have, however, been getting some interval training in. I’ve got weights, x bands, cardio videos and a thick blanket for crunches in my spare room, where my PC is. I like to catch up on old tv shows during my free time. I’ve been turning the shows on and getting down to business while I watch or listen to music. I like to switch it up, so I’ve been doing different workout styles- yoga, pilates, WODs I’ve found from others, dance. Whatever works. I don’t see any bodily difference, but I feel more alert. This is going to happen!!!



My fav lunch at the moment. Double Protein Bread + 1/3 avocado + 2 slices reduced sodium ham & Zucchini noodles lightly sautéed in  garlic. Lunches are generally my larger meals of the day. It’s super filling and leaves me less likely to want constant snacks..

Oh.. and THIS Happened…


Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I’m not ready yet?! I don’t even have an actual coat! AHH

haha, hope you all are doing well


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