Green Monsters & The Shopping Diva

One of the things that really prompted me to start trying to be more healthy and even to blog, was other blogs! I found some really great ones about people who have lost huge amounts or people who are in their journey’s. It was really cool to read those.

Was, being the key word here.

I think one of the biggest hurdles for me is feeling like I’m not “keeping up”. I get that health and weight loss isn’t a race. Intellectually, I get that- sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Does that make sense? I feel like by now I should have lost more. There are weeks I don’t lost any weight. Then the next I might lose 2 or gain half. It’s so frustrating. I never had those huge amounts right away that some people get- like 10 lbs in a week or two. Sometimes I want to scream.

One of the most annoying things is seeing someone who is losing 4 lbs a week and I’m at a stand still. I want to run up and steal their happy stick and then sprint away. I need more people like ME. I would love to meet other people who are as big as I am.People who aren’t in the last leg of a mega journey. Sometimes I check out new blogs I think I might like. The ones where the girl was already thin and then lost 10 lbs makes me want to scream. I mean, yay- you did something awesome. But COME ON! Sometimes it’s just not fair.

I don’t want to be a downer, but it’s so hard. I get that my diet is still not perfect, but then.. who actually has a perfect diet?




On the flip side of my mood..

I made out AWESOMELY today at yard sales and shopping! Hubster and I spent the late morning looking for garage sales. We do this every so often and usually never find ANYTHING. Last week we visited over 30 places and bought nothing. Today we made out like bandits! On the first stop Hubster got a cool tool he’s wanted and a dvd burner he needed for a project. We visited a few other places and saw some interesting furniture we had nothing to haul it with. Then we found my dream house. It was like a little stucco gingerbread house.. That sat on 550 yards of land. It was so pretty and had little workshop buildings that were perfect for hubster. They were having a yard sale and I assured the man I would sell my soul for his house. Ha. I did find an awesome snag though.I’ve been wanting a standing mixer, a juicer and a slicer. As luck would have it they had a monster kitchen beasty. I found a 1970’s standing mixer with attachments for a meat grinder, 3 different slicers, and more.It worked too! They wanted only $20 for it! I about died. I would have taken a pic but I’ve got it nicely wrapped and boxed right now. It’s not exactly shiny and new, but who cares. The older couple we bought it from had lived there for 50 years! They told me they bought it for $200 in the 70’s!

I looked it up online.. the exact same one I bought is selling for on ebay for $149-199! HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Garage sale buy for the win!

While I was floating high on my purchase we stopped by my favourite store- World Market. They had a sofa there I fell in love with months ago. I noticed it was discontinued on the website and was pretty heart broken. We decided to stop in and see what else they had, just to get an idea for the end of summer. Would you believe we walked in and right in the entry they had my sofa?! FOR SALE! I dove on it like a total nut case. They were selling the sofa and the cover (it was a frame with 3 different cover options to choose from) in the Linen fabric. I wanted the velvet but whatever! The frame is $350 and the basic linen cover would be $250. In total we pain $269 for the frame AND cover! We saved $331! It’s all still in it’s box too! We didn’t have to get the used floor model!

UPDATE:While I was searching the site for prices to tell y’all something AMAZING happened. The velvet cover we wanted was showing as IN STOCK!!! For only $99. I bought that sucker!! SQUEEE

I have a couch! I’m a big girl now, bum bum. Oh, One of the reasons I love this couch is how DEEP it is. It’s almost a day bed so it makes the perfect place for guests or to have in a spare room if we upgrade down the line. I’m so bloody happy right now! We got our storage unit today too, so we can start buying things and getting them ready for finding our new place. Bliss


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