Stick to What You Know

I had the worst food day ever, yesterday. I mean truly awful food.

When we lived in Florida we went to Sweet Tomatoes a lot. I loved this place! I could eat salad all day long so it was a good option to let me get what I wanted. We’ve been missing a place like that up here. Google suggested a place called Eddingtons, which is listed as a soup and salad place. I was so super excited. I figured I had found even a minor replacement. I was wrong, Oh god was I wrong.

This place had NO freaking clue. It was bad from start to finish. It’s not newcomer friendly AT ALL. The set up is odd and the signs with pricing and whatnot are bad. They face away from the line and don’t give total information! It’s an assembly line instead of serve yourself. It was very confusing!

The woman they had working the head of the line was barely understandable. She spoke very quietly and with a thick accent. We asked a few questions to understand how things worked, her only response was, “Take tray, tell me what want, I do”. This was in response to any question. We ended up ordering soups and salads.

The salad station was not much better. Again, we were unsure of how things worked. The guy behind the counter pretty much just stared at us. They had two workers and they actually started serving the woman behind me first, and were shouting over each other- it was very confusing. When asked if I could just order a salad and pick ingredients, I got a shrug. I ended up ordering one of the salads they had listed, but wanted to kn ow what was on it exactly- My answer was, “You’ll see in a sec”. Okay then…

When we got up to pay I asked for water and the woman pointed to a case of bottled water. I later saw her give a free glass to another woman for water. In total we paid $23 for 2 lunches. I still swear we were overcharged. The lunch specials were 7.99 each and we got waters. If I wanted to spend that much, I would have gone to Panera or some place that actually tasted decent.

We finally sat down a long 25 + minutes later! I tasted my soup and immediately regretted it! The taste was so BLAND! All I could taste was a thick, lumpy milk and flour combo. It was inedible. I tried putting salt and pepper- something I always avoid doing. It was like the soup sucked flavor out of things- I even tried Tabasco! We ended up returning our soups. They actually have you pass them and any  DIRTY plates you want more of over the counter. Gross. The whole time was just bad. The salad was “okay”, our reissued soups were more spice than flavor. Overall I was NOT impressed.

The whole place needs a re-do. It would be good for one of those Restaurant redo shows! The decor was dingy, the staff inattentive and not properly knowledgeable of their items, the food is sub-par. We usually try not to raise complaints because we know how hard this industry is- but WOW, this was just so, so bad!

I have the skeevys from this place. I couldn’t even take pictures because I didn’t want to be reminded how bad it was. SO much for trying new things! I did get my 10k steps in and the Shred- so that’s a plus I guess. Busy weekend- getting car fixed, yard sailing, hunting to find my discontinued couch (sad face!) and tomorrow is SIL’s birthday- looks like a park day followed by a possible outing. We’ll see.


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