Productive Monday

It’s been a good day!

Y’all saw my weigh in! Lemme toot my horn a while!

It’s also Day 10 of the 30 Day Shred! I completed my last day of level one!!! And, because I am always anxious to know what comes next I watched the level 2 part and followed along a bit. I’m pretty sure I may die, but it’s all good! IN all I got about 30 minutes of circuit training in between the 2 videos.

I also spent a little time following some new blogs today. One of the blogs I found had this great barre routine. Man, it was about 6 minutes and my legs were SCREAMING! It’s always fun to try something new that activates a muscle I rarely use. I tried to do it twice but only got about halfway that time. It’s a fun routine I can do in the kitchen or at my hallway window! My booty better be poppin’ after that little diddy.


Finished up the day with a moderate paced walk. I did about 2 miles. I was pretty pooped so my idea of walking to the new gym I am eyeing up kinda failed. I was just too excited to see even a smidgen of blue sky. Of course NOW the sky is totally clear! Figures!

Today was a good food day!

Breakfast was a chocolate pistachio protein shake. Yums. I used chocolate almond milk and a tiny bit of sugar/fat free pistachio pudding mix for flavor. It was awesome! I actually didn’t finish it all and when I came back from booty barre, it was almost pudding consistency! WOO

Lunch was a pretty average salad. Not much to report there!

Dinner we finally got to fire up the grill! We made grilled chicken and zucchini! It was pretty darn delish! I had a small salad with mine too because I was super hungry! Nom nom nom!

I’ve got apples and peanut butter, and guacamole and carrots in the wings for pick me up snacks!

Over all the day was good. Nothing earth shattering to share. Hopefully this is the beginning of a very fun productive week!


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