Costco vs Sam’s Club

Wow.. a twofer today ya’ll!

So.. Costco vs Sam’s Club. Let’s get down with it!

My family has been members with Sam’s Club (SC) for year. There were times we hardly used it and then there were times we went insane.

When my husband and I got hitched, we got our own SC account because it was the only warehouse store near us. We were trying to live the healthy life and staying away from processed foods. This membership allowed me to buy huge quantities of meats and veggies for a much lower price. I was saving about $50 a week in fresh produce.

In the past 3 years we have moves numerous times but kept our SC account. Until this most recent move. The SC we used before was fine. Busy, but fine. It was just an extra 15 minute drive as opposed to Costco in the center of the shopping district near us. We snuck in and took our own tour of Costco before making our decision. I remember that day so clearly. We walked out, somewhat in awe. The lines were fast, the organic produce plentiful and the location close. We were at the end of out SC renewal and decided to roll with Costco. We’d been interested in slightly better produce we’d heard about at Costco.

I’d heard all these amazing things about Costco from fellow bloggers. I’d read dozens of reviews and articles. Ya’ll… I feel like I’ve been totally mislead. TOTALLY.

Costco has it’s good stuff, as I mentioned a bit above. However, the price was higher to join. I knew this going in, so it’s not a total complaint. I figured I would save the difference in spent gas alone. I have to say..


Hate is a pretty strong word, but..ya’ll.. GAHHH!

I wanted to have all these amazing things to tell you about from Costco, but it’s been nothing but HELL.

First of all, you can’t use credit. This sucks because I get cash back from my bank on credit purchases. Meaning the extra $25 I got a month is now gone. Secondly, the prices are HIGHER. now shopping at both stores, I’ve done price compares on simple things like frozen veggies, fresh fruit and meat. I’m paying an average of $3-5 higher. It might not seem like a big deal but when you are buying large amounts, that $5 adds up QUICK.

Returns? More like SHAMING. I purchased something, realized it was wrong and took it back before I even left the parking lot. The man behind the counter basically shamed me to death. He was so rude, loud and obnoxious to me. I stated that I had read they had a 100% return policy. He snorted and said “On certain things, once it leaves here- it’s useless to us. Look at all your waste”. I was pretty dumbfounded because I’d read the policy, the items were still in original packaging and I had purchased it less than 10 minutes before. DOUCHE

Gas savings? Guess what? At SC, I never waited more than 1 or 2 cars for gas. At Costco people have NO idea what they are doing. They don’t seem to care what side their tank is on. There have been times where we have been cut off or held up because some bimbo has to stretch the pump across her BMW. We’ve made complaints and the guy laughed and said that’s what he does too. I mean really? Last week we waited 45 minutes for gas. We probably wouldn’t have, but the price was 28 cents cheaper than anywhere close. The woman in front of us locked her keys in her car. The man in front of HER, lost his card and walked back, thus blocking us from pulling up to pump. It’s so insanely frustrating, especially when we later drove by, saw the same price at SC and only 4 cards in the whole gas area.

The final straw? Since we have joined, there have been NUMEROUS recalls on our food. I think the one that killed me was a recall on a fresh meal item we had bought. They called us 2 WEEKS after it had been purchased and eaten to tell us it was contaminated with listeria. SERIOUSLY. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get sick.. or ya know… die?

Overall I am completely unsatisfied.

DO any of you Costco folks know their policy for cancelling a membership? Do I get my money back? I’ve heard yes in some areas but a search of their site has led me to no answers at all. Any help?



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