Settling In

Hello darlings!

I am finally back! We have for the most part completed our move, and finally got our internet hooked up!

This past week has been one trial after another. My rooms are a mess of boxes, bags and miscellaneous things. My kitchen is sparse. I haven’t really had a chance to run any errands for food, so options are limited!

Hopefully this forced diet will help give me that boost I need! I’ve lost 2 of the many pounds I gained back, so that’s something. Though, I haven’t weighed myself since we moved! Eeek! There are too many other things for me to move and do!


SERIOUSLY.. well this was day 1 I mostly have things together now… but you can get an idea!

Food for thought:

As I stated, I don’t have much in my fridge at the moment! My breakfasts have been limited to eggs and whole grain breads. I’ve really been enjoying egg white sandwiches on whole grain toast with a handful of mixed greens! It’s so yummy and filling for my mornings.

Goodness knows I need fuel right now. I’ve been lifting heavy boxes, carrying things all over and generally moving a LOT. The other day I wore my pedometer while I worked and I put in 2.8 miles just INSIDE the apartment- Insane right?!

Lunch has been mostly salads. I managed to snag a chicken breast that I steamed with basil, rosemary, garlic and onion powder. mmmm flavorful! I steamed and chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and squash pieces to add as well. I did cheat and threw in some croutons as well when I found an almost empty bag in the box of things I grabbed from the pantry before we moved.  It’s a surprisingly yummy salad!


I’ve been swapping between oil & vinegar and a sauce made from the aforementioned and peanut butter. Loves!

Dinners haven’t been very inspired. Mostly just lean meat, steamed veggies and a side like roasted plums, potato pancakes or something.


Anyway! Not much else to update for the moment. Just wanted to let you know that we are getting settled and working on setting up a healthy life style!




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