Starting Line

Hey y’all!

I’m back- ish. I’ve put this post off long enough, i suppose. It’s time for me to start seriously getting back on the band wagon. The past month really opened my eyes to my emotional eating habits. That being I could eat- all the time. YIKES!

In the past month I have gained back 10 lbs. Yeah.. I had a hard time accepting that one. I had every old excuse lined up. The truth of it being, I just stopped caring. I ate what I wanted and due to 95+ temps- I stopped exercising. The weight instantly came back.

So I start over, what else can I do?

My plan of attack this time around is a bit different. NO more gimmicks. During my last attempt I got into all these “30 day” blah blah blahs. I started fibbing on my calorie counter and it showed. I  listened to a doctor. Guess what? They don’t always know best. I was relatively happy and used to my fruits veggies and meats. I was kicking my cravings- then a Doc stepped in. I was instructed to eat this or that. The only helpful information they passed on was to eat small meals, multiple times a day. I was already doing that- thanks for the bill! Some how I ended up being told to add way more carbs than I was comfortable with. I followed instructions to the letter and gained weight. Carbs are okay in moderations- this felt like overkill, so I stopped caring.

I’m going to focus on healthy FRESH foods. Limiting sugar, simple carbs, fatty meats and sodium. My body does best when it’s fed 5-6 small meals a day. I’m going to find forms of exercise that work for me!

For example, we’ve been trying out archery the past few weeks.


I did it in HS and to this day it’s something I remember liking a lot. I’m not good, in fact it’s safe to say I suck! But ya know what? I LIKE it. I laughed more, and wanted to actively participate! I had fun and I burned 409 calories in an hour! This doesn’t include the slight hike to the baby range we used, and traipsing through the woods and lane to find lost arrows- in 95 degree weather. I got a little tan and I was pouring sweat. It was grand. I’ve enjoyed myself so much that Hubster wants to get me my own bow in something slightly more manageable for me than his long bow. That sucker is hard to pull and my arms are feeling it!


Yep.. really feeling it. Arm vs Bow string.. arm loses. It looks awful, but does not hurt!

Anyway- I’m also going to walk when the weather does not want to kill me. Hopefully more once we’ve moved! We’ll be a short 5 blocks from the cute Main St. with shops and things. I can roam free! I also managed to snag a Wi + wii Fit (2 dif ones) and the Wii fit gear. Everything cost me about $65! Win! I figure if I have something like that- my excuses are limited!

Everyone asks why I don’t just join a gym? I have a lot of reasons for this. One- It’s an unnecessary cost. Two- transportation to and from a gym- where ever it may be relies on others or when my husband isn’t working. It gets tricky and often leaves me having to walk there- which is fine, except when its snowing.. in MN. Third- the people. I don’t mean the patrons, I mean the staff. When I started this journey I had saved money for a few months of gym costs to kick start. I emailed and called some places to find out information on pricing, classes and options. One big red flag popped up at 3 different larger named gyms I checked out in and around out town. No one would quote me a price without seeing me first. This whole idea seemed not only dumb, but fishy to me. Every person I spoke with immediately cut my pricing questions off to schedule a “in house assessment”. They apparently needed to see how fat I was to jack prices up or add things I didn’t WANT. I proved this by emailing one from my current email and from an old college one a few weeks apart. Both were asked for meetings and if not, to answer a series of questions. In one I played my current me (fat, mostly lazy, but knowledgeable person looking for a quiet place to work out without interference) and in another I played the me I hope to end up as (trim, fit, relatively used to always being thin). Not surprisingly the fat me was told I would need to hire their in house trainer for at least  once a week to assess my abilities and the price was  WAY high (talking triple digits a WEEK) vs skinny me who received a flat basic plan.

Gyms are scams.

Anyway. The point of this rambler is- I’m trying to come back, guys! I want to do this and I will. Set backs will not rule me!

I’m going to take ugly pictures of my food, talk about my meals and exercise and do weigh ins! Here we go!


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