Day 17: Staying Active, Weighing In

This weekend was so busy! I didn’t even have the energy to post yesterday!

Sunday was a beautiful day! It was sunny and hot- YAY!


There’s my attempt at being artistic. Ha.

Aside from being Father’s Day, it was also my SIL’s birthday. I ate a piece of Ice cream cake. AND I LIKED IT! Sue me!

We spent the entire day moving and packing our things. We hadn’t exactly planned to do that, but it happened. I mentioned my amazing couch in my last post. We had to rent a truck to get it from the store to the storage place. The store charges $100 to deliver it. The manager we spoke to recommended that we try and move it ourselves- apparently the company they are using has been unreliable lately. Things have been missing, or broken or show up days late. Plus $100, really? We rented a Ford F150 for $23- this included the initial 75 minutes and a $3.50 charge for fuel instead of being charged by the mile or tofill er up! It took us about an hour to haul it in. The box is INSANELY huge. We seriously need friends to help us move someday. For real.

After we ditched the truck we hit up a yard sale or two, but didn’t find any treasures like last time! Oh well! We’ve been living with stacked boxes in our room for the past year. There has been little to no space to move around and it made having 2 people doing things in the same space unbearable. It also made my workouts tricky. We decided to bring our boxes to the new storage and pack a ton of stuff in some bins to store as well. It seemed simple enough. It took us a whole 6 hours. 6 hours of lifting, moving, folding and carrying. I was so flipping tired. To make matters worse, we were so busy that I barely ate! What I did eat was crap beyond believe. I ate a McDonald’s Cheeseburger. Oh god. But in the end, the moving was worth it. We now have triple the floor space we did before, we cleared out everything except what we use on at least a weekly basis. This means we only have computers, shelving and clothes to pack when we move! We only have a box or two in the shed as well. We aren’t even planning to leave until the end of the summer, but this made sense for us. We had budgeted to do this anyhow. Plus we can start getting items we need now, rather than being overwhelmed later!

I calculated my calories on MyFitnessPal. I only calculated for half the time we actually spent. It said I burnt 2700 calories moving boxes. I also go in a portion of my Shred and a 4 mile walk. SO TIRED. I feel a bit more alive this morning though! Will being doing Day 17 Of the Shred! More than halfway already! WOW!


Sorry, I rambled! Weigh In!

Last Week: 239.5

This Week: 239



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