Mama Said There’d be Days Like This

Hey y’all,

Boy have things been a pressure cooker of stress here!

Y’all know that I’m supposed to be moving at the end of this week. Yeah, I have a cluttered heck of a bedroom right now. I have a million totes, duffles and whatnot type of bags all over the place. There are about 5 million things I’m going to need to get done and I’m only one person. The good news is, that aside from curtains, I now have everything essential for moving in! Weeee! I even did a calculation of all the things I bought vs what I’d expected to buy them for in retail stores instead of estate sales. We saved over $1,700! Holy cow!!!!

Now, onto my newest stress causer. I don’t know how much I’ve covered this previously. Oct. 9, 2010 my then fiance had a pretty bad heart attack. He had a 90 percent blockage in the left anterior descending artery. I won’t go into the whole story but the doctors at the time said I was damn lucky we didn’t wait for an ambulance. His type is generally called the widow maker.

That said, we started on a cardiac healthy diet and he thrived. But with all the moves and relying on the help of others over the past 3 years… well, let’s just say most people aren’t into super healthy foods or being considerate of things like smoking. So hubster gained back most of what he lost. We’ve had some major talks about once we move and are more free to cook as we did before. It’s going back to our old ways, and hopefully this will help us BOTH.

Anyyyyway… Yesterday, my normally uncomplaining husband came home from work way early. He had had to take a nitro after he felt a pop and pain in his chest. He was having trouble breathing and was just feeling like shit. The boss sent him home to rest. After a few hours he still was not feeling right and was talking about still feeling some pain and a hollow feeling in his arms. We probably should have just gone immediately, but he knows his body and I waited for his call. Eventually he decided we should go. That sent me into a tailspin of panic, as he has had issues before but he usually doesn’t need to go in after some nitro pills.

We drove down to the hospital, which is only a few minutes away, and ironically it happens to be less than a block from our new apartment! (thank god). So they whisked him in for tests and left me sitting in the waiting room for over an hour. While his EKG came back OK, his BP was super high and they wanted to run more tests because they consider him a high risk patient. He ended up being admitted so they could continue some tests. This morning they will perform a stress test and we wil see from there what happens.

Thankfully he is in good hands and seems to be feeling much better than last night. But y’all, this was a true scare. This is exactly one of the reasons I want to be healthy. I want my hubster and our future children to be healthy. This has to happen. I need all the help I can get right now.


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