Keeping Busy!

I have become an antique and estate sale addict. For real. My weekends are spent hunting for amazing buys. This means I am constantly active from the wee hours of the morning until early evening. Depending on the size of the sales I sometimes hit 7 miles on my pedometer without blinking an eye! It’s insane! I consider it my circuit training sometimes haha.

Like today, I got in some good cardio walking all over this farm that was having a barn sale! Up and down stairs, hills and all over. Lifting heavy boxes and items, carrying those items, bending A LOT. I was breaking a mega sweat this weekend!

I hope ya’ll had a safe and fun 4th! Our plans fell through and ended up spending most of the evening home. That was fine with me. I’m not much into loud fire works and we got to grill! I ate “okay”. When we found out our plans weren’t happening we got steaks, a huge container of mixed fruit from my favourite salad bad and asparagus. I was good and measured out my steak too! I munched on bowls of fruit! Yum! I did splurge on some orange soda floats and some of the Annie’s white cheddar popcorn. That stuff is 150 cal for 2 cups! Holy moly- it’s addicting!

Today I’ve barely eaten which isn’t super smart. We got an early start and had so much fun digging we didn’t eat until nearly noon! I was a little worried about the place we went. It used to be an old “fatty” haunt for me. We used to get a lot of drinks and fattening appetizers. Without even thinking I ordered these cheesy pretzel things. WHAT THE ELF? They came and I sorta just stared at them. I wasn’t even interested! What had once been something I continuously shovelled in my mouth, now tasted doughy and bland. I ate a few bites to not totally waste money before passing them away.

I ended up eating a salad instead. It had spinach, spring lettuce mix, sun dried tomatoes, grilled chicken and avocado. I got the lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side. If I’m being honest, the dressing was awful. I barely used 2 teaspoons over the whole salad and ended up not even finishing 2/3 of it! I drank gallons of water and felt satisfied, but not overly stuffed. I have another salad on the fridge for dinner, whenever I decide to drag myself into the kitchen.

Did I mention how gosh darn TIRED I am? And I got a little sun burnt from traipsing around outside! Ouchies! It was worth the deals though!

I got a 30 piece Gold Trimmed China Set for $20! We ended up finding an additional 8 piece coffee set for $14 (because it was actually even older than the first set, 1940’s or so!) and we found dessert plates from the same set for $1.99 at the freakin Salvation Army?!Whoa


(My set is all packed up so I found this one on google to give ya an idea! Mine has this + more!)

I also got a silver plated copper coffee serving set for $15. It needs mega polishing and some help but it was too cute to pass up. We found a ceramic Japanese tea set with cups, pot and tray for $5 and Hubster bought me a cute jewellery box as well. Over all it was a super good day of awesome finds. Tomorrow we are making a few other stops and we have a ton next week!

Did you all eat well for the Holiday, or did you find it a struggle?



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