Roll Call: Monday Weigh In!

The last 2 weigh ins have been pretty bad. I believe in total I had gained a pound, and if I am being honest probably 2. I fluctuated a lot the past few weeks. Whatever I was doing did NOT seem to be working. I was working out 6-7 days a week and eating well within my calorie limits and still I was failing.

So, you can imagine I’ve had a bit of a hater mood lately. I’ve been feeling like a fat bloated failure. I ate out too much this weekend and really just didn’t care. I’ve still been doing my 30 Day Shred- today is day 10!

Apparently the Shred WORKS. Check this out.



TO most people it’s a gross awful number. Heck, to some it’s the number they STARTED at or even is higher than their start. I don’t care. I FINALLY PASSED BELOW 240! I even didn’t believe it so I weighed myself 5 times and then took a picture. Whhhhhaaat?!

Over the last week my SIL found a picture of me from 4 years ago when I came to visit for the first time. Looking at the picture I realized I am now smaller than I was then. At least scale wise.


This Week: 239.5

Last Week: 242

Total Lost: 2.5 lbs! (If I’m being totally honest- probably more like 3 or 3.5- I gained after my last weigh in)

This marks another mini goal shredded!

I’m down 3.75 inches from Day 1!

In total I have now lost 45.5 lbs.


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