The Lettuce Hunt

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so spacey, it’s been a busy last few weeks! I’m still slotted to share my review of Food Should Taste Good later in the week, but I wanted to share my yummy weekend find!

During the week days I eat a lot of salad. Sometimes I add things like spinach to my breakfast eggs, toss together a big old salad for lunch and snag a side salad for dinner. Any way you look at it, I love a good salad.  Because I tend to eat so much of it, I’ve had issues with keeping myself properly stocked. I love my local salad bar, but the times don’t always work in my favor. Bagged salad tends to rust and I look at a head of lettuce with something akin to fear. I like my salads dark, fresh and crisp!

In the past few months, I’ve bought a large amount of prepacked lettuce in bulk from Sam’s Club. It’s worked “okay”. The amount of it was perfect, but it was always missing SOMETHING. The spring mix didn’t have enough spinach for my taste, the spinach needed everything else and the other offers just didn’t look good. Then I found Taylor Farms Organic Baby Kale Medley! Oh my goodness, you guys!


This package has been an answer to my prayers! It has baby kale, baby spinach, baby chard and shredded carrots! I was a little hesitant because I tend to be iffy with chard, but boy was I wrong. This saved me time and money. I didn’t have to buy carrots, shred them or anything! A nice mix of greens made me a happy camper! Plus it’s organic and triple washed! It also costs the same amount as the regular old salad packages! Less than $5!

I tried it for the first time today for lunch!


All I can say, is YUM! I added about 2 cups of the mix with two table spoons of the new Old Dutch 1/3 less sodium Sea Salt Cottage Cheese. This is one of the better salads I’ve had on a lazy day, y’all! I particularly paid attention to the flavour profile from the greens mixture and the texture. I didn’t get any over powering flavours which was nice! It all melded so well together. The mix was very crisp too! Even with the added weight and wetness of the cottage cheese, it remained crisp and light until the very last bite. I am a very happy girl!

Not much else to report right now. I’ve been snacking like a mad woman on my new chips, but I’ll save talking about those until I’ve written my review! Exercise has been my weak point this week. It’s been extremely hot, even when it’s only 90 they are reporting it feeling like 100! Yikes!

Hope y’all are still kicking butt!


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