On the Mend

I feel like recently my life has been one medical issue after another. Ankle, back, kidneys, foot. It would seem that my kidney issue is resolving itself. My foot is showing no improvement, but I’m not very surprised. I’ll be glad when I am off these meds. I’m terrified I’m going to have the “breaking tendon” side effect! It’s also been making me constantly sick to my stomach. I was the same way with the last dose I had. Ugh.

I’m trying to get back on track of this journey. I got derailed, but I’m not giving up!

Food for thought:

Today I had one of the new Chobani Flips for Breakfast! I finally found a few more of the flavors! This morning I gave the Vanilla Golden Crunch a try! So, so yummy! This one has Vanilla yogurt, which is like a basic go to! For the “crunch”, it came with corn flakes, honey oats and praline pecans. It’s a little sweet, so I would recommend it for maybe a desert option, but it was also yummy for my breakfast. I also had some Four Pepper Turkey Breast slices, about 2 oz.!


For lunch today I am having a left over salad from the Grocery Salad bad! My eyes were bigger than my stomach last night when I first made it! It’s loaded with spinach and spring  lettuce mix. I added hard boiled egg whites, grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, red and green bell pepper and come carrot pieces. I ended up with a humongous salad last night so I portion off a lunch sized container for today. Quick and easy!

I’ve got carrots and guac made for snacks, as well as apples, peanut butter and raisins for later. I try to get a whole lot of crunch, texture and sweet or “salty” flavors in my snacks. It helps trick my mind into thinking I’m eating something bad. After the free for all I had last week, I need to focus on my eating habits again. It’s like starting over!

I’m stumped for dinner. The temps have been so unforgiving lately. Our house seems to always be too hot. My MIL hasn’t wanted to heat up the house with the oven lately, so we’ve been eating pretty crappy. I need to figure out some meals that don’t overheat the house and are still healthy. I’m thinking about trying to volley for grilled chicken and salads tonight. I could eat salad all day long, I swear.

SO that’s my plans for today! I bought a lot of yogurt, carrots and apples for the week. I also bought some 4 pepper sliced turkey breast for roll ups! I’ve got lots of salad makings for lunches and dinners. I’d say I’m back on track!

Exercise is a whole other ball game. With my back and ankle still giving me issues, I’ve been ordered to take it easy. I spent the weekend garage sale/ estate sale hunting. It was a hot weekend, so taking it easy didn’t happen. I was hot and sweaty and spent most of the entire weekend walking all over properties, up and down stairs, carrying boxes and loads of cast iron. It didn’t feel like much when I was doing it, but my arms and back are letting me know they felt the burn! I’m going to do some low impact Zumba and strength this week. Now that the weather is getting back to normal (ie: not raining all the time), I’m going to start walking again. Maybe taking the past week off was a good thing. It gave our city time to repave all the roads they had torn up. I was getting worried that I would be stuck with mud pits forever!

Oh, Monday Weigh in. I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning. I’d already eaten and whatnot before I remembered. I did however get weighed at the doctor, so well go with that. I was 241.8 at the doctor. The one thing that struck me as odd, was they had me keep my shoes on when I got on the scale. I’m figuring that I’m probably more like 240. I normally weigh in the mornings, with as little clothing as possible. I’m actually weighed things like my yoga pants. Most of the styled weigh about 1 lb or so. Whatever

Excuses aside I’m not surprised or overly horrified. I spent a lot of time lazying around during the week days. I ate a lot of crap that shouldn’t be a part of my life style. I’ll learn and get better.

Hope you all had a good weekend!