A week makes all the Difference

It has been gorgeous, blue skies for the past few days! Makes me so darn happy!

I’m also happy to report that my kidney and back are feeling much much better! It looks like I am okie dokie! I still have issues with my ankle, but I’m going to get a full physical to see exactly how I am ticking and will tackle some of those annoying tid bits!

Even with my ankle I took my first long walk in a week! Seriously, a week makes insane changes! Not for the good. I was huffing and puffing as though I’d walked 10 miles instead of 2! It was a little bizarre. One week of lazing about sends me back into working on my breath control again. I had planned to start back with a short mile walk. That turned into two and not because I really wanted to. For the first time ever I found myself uncomfortable in my surroundings. I took a different route yesterday. Nothing bad happened to me, I was just hyper aware for some reason.

Have you ever seen someone on your walks that throws up a red flag? I did, yesterday. I was walking this new route and I saw this man come from the warehouse and office district. He wasn’t doing anything weird but for some reason I felt wary of him. I don’t usually run into a lot of men, especially during the middle of a week day. What I found odd, was that it was impossible to tell his age. From far away his silvering hair and stopped stature gave him the look of an elderly man in a white t-shirt and jeans. He crossed the road about a block ahead of me. I was still in power walking mode so I quickly closed the distance. Again, I had that “feeling”.

When I was in high school we had a self defence class. The teacher who taught it had been a rape victim in her 20’s. She was attack, with her baby in the car on a main road in broad day light. For some reason this story kept flashing in my head. I was sure I was being paranoid, but what if? I remember her giving us tips on identifying an attacker. Observe the hands and face for distinguishing marks. Sear them into your memory. Take body inventory from the bottom to the top. I began a mental check list on this guy. He had never even glanced at me, but I still felt uncomfortable. Thin, average height, black leather shoe or boot, red or brown sole, carpenters jeans, t-shirt, neck tattoo, that old greenish ink. some sort of cross or diamond shape, thin chain necklace, hair cute short, so light it looked silver.

I slowed to fix my shoe along the walk, I noticed 2 women walking towards me. Except he stopped to tie his shoes too. I sped up deciding I would get towards the women faster. As I walked closer he stopped ad stood on the grass of one of the houses. I instantly felt stupid, he must live there and here I was being an idiot. I passed the women and they were so engrossed in bickering they never even glanced in my direction. I had reached a cross roads at this point and I took a side road to get the main road. I figured there are always people along this road, it make me feel better. Except as I was walking this side street I felt hyper away again. I glanced behind me just in the to see that same guy rounding the corner. Let’s just say my pedometer clocked me at 4.5 mph on that street.

So, long story. Nothing happened to me, he ever made any contact, it was probably in my head. But you never know. Especially if you are a lone female waling on your own. I’ve never felt unsafe in my walks. I usually carry a small can of mace with me. I live in suburbia, but I don’t take many chances! I haven’t been able to find my mace since we did some moving and packing in our room. I’ve been carrying a tiny bug spray with me. I’m so weird.

Be careful out there on your walks ladies. I won’t let this weirdness deter me, but I’ll be conscious of my surroundings and the people within that!


ON a lighter note food went well yesterday!

I had a  Coco Loco Chobani Flips for breakfast, a salad for lunch with an op[en faced turkey and avocado sandwich, and grilled chicken thighs, baked beans and a small salad for dinner. All super yummy. We have been enjoying the grill this week!


Today I enjoyed the Key Lime Crumble Chobani Flips. It’s so gosh darn good! The tart lime paired with graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips is perfect for hot summer days!


I’ve got salads on the brain and I’m hoping to come up with something light and easy for dinner! We are doing steaks tomorrow for the 4th, I think! Yumm!

Hope you all enjoy the holiday. We have plans to see friends, and hit up some great sales this weekend!

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