Something Different

I took a rest day today. I’ve been feeling so horribly run down lately. The weather, combined with a lot of things has left me feeling like sludge. I’m having some anaemic issues this week- bleh. I haven’t taken a rest day in a while so I did just that.

I started doing day 8 of the shred and I felt awful. I actually debating throwing up, so I decided to listen to my body and chill out a while. Hubster had a music lesson today and I decided to come along. It was in Saint Paul so I thought maybe I would enjoy the somewhat nice day and go for a walk. WRONG

First this music school was on lock down. You couldn’t get from one place to the next without a swipe card. I ended up wandering the lobby for a while. I thought about going for a walk until I saw some WEIRD people. This woman came running up to me babbling- I thought she was trying to rob me but I think she was just disabled. Then I turned the corner and I see this man kneeling on the ground. I watched him as I waited for the crossing light to change. He proceeded to kneel, bang his head on the concrete twice, jump up and clap- repeat. I decided at that point I didn’t need a walk so badly.

After Hubster’s lesson we went garage sale hunting. We ended up in an area where almost every block had someone selling things. I ended up getting in about 3 miles in walking! Didn’t find anything that totally thrilled me. I had found a pizza stone but something sticky on it had me saying NO. Found an antique sewing machine I was interested in, but no room. I can’t wait till the end of this summer when we hopefully have our own place. I miss space. and quiet. Oh quiet…

My SIL was “babysitting” this whole weekend. I use this term pretty loosely. (Sorry other SIL I’m about to throw down some complaints so you may want to skip this bit!) She’s had her friend’s son for the weekend. Overall he’s a decent kid. He’s 4 and pretty calm for a tot. The first part of the weekend he was here with another child. This other kid was a holy terror. I didn’t even know him and I was ready to lock him outside. In the 5 minutes she left them alone they had reduced one of the cats to hissing and clawing. Gizmo is usually such a goof ball so to see him that upset PISSED me off. They were being really mean to him and I ended up yelling at them. Oh well. Anyway luckily she only had the good kid over for the whole weekend. Yesterday Hubster and I were out running errands and saw these adorable kiddie plates. I ended up getting one for the kiddo and brought it home. SIL was laying on the couch sleeping. The tot was just sitting on the couch.. watching General Hospital. ::FACEPALM:: I mean no toys, just sitting there while she slept. I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t decide to wander off or do something stupid. We decided to wake her ass up so she could actually WATCH him. This morning while he sat playing with her Nintendo she was in her room on the phone and presumably smoking. :::sigh::. Maybe I’m too protective. I feel someone who is 4 needs supervision and should be enjoying kid toys and the great outdoors. Whatever, not my kid, not my problem I guess.


I’m doing the ‘Take Steps for Crohn’s’ walk tomorrow at Harriet Island. I’ve never been, but SIL has Crohn’s so I figured why not. If you are in the area- come on down. The walk starts at 4 and there will be all sorts of food trucks, carnival games for kids, music, educational information and more. The walk itself is a mile! They are doing the mile twice for this round.

You can find information HERE

I will get back to normal , swear!


Breakfast: Egg + english muffin + sausage link + mixed fruit

Lunch: grilled ginger chicken with green onions + steamed rice + 1/2 Vietnamese egg roll

Dinner: Salad + leftover chicken from lunch


I did a little grocery shopping this week. I struck out on veggies. I can’t find decent egg plant, zucchini or summer squash to save my life. It’s all tiny, shrivelled and UGLY. Sigh. I got a few things and snagged some recipe ideas off of Skinny Taste. Well see what works out!


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