Extended Cab

I mean.. CALF!

God bless shoe designers that are now embracing the wide calf! I bow before you.

Ladies.. Honest to goodness, I bought my first pair of knee high boots today. Like, first EVER. I’ve always had wide calves, even when I wasn’t super heavy. As I gained weight I gave up hope on all boots.  Then I bought myself some over the knee socks. Ya’ll this stuff FIT.

I have to say, if you are budget conscious like I tend to be, Payless is the way to go! They have 4 different type of extended calf sizes and they are even wide.


I managed to snag the Rory boots in the faux leather!


To give you an example of fit, I bought a 9W. My calf is about 17.5 inches (holy heck). Generally I can zipper the boot until almost all the way up. I tend to be about an in or so off from a full zipper. With the new extended calf, I was able to zipper them with NO problem. Even more exciting, I was able to wear sicks and a pair of pants folded into them! That’s unheard of in my world!!!!


This might help you decide on fit too!



PS. The Rory boot was $39.99 and they have a BOGO until Wednesday.. Just sayin…

I’ve already been planning outfits around my boots like a total girl. That never, ever happens. I’m so excited! Today was a really good day and I even got in over 3.5 miles on my pedometer!


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