It’s been..

Well, we’ve made it two months!

I wanted to write a big long happy entry, but I’m not sure that would work. It would seem a new routine I tried at the end of last week was bad for my back. I’ve been trying to ignore the pain and claimed it was muscle strain. It’s looking more and more like a disk issue. It hurts to sit, stand or lay on my side. I can lay flat on my back- YAY. SO let’s do a quick recap shall we?


In two months I have:

Lost 6 lbs

Lost 13.5 inches off my entire body

Gotten some form of exercise every day

Completed a few mini goals

Gained a few muscles. Rawwwr


The weight loss is no where near where I wanted it to be. I’m losing slowly or not at all. It’s frustrating, but NSV keeps me going. My body is changing every day. I can see a small amount of muscle in my arms when I flex, I have less of an arm ‘wing’ when my arms are at my sides. My clothes feel roomy or just plain loose. I’ve worn jeans and skinny jeans for the first time in 3 years. It’s been awesome!

So, what am I looking for in the next upcoming months:

I hope to increase the weight loss

Be more physically active

Find and share tons of recipes

Connect more with my followers, and gain a few mote 😛

Connect with other folks in MN looking to get healthier!


Oh, weigh in Monday. I didn’t lose anything. Oh well

Honestly I;m just glad I didn’t see a giant leap on the scale. With power being out and having stretched our budget thin to buy some home things- we ate like crap.

I ate fast food and cheap food. I take full responsibility for that. I was in a lot of pain, we didn’t have power and, if I’m being honest. I was too tired to care. It happens. I didn’t gain. I need my back to feel better so I can get back on the exercise wagon. Unless I feel better this week, I will drop out of the last 10 days of the challenge. I’ll be too far behind. We’ll see.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “It’s been..

  1. Wow Jess, 13.5 inches is really awesome! I know the 6 lbs probably doesn’t seem like much but you know it’s because your gaining some muscles, but your inch loss is really celebratory! Amazing job you’ve done! Congrats Super Woman! Sorry to hear about your persistent back problems though.

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