NSV- When Granny Panties Attack

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve been volleying between excitement and feeling like a total failure. It happens! You just got to keep plugging along!


I didn’t get to half of the things I wanted to get done today! It was actually kind of a good thing. My arms and abs are super sore. I set up to do my Shred. I still don’t have my videos up for some reason and they aren’t even available on YouTube. I was going to do level 3 again. I got about halfway through before I pretty much fell over. It wasn’t from being too tired or lazy. It was so dang HOT! My MIL and SIL are ot a fan of the AC. I’ve been dealing with a fan in my window. When it hits 80’s I want my gosh darn AC though. SIGH. It was so hot I actually got dizzy. I listened to my body and stopped!

Once I had cooled down I strapped on my shoes and went for a walk. They are currently tearing up a lot of the streets in our neighborhood. That sucks for me. It also enticed me to take a bit of a different route today. I got a solid 3 miles in before I turned back. I had planned to Zumba for a bit once I had chilled for a few. My MIL asked me to go garage sale hopping instead. I actually found some neat things, but I had zero cash on me. All in all we got in another 2 miles between garage sales and checking out some shops along the strip while we waited for my SIL to get out of a doctor appointment. It was a busy, interesting day!


When all is said and done sometimes I see weight off on the scale, sometimes I don’t. I really like NSV! I get this super giddy feeling when I try on something that used to be tight or fit normally and it’s a smidgen too big. I don’t see a lot of lbs shedding off, but I do see NSV!

My most recent is a little embarrassing! My undies are all too big. The last time I bought undies I was just beginning to get active. I bought 3 sizes down at that point and I thought that was AWESOME! I even bought some XLs in hopes of fitting them sometime soon. My current undies? Granny Panties. Saggy butt, granny panties. I actually woke myself up last night after I had tossed and turned. My gigantic underwear had become some weird snare.



So yeah. Time for new undies! Oh and my XL yoga pants are getting a little iffy. I really wish my tummy would go the same thing!

And just for fun..



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