My New Obsession


I am so obsessed with the Chobani Flips. I want to try them ALL.

I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt under normal circumstances. I’ve found Chobani to be one of my normal go to products during my journey. The plain is a perfect substitute for so many higher calorie options. I love it. Even my husband loves the flavored ones! He’s usually stealing them from my stock these days! He had an incident with one of his yogurts not having any of the fruit flavor inside. The pomegranate had no little pom bits. That still didn’t stop him from loving these yogurts!

I’ve been hearing a lot of fuss about the Flips lately. Despite looking high and low, I have not been able to find them near me! Until today! Our local Rainbow was selling them this weekend! I about flipped my lid- no pun intended!  Of the 3 flavors they were selling, only the one shown above was still in stock. Apparently I’m not the only one looking for these! I snagged the Blueberry Power! It was pretty yummy! Blueberry yogurt with Chia seeds, Help seeds and walnuts! I really liked the crunchy combo here. I’m huge for texture and flavor, so this was neat try. I’m really hoping to get to try them all eventually!

Have you tried them yet?! Any Twin Cities folks know where I can collect all the flavor types?! I’m SO in on this!


In other news I have another new obsession!


This lil’ guy! Isn’t he adork-able?!

One of the biggest changes I’ve made over the past few months is making my own sauces and marinades. Before I’d buy something chalk full of bad stuff and call it dinner. Now I’m enjoying playing with new flavor profiles. When you are making your own marinades they can be a bit more juicy or runny than a store bought type! I needed a new baster- and quick. Grilling season is quickly upon us!

Cue Target’s dollar area. I swear this section is my haven. I can be such a tight fist when it comes to buying new things!I love that it’s ever changing and evolving. I’ve nabbed a lot of really good items in the past- a mini lantern that glows brighter than some full sized ones,  cute cards, notebooks and so much more. If I actually listed it all you would think I was crazy! So, yeah I ❤ Target discounts! When I saw the new picnic and grilling items I went a bit insane! I grabbed up that adorable little carrot shaped baster! They had cute pottery wear dishes for relish, pickles and limes, pizza cutters with colorful handles or covers- all sorts of goodies!

What I love about this baster is that it’s not made of stiff bristles. You aren’t going to find a baster brush hair stuck to your food! It’s small and super easy to clean as well!

I used it the other night when I made some deslish Salmon! It was a bit hit in the house- I’ll share the recipe later this week!



Hope you all are having a fun, active weekend! If you’ve been following along with the 30 Day Shred, keep up the good work! And, don’t forget! Weigh In Monday is tomorrow! See ya’ll then!


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