Technology Meltdown

I’m alive!!!!!

The Twin Cities area of MN got slapped by a wicked storm last night. It came in fast and hard! One minute I was on my PC and the next I was getting a severe weather alert on my phone and boom- gone went the power.

I learned something valuable about myself in the darkness.


I had an epic meltdown. I became totally manic. It wasn’t that I was parted from my PC so much, as everything else. I never realized how much I rely on things that involve technology or power to live. I would die if the power shut off, like in that show Revolution. I managed to get myself so worked up that I couldn’t SHUT up. I think I talked for 3 hours straight. We all ended up going to bed at like 9pm. Needless to say I got zero accomplished last night and this morning. We had to order pizza for dinner last night. I got sick. YAY.

We woke up at 7 am this morning still with no power. It took up 2 hours to find a place to eat breakfast that didn’t have a line just to get into the parking lot or that was actually open. There were downed trees and power lines everywhere.

I managed to find a decently healthy breakfast of egg whites, turkey bacon and fruit. Not my favorite, but it was OKay.

I did get a bit of cardio in. We spent most of the afternoon walking around a million blocks visiting garage sales. Lots of multi family deals going on today. We didn’t find any awesome deals like last week. We did find an amazing antique place. An older gentlemen lost his job in 1979. He decided after living hard that he would never work for anyone else again. He began buying and selling anything of value. Years later he now has thousands of interesting finds. The place is neat for one reason. It’s his house. He hyas you ring the bell and go to the garage. I guess if you past muster there you get to see more! We ended up in his giant garage, 3 sheds, one breeze way and a full basement. He has EVERYTHING. We’ve adjusted out budget to allow for a few antique or vintage pieces for our new place. Liven things up and be adults without that fiber board furniture!

I’m feeling pretty awful otherwise. I ate horrible bad food. I also threw out my back this week. I’m worried I’ve aggravated my old disk issue. Yuck, I hate the thought of being bed ridden or having needles shoved in my back. We’ll see how it goes I suppose!

Anyway, not much else to report. I ate poorly and am sure Monday weigh in will be horrible. Que sera sera!


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