Day 13: Work Harder!

Holy mama!

It’s HOTISH today. And sunny! OMG I can see the sun!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Day 13 of the Shred. I didn’t actually use my rest day, so I’m still in line. I did it a little.. less hard I guess. Today? Not so much. I powered through. I take back what I said about hating this level. I kinda like it. I actually find some of the moves easier for me than level 1. Go figure!


Hello red face! On my phone I looked a million times more red. I am literally covered in sweat. All I wanted to do was collapse on my bed but I was so gross I had to hunt up a towel first! Ew… but ya know what they say..


I am so not a cute workout chick. I jiggle and bounce all over. I sweat like someone dunked me in a pool. I almost always wear black because I hate that someone can see I’ve saturated my shirt. I always see cute workout gear in bright colors and I’m like… hells naw.

OH! I did get some new sports bras though! They are blue and white.. that’s color.. right? RIGHT?! Okay, then.

Also, do any of y’all wear glasses? No? Well, working out with glasses is a PITA. Seriously. They get foggy and move all around! It’s awful when you are sweating and start to do a push-up and you drip INTO your glasses. Why god, why?!

I’m exhausted but full of energy at the same time. I would like nothing more than to crawl into the shower. I still need to walk. It’s sunny, I can’t NOT go outside.



That upper part of the post sounds a bit manic. ::cringe::

On the agenda today:

30 Day Shred,

2-3 mile walk,




Breakfast: Shake & scrambled eggs sandwich

Snack: Frozen Grapes

Lunch: Salad- last of whatever I have left!

Snack: Guacamole & carrots

Dinner: Probably fish of some sort & veggies

Maybe Snack: 1/2 apple


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