Booty Beautiful

Hey ladies!

I can finally say that I am feeling back in business. It’s shaming to realize how much I missed this. My first day back with exercises was pretty brutal. I was amazed at what a few simple weeks of lack luster workouts did to my body. My first real workout was yesterday and I kept it small. I did some planks, pushups and a short full body weight and resistance band workout I devised (more on that some other time!). Today my body felt like I had spent HOURS at the gym. Every muscle was crampy. I’m telling ya, I added one new move that made my sides ache! Yowza. But ya know what? Mentally I felt amazing. I finally felt like I had a clear head and even noticed a lack in my constant hunger battle! I’m feeling like I have more energy, and a better attitude.


Okay, I might be getting ahead of myself, but damn I feel good.

Today I focused on a lot of warming up and stretches to ease my tense back and ab muscles. I worked on some booty workouts. Unlike a lot of overweight gals, I’m Okay with my booty. I can thank my PR roots for giving me enough of a butt to get by. I don’t have a massive one and it’s not totally ghastly IMO. But it goes need toning and firming just like the rest of me. Granted I’m buried under layers of fat, but there’s no harm in getting it all toned and ready for when the weight is less! Am I right?

I added Plie Squats to my workout. Shakira does Plie Squats, and well, we all know her hips don’t lie. She’s been said to do Plie Squats and squeezing her booty 30 times.


Ladies, let me just say- my booty is on FIRE. Normally when I do a squat I can “feel” it, and I’m like “ooook”. This one, with the tush squeezing? I can feel it in not only my booty, but in the backs of my thighs. Ya know that mystical “Burn” they always say you’ll feel? I got it in spades. I did 5 of these where I did the squat and squeezed 30 times. Then I did another 5 where I squeezed and held for 30 seconds. I felt the 30 second hold the most shortly after I released. And repeat! You can add more of a challenge my using a weight held between your legs. I like these a lot.

These are also something that pregnant women are okayed to do. it’s been said to “mimic” a birthing pose. I don’t know? Maybe, Either way, I figure it’s something that us big belly chicks can do!


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