Trying New Things

Hey y’all!

I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. If I’m being honest, I’ve been avoiding posting. I don’t have much to say aside from that this round of things is becoming a failure. I’m not losing the weight like I want to be and it’s annoying as all get out.

I’m finding it a lot harder to get into the swing of things for one reason or another. Our fridge/freezer has been slowly killing itself for the past few weeks. It’s made meal pre planning nearly impossible. One day everything is happy and cold, the next the freezer defrosted and there is so much waste. Imagine freshly frozen berries defrosting into red slush- yeaaah. 2 repair men later it was announced that the cost to fix it was more than a new one would be. So food wise I’ve been struggling. Another factor here is that until the past few days, it’s been running in the high 90’s. My In Laws aren’t fond of turning on the stove in the heat- so cooking became a burden. Food has not been my friend in a house that survives on fast food, frozen dishes and constantly eating out. I’ve had 2 home cooked dinners in a month. My stomach can attest to this.

As for exercise, it’s minimal. Weekends are more productive because we are always on the move. I’m hoping with this new fall weather that I can’t get into the swing of things again. When it’s 96 degrees out and your AC doesn’t work properly, heat stroke is a huge issue.

With that said- those 10 lbs + have firmly cemented themselves into my life. I’m working on it! Sigh.


We did something new and interesting yesterday morning. There was a local Wild Rice Festival near us! We’ve been to some festivals in the past that have stunk (ie: the blueberry fest we drove 2 hours to only to have 1 stand of anything berry related.) I was pretty sceptical on this one. I was also pleasantly proved wrong.

We started out walking down a great path to a building in the woods. I need to go back here to check out their nature board walk trails! They were offering a pancake breakfast. The half hour wait in a line was pretty sucky but SO worth it! I decided to be adventurous and try the wild rice pancakes. Essentially, they replace 1/3 of the regular mixture with powdered wild rice. I asked a bunch of questions and found out it’s pretty good for ya. It adds niacin and a whole plethora of nutrients to your pancakes. Aside from a slightly more crumbled texture- they tasted great. We also embarked on wild rice sausage. Oh man, did I love this. I have to admit I was so hungry and excited I ate everything before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture! Oops.

After we walked back to the main area, we were able to sit in on a demonstration! They had some of the local tribesmen explaining how to harvest wild rice. It was very cool! We basically got to sit around a campfire and learn a new skill. Surprisingly this is something you can get a license to do. The man giving the demonstration told us about his methods and how he can collect 100 lbs of rice in a season. This is more than he could eat in 4 years! Pretty neat!

Image  Image

Image  Image

See? Pretty neat stuff. We also spent some time exploring the area, listening to local musicians and had a demonstration on the honey process! I was a little scared of the bee hive, but I enjoyed watching the removal of the combs and the mixing method! We did a wild rice tasting challenge and jelly taste testing! Let me just say- Lemon/Lime Jalapeno honey gave me nightmares. It was tart and spicy and had a flavor that refused to leave my mouth. That was about the only thing I didn’t love.

I really had a lot of fun. We even went to one of the vendor’s home store! We rounded out the evening with hot sandwiches from Nelson’s Deli! Yum! Overall it was a fun day. We even managed to stop and visit some estate sales too!




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