Size Doesn’t Always Matter!

I have been having a major hate-fest with all my clothing lately. I feel like NOTHING fits right. My tops are either way too big or just a tag more snug than I would like. My pants? My workout clothes are all getting too big- I haven’t sized them down yet. My jeans, shorts and casual pants- hot freakin mess.

I bought some new bottoms a few months ago. My sizing was all over the place. I’m trying petite clothing, because I’m borderline height wise. Sometimes I have to size up or down. My biggest complaint is the shrinking. My new skinny jeans? Shrunk UP. As in it looks like I have Mc Hammer pants on. My hips and thighs are a tad smaller than they were when I bought them so they are too loose in the hips and too tight and short in the calf. UGH.


Can’t touch this… derr ner ner ner.. Yeah OKay.

My jeans are all wrong. They too shrunk up about an inch. I’m in between sizes so they are too tight or too baggy. I can’t win. Most depressing are my shorts. I bought a cute pair of cut offs for when I get way too hot. My old shorts are 3 sizes too big. I snagged a cheap pair, as I tend to hate shorts. I finally got up the nerve to wear them this weekend and they were SO tight! This made zero sense to me as they were actually a size larger than my jeans. So, I laid out the four pairs I tried on this weekend, this is what I got.


This picture left me SHOCKED. Let’s dissect, shall we? (Why the hell have I been caring about what size my pants are?)

SO the black ones closest to the bed? My Torrid Skinny jeans- the larger sized pants of the lot.

The ones on top of my Torrid jeans are my Sweetheart Jeans. They are actually a size SMALLER than the Torrid Jeans.. Yeah. Can ya tell?!

The next ones are my Dots shorts. Believe it or not- they claim to be the same size as my Torrid Skinny Jeans. Yeah.. Sure they are.

And finally, my smaller Sweetheart jeans. Those are the closest to the camera. They are also 3 sizes smaller than the shorts they are laying on top of.

Riddle me that folks. My husband really thought I was making things up when I was complaining that every thing fit wrong. Clearly no one is out there regulating sizes.. at ALL. Why am I stressing about clothing sizes?


SO that leads me to my next conclusion. It’s time to stop driving myself insane about the SIZE of the clothing, but rather focus on how they feel on me. Or how I feel about myself IN them. I’m going to try to focus more on myself and less on the failures or perceived failures.

I’ve also decided to put Weigh In Monday on hold for the rest of the summer. My body needs a vacation. My Doctor said I was working myself way too hard. I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate things. I need a break from my scale. In the past few weeks I’ve seen little change when it comes to the scale. It gets disheartening to weigh in and say, Oh hey…I didn’t lose anything according to this here scale.

I see a lot of NSV (Non Scale Victories) My inches are constantly changing. I can feel muscle in my thighs and arms that didn’t exist 3 months ago. It’s under fat, but it is there. Muscle weighs more than fat folks! SO I’m going to focus on NSV for a while! Silly things, like my old bras fit, or I fit into a normal store XL yoga pant.

The scale was driving me insane. I considered doing drastic and unhealthy things like working out to the point of making myself sick, or just making myself sick to show a scale change. My mindset got really unhealthy VERY fast. I need to stop those thoughts  Also.. my scale only measures to .5 accuracy, so even if I was 239.01 it would say I was 239.5- How annoying is that!?

SO there’s the ugly side of having too many expectations during a getting healthy. I need to remember that while I may not be dropping the pounds as fast as some people would like, I’m being a HEALTHIER ME. The rest all falls into place.

Be strong folks. Be smart and most of all, be healthy!

This week I’ll be talking more about my plans for the future, my meals/ exercise and reviewing a new to me snack! See ya soon!



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